4 thoughts on “Iggy Pop

  1. I’m rather fond of Iggy Pop, he was me “mates’ older brother” intro to proper music kinda guy ( ie not T-Rex or Slade ) though granted he was a bit of a cunt for trying to advertise cars or insurance or somesuch recently.

    A meagre 3/20 on the Beta CuntoMeter.

  2. banned – I must disagree even if you think me a cunt for doing so. I too liked Iggy Pop but he has made a proper cunt of himself selling fucking insurance on the box. It’s buttock clenchingly cringeworthy.

    I’d make it a healthy 14/20 on the Beta Cuntometer.

  3. Tweed, all are entitled to their opinion here at ” …Is A Cunt “; happily I don’t watch telly so have not been subjected to his crass commercialism, I am simply aware of the issue.

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