10 thoughts on “Hardeep Singh Kohli

  1. The BBC don’t sack him, they give him six months off to “think about what he did”.

    I bet he’s still being paid as well.

  2. I fucking HATE this cunt.He’s the FIRST to use to race card,and he’s as funny as a dose of the clap.That fucking pink turban he wears,must be holding in a fucking lot of shit,cuz that’s all that comes out of this unfunny cunt.Why doesn’t he fuck off to India and see if can make a few of his brothers laugh.CUNT

  3. Matthew Wright of ‘The Wright Stuff’ is a smug, biased cunt. How the cunts at Channel Five present such a shallow, Lefty- biased, uninformed show full of cunts aimed at cunts as a news and current affairs discussion I don’t cunting know.

    Dan, Oxford

  4. An absolute smarmy cunt who thinks cause hes Indian hes above being a racist himself. Right twat who thinks hes up there with the cream of the crop of British society. The way he apes Kirsty Whatsername who does Desert Island Discs when he does his own show makes me want to self harm. Grossbag.

  5. Gypo looking cunt with a rag on his head. About as funny as a syphilis outbreak amongst Great War soldiers behind the front line. As if they need this shit with the fucking war and shit. My fucking granddad would fucking turn in his trench. And he got shot in the arse while bayoneting cunting German prisoners. German cunts wouldn’t keep still, no wonder ole grampa had a twitch! Just a thought. What about spraying petrol on dat fat head and setting it a light……

  6. You should keep the racist shit out of it. However I agree with the sentiment that Kohli is completely unfunny irritating cunt.

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