5 thoughts on “Jeremy Paxman

  1. Whilst it is true that paxman is a cunt he is also the one that opened my eyes to the quite frankly farcical European union in his bbc documentary, now those lot are some definite grade A , top shelf Cunts.

  2. While we are on the subject of the EU I would like to nominate that fucking wart hog nicola sturgeon. Now I know that she/he has already been nominated before (a lot) but I felt that she has shown herself to be an even bigger cunt than I had first thought. Is it not so overwhelmingly obvious to everyone that she is so terrified of giving up her chance to sit on the highly paid board of European commissioners and riding that gravy train long into the night that she has threatened us with another Scottish independence vote so that the people of Scotland can remain in. Now she says that the people of said country ( most of which can’t read or write anyway) have overwhelmingly voted to remain????? 62% is hardly what I would call overwhelming is it you fucking porridge wog, what about the 38% now i appreciate that mathematicd is not a strong point north of the border but come on 4 in 10 people want to get out, that’s almost half of them. This rant is pretty pointless anyway because personally they can fuck off anyway bunch of useless cunts.

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