10 thoughts on “Sven Goran Eriksson

  1. All members of “the other place” today, but Lord Foulkes is a toady pissed up cunt

  2. Update on Lord Malloch Brown – he’s just shown himself to be a backtrakking toadying cunting GOAT

  3. Pakistan’s president, Asif Zardari, is humourless cunt.

    What’s wrong with e-mailing him
    “Terrorists have kidnapped our beloved Zardari and are demanding $5,000,000 or they will burn him with petrol. Please donate what you can. I have donated five litres.” ?

  4. Back O/T

    Notts County ? For fucks sake, to become ‘Director of Football’, why, WTF else do they do, Ice Hockey ?
    Mind you any club bought out by by Middle-East consortium Munted Finance deserves cunts like Sven Goran Eriksson.

    4/10 on the old Cuntometer.

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