12 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse

  1. when you shag em dog fashion you smell the lot including the last farleys rusks till you lick it clean!

  2. Dunno,folks, but after a few pints of Stella Artois and a hefty Jack Daniels chaser,anyone who wouldn’t give Amy Winehouse a good old scuttling is a fugging liar!

  3. I am a moaning fuckwit and say that Amy Winehouse looks like a putana (That is an Italian whore) with her makeup applied by catapult. She knows that she has had a good night’s business on the streets because when she takes her knickers off they stick to the floor.

  4. I am a moaning fuckwit and nominate that Welsh nag singer “Duffy”. An ugly blonde CUNT of the first degree, can’t sing (wank vibrato in her vocal) and her fat red gob lips look like a sex doll ready to swallow cum. Lost weight since her fat arse was on the advert with her riding a bike (like her) so she is now less of a CUNT!

  5. Fucking Hell, She makes Mick Jagger look almost Handsome !! She is one DOG !!! I couldnt supp enough to get a stiffy on to shag that !!She is one UGLY CUNT, must cost her a fortune to get a shag !!!

  6. I wonder what her GP thinks when she goes for a smear test. Probably puts the ‘Closed’ sign up and says ‘I ain’t having her slime my fucking couch, the cunt!’

  7. always was an ugly cunt…..unfuckable, even on her best day. only another crackhead like pete doherty could remotely find this piece of filth attractive………her music was pretty shite too……..

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