14 thoughts on “Jimmy Carr

  1. No, no, no…he is just edgy and misunderstood. Expect him to land some plum fucking BBC jobs soon.

    Boy George is a fucking bent, jailed, untalented, TV hero to some cunt

  2. This cunt need stabbing to death live on his cuntish tv show, that would liven it up a bit little faggot cunt

  3. Funny thing is, your all behaving like cunts… why you all so angry. Stop hating things and face up to your issues and insecurities.

    • Easy, I’m not angry I have faced up to all my nasties and so on. The truth is that some people are cunts plain and simple. Anyway why visit this site? Makes little sense surely the name “IS A CUNT” gives one some idea of the site content. Hells bells everyone needs a hobby even me.

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