7 thoughts on “Hamid Karzai

  1. Himid Karzai, is just the same as all the other fucking muslims of this world, they are either thieves or terrorists or both, none of them can ever be trusted just get rid of the fucking lot of them!
    I nominate Peter “faggot” Mandleson as another cunt. What a fucking crook he is!

  2. I second the nomination of that useless leftie Wanker Kenny Macaskill As a cunt. Quite frankly he ought to be put on trial for treason and be hanged, the same fate that should have been meted out to that Libyan Muslim terrorist scum. This “released on compassionate grounds” makes me fucking sick to the stomach. Did he show any compassion when he murdered 270 innocent people? Did he fuck. This whole ephisode just shows what a useless fucking weak waste of space that un-elected wanker Gordon fucking Brown really is and makes this country an international laughing stock. So on this basis I nominate Gordon Brown to be a useless pathetic cunt as well!

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