I think we will all (hopefully) agree that Putin is a cunt, so this page has been set up to allow you to vent your feelings about the current invasion and occupation of Ukraine

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    • Don’t you just hate it when there is an act of terrorism and no cunt takes the credit? Defeats the purpose.

  1. Four regions of Ukraine now being formally annexed into Russian territory, Vlad has shifted the Russian border, what will happen next.

    Winter is going be long and hard for Eastern Ukraine.

    • I’ve just seen him on tv explaining the situation to a hand-picked audience at the Kremlin. No-one was nodding in agreement, they were sitting there stony-faced, looking embarrassed at the lies he was feeding them and feeling obliged to clap occasionally.

      He’s made himself look a complete cunt. He spent months building up his forces on the border while denying they were going to invade, moved into the eastern regions which were already partly occupied and sent a forty-mile convoy towards Kyiv with their parade uniforms packed. He thought the Ukrainians were going to shit themselves and let his army just walk in. They were sent packing.

      Now all he has left is the hope that he’ll be able to keep the four regions in the east after his fake referendum and claim victory to save face. Fewer people believe his lies even in Russia let alone in other countries, men of fighting age there are desperate to avoid conscription, their economy is going downhill steadily and he’s getting his arse kicked on the battlefield. He will become more isolated as high-ranking Russians accept that something needs to be done about their deteriorating situation.

  2. The Pope-

    Asked, “How do you see the geopolitical situation we are experiencing?”, he replied, “There is a war going on and I think it is a mistake to think that this is a cowboy movie where there are good guys and bad guys.”

    “The victim of this conflict is Ukraine,” he continued. “A head of state, in December last year, came to tell me that he was very concerned because NATO had gone barking at the gates of Russia … He expressed fear that this would provoke a war, and this broke out two months later. So, one cannot be simplistic in reasoning about the causes of the conflict. I see imperialisms in conflict.”

    ‘I see imperialisms in conflict.”
    So do I.

  3. On the subject of religious cunts….
    Patriarch Kirill has covid. Who’s this cunt again? He’s the leader of the orthodox Russian church, and a number one Putin fan.
    This cunt has said that if you go to fight in Ukraine and end up dying, all your sins will be forgiven. This has resonated so much with the males of fighting age (12-60) that they can’t get out of the country fast enough. That many of those now fleeing conscription were happy to go around flashing the Zs until it looked like they were going to have to walk the walk.
    If only those cunts had a tenth of the backbone that Iranian women are showing as the protest against their evil government, perhaps Russia wouldn’t be the world pariah that it has become.

    As for the pope cunt, his church and its followers have proven time and again that it is perfectly compatible with totalitarianism.
    Imperialism? Isn’t that when you invade a country and take it over?
    Of course Russia would never do something like that. Or stage a referendum where voters are confronted at gunpoint to vote.


    Just a bit of balance, counter whataboutery. I can’t begin to fathom how a country that invades another sovereign state that has caused such pain and suffering there, and whose consequences have been felt throughout the world, still have people who will apologise and excuse their behaviour.

      • Did you see the full translation of Putin’s speech where he annexed parts of Ukraine? It was like a tinfoilers wet dream, hitting more conspiracy tropes in ten minutes than even Icke could manage. It confirmed something that I have thought for a long time, that a lot of the conspiracy bollocks originates from commie troll factories, as they know it will be swallowed without question, and reposted as fact without checking (see above).
        Russia hates freedom, and paints it as ‘satanic’, and there are plenty of cunts around the world who think the same.
        At a Trump rally the other day, someone was handing out little Russian flags with Trump written on them. The enemy within.
        Lots of cunts bleat about the lack of freedom in the west, usually because they can’t be openly racist or homophobic on a platform that has worldwide reach. I say worldwide, but it isn’t, because there are a good few places on earth where you would be prohibited from reading it, and you certainly wouldn’t be able to comment on it.
        I wish a few would go to places like Russia and see for themselves. Might be a bit of a wake up call. Or not.

  5. I think we are getting to the point where if Putin DOESN’T drop the Bomb soon he risks losing all credibility.

    • I get where you’re coming from, but I wouldn’t use the word, “credibility”. More like… losing his 23-year ego-trip, he’s run out of options to self-aggrandize. By hook or by crook, he has the Donbas region now. There should be a backing off or he will nuke Kiev. There aren’t any other scenarios now. Pushing for a full-scale war is just insane. No one wants that – not even Kissinger! Old Heinz was said yesterday that Russia has basically lost the war. Well, then it’s over, declare it over, cease fire, cool off, let the kids have a semblance of enjoying Christmas.

  6. Professional prick Roger Waters has given an interview with Rolling Stone magazine where he states that Ukraine is full of Nazis and the reports of Russian massacres such as Bucha are lies, lies, lies.
    He also says that he is on a Ukrainian sponsored hit list, like his fucking opinion means something. I did wish it was true for a minute, but then I realised a far more fitting end for this tosser would be to die an unremarkable death an befitting an unremarkable man.
    Meanwhile, another unremarkable man, a US university professor accused America for sabotaging the Nord stream gas pipelines. Absolutely no evidence whatsoever, but that doesn’t matter to the retards.
    During his interview, he said his views were forbidden to speak about in the media, as he spoke about his views on the media.
    Fuck off Trot.

    • Ukraine does have a list of politicians etc.. that it classes as shall we say unhelpful to its cause, I believe a few people on it have since died but that could well be natural causes rather than assassinated. As for Bucca its very likely Russia was not responsible no proof either way.As for the Ukraine being full of nazi’s look at their insignia and flags they are using and their hero Bandera that they all worship. As for Roger Waters being unremarkable I will refer you to his work with Pink Floyd and his solo career even now in his late 70’s he’s still packing stadiums in North America and will indeed do so next year in Europe. Certainly more remarkable than a keyboard warrior with very little grasp of modern history.

      • Keyboard warrior with little grasp of history?
        From a tinfoil hatter with no concept of reality that’s almost a compliment.
        As for Waters, his solo stuff is dreadful, and for someone who hates the US so much, he doesn’t mind taking their money by touring there, as he is at the moment.
        Cash versus principals.

    • Gutstick, you state that Waters’ views mean nothing… yet here you are alerting us all to his views. LOL!

      “Come on, man! Ain’t it obvious it was us who blew up the Soda Stream pipelines!”
      – Joe Biden

      There you have it. An admission. 😉

      • In all fairness to Sniffer Biden he was probably told that yes Mr President we blew those pipelines up but he’s most certainly forgot it after 30 seconds and went back to trying to find his arse with both hands before getting in the shower with his daughter.

      • Professor Sachs is one of the ‘Great and the Good’ isnt he? Always pictured at top level meetings. I thought he was a ‘respected’ voice in world affairs.

      • He is respected, Miles. Unless what he says, “doesn’t fit the narrative, derp derp derp.”

      • Friend of Bono, Globalist, and a huge proponent of sustainable development.
        All things usually despised by most here.
        Unless he’s on point, then he can do no wrong.

  7. In all fairness to Sniffer Biden he was probably told that yes Mr President we blew those pipelines up but he’s most certainly forgot it after 30 seconds and went back to trying to find his arse with both hands before getting in the shower with his daughter.

  8. Off topic, but a must see/hear:

    (23 seconds)

    Liz Truss: “As you know, I am a huge Zionist.”

    Uh… what? Not just a Zionist – a HUGE Zionist. I’ve heard Joe Biden say this on camera, but never a British PM. Get to fuck, just get… to… fuck with this woman.

    • It makes me cringe when I hear leaders of countries say shit like this.
      Your loyalty is to YOUR country. Fuck off with virtue-signalling to people who don’t give a shit about Britain. We’ve given £400 million in weapons to Israel since 2016. Are they at war? Being invaded? Are they a poor country? No. Get to fuck, Israel. Zionism is for the hardcore Hebrews, not some half-assed nominal Christian from England who has stumbled into Downing Street.

      • Israel is an ally of the UK and USA, and the only democracy in the Middle East.
        It is vital that democracies stick together.
        Not technically at war, but Israel is surrounded by countries committed to seeing it wiped off the map.
        The only reason it hasn’t been is because it maintains a strong military.

      • I’m wondering what military aid we would need to gift Israel with. They have a pretty healthy defence industry and make a lot of their own weapons and equipment, and also manufacture for export.

      • The weapons were not “given”. The £400 million references UK arms sales to Israel between 2016 and 2020.

        The UK also imports Israeli-made weapons. All part and parcel of the arms trade.

    • A Zionist is simply a person who believes in the development and protection of a Jewish nation, in what is now Israel.
      Nowt inconsistent about Truss and Biden describing themselves as such.

      • I’ve just never met a Brit who genuinely give a shit about Israel.
        Even a Spurs fan is just Heebing it up to annoying people.
        Waving Israel flags like a bellend.
        What does Israel do for us? Nothing.

        All the western leaders virtue signal to Israel, then a few months later they are canoodling with the Arabs.
        Remember these Bush and Obama uber-cringe moments…

        (3 mins)

        So which is it? Lover of the Jews, lovers of the Muslims? Lovers of everyone until they no longer tow the line like
        Gaddafi, isn’t it?

        I’m just sick of the sleazy, inconsistent geopolitics that lead Britain in these mucky mires. Focus on Britain, sort out the longstanding homegrown problems, Liz. We don’t need our PM Heebing it up, donning a yarmulke and kissing the Wailing Wall with fake solemnity. Spouting off about Iran. Give it a rest.

      • The ‘Israelis’ dont give a fuck. I mean even in this conflict you dont really know whose side they are on.
        One minute its Ukraine the next minute Russia.
        See which way the cookie crumbles is always their position.

    • To be fair, I’ve never seen a Russian soldier getting blown up while getting his soldier blown by a Russian soldier but that looks fake as fuck.

      • It’s all fake if you listen to some.
        Loved the excuses the Russians came up with for the footage.
        It’s fake.😉
        It’s one guy praying, and another is helping him.
        It must be some form of hazing ritual.
        All to excuse the probably truth that it’s Russian soldiers scared of getting killed before knowing what it feels like to get their knob sucked.
        Vlad knows. He’s had a few blokes suck his knob.
        As for him and kids, well nobody seems to give a fuck, even if they’re obsessed with Epstein and the whole kaboosh.

  9. Love the pictures of the Crimean bridge in flames, along with the film of Marilyn Monroe singing ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’. Also Kyiv suggesting that maybe the blast was caused by Russian dissidents. That’s exactly what the Russians would have done. Got a sense of humour, these Ukrainians.

  10. Putin is doing what he does, bombing the shit out of civilian areas and infrastructure in retaliation for the damage to its statement bridge to Crimea and MSR for its invasion, sorry, special action.
    Fuck Russia.

    • Don’t you just love the way he classifies damage to the bridge as “an act of terrorism” yet his bombing of civilian buildings is “a special military operation”.

      Sick cunt.

      • There will be plenty of cunts who will stick up for the megalomaniac saying it was justified, nazis etc.
        They bombed the Ukrainian equivalent of Hyde Park.
        Nothing of military or strategic importance.

      • ‘Update from Ukraine’s emergency services
        Ukraine’s emergency services have shared an afternoon update of the situation in the country after a day that started with intense, widsepread strikes:

        Critical infrastructure was hit in 12 different regions as well as the city of Kyiv, where more than 30 fires broke out
        Electricity supply is partially disrupted in 15 regions, including Lviv, Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia
        In total, 11 people have died and 89 were injured
        The Ukrainian energy system will undergo a stress test for strength this evening. Ukrainians are asked to minimise electricity consumption from 17:00 to 23:00 by not turning on appliances ranging from electric heaters to boilers, kettles and washing machines’

        See you’re only giving half the picture. The way you portray it is that it was just reckless bombing of cities. But it looks like ‘critical infrastructure’ has been the major target.

      • Indeed RTC, reckless wasn’t mentioned.
        Even the timing of the attack was coordinated so that it would occur during the morning rush hour, when the streets and infrastructure, and the above mentioned park would have civilians about.
        Nothing reckless about that, just cold calculated cuntness.
        Imagine the fuss if Israel did that to Palestine?
        The apologists were mentioned though. What was that about predictable reactions?

      • Is ‘Newsweek’ reputable enough?

        ‘Newsweek examined the 25 top incidents of civilian deaths in the war. That two-month investigation has found that there is some truth to Moscow’s assertion that it is not intentionally targeting civilians. The Russians have bombed civilian areas in cities where the ground fighting has been the most intense: in places like Mariupol, Kharkiv and Severodonetsk, to name just a few. Bombing with indiscriminate effect is a war crime. But in the 25 incidents Newsweek examined, the facts on the ground are much more muddled. Whether these incidents, totaling some 1,100 civilian deaths, are war crimes is a matter for the courts. Newsweek’s conclusion is that none of the cases unambiguously qualifies.’

      • The Russians have no right to be bombing anywhere in Ukraine.
        If they popped over here and killed 1,100 civilians in our country would that be okay with you, MP?
        Fucking unbelievable.

      • Shills gotta shill.
        I remember a couple of years ago, Russian military footage of an airstrike on Aleppo. Filmed from a camera mounted to an SU 25 ground attack aircraft, it showed it releasing its bombs over the city. The munitions are what are called ‘dumb’ bombs, because they don’t have any guidance mechanism other than fixed fins to stabilise it’s trajectory. They are the same technology that were used in WW2, and although the sighting equipment is better, it’s not in any way regarded as ‘precision’.
        These bombs are only suitable for maybe large troop concentrations or isolated military facilities, definitely not urban populated areas.
        They were considered precision compared to the barrel bombs that it was dropping at the same time, designed to kill anything in the general area of wherever it fell.
        The airstrikes on Kyiv and other locations were cruise missiles, supposedly precision munitions, but how precision?
        The US has a missile that can target a single passenger in a normal sized car, designed to kill as few people as possible. Satellite guidance on even artillery shells is the norm with western armies. Collateral damage is unavoidable completely in warfare, malfunctions and poor intel being the main cause for western accidents, and they are accidents because it doesn’t play well on the news back home, and regardless what the tinfoilers say approval ratings matter, even if human life doesn’t.

        Russia doesn’t have that problem, so it has little need for precision munitions, as collateral damage causes terror in the population and is part of Russian military doctrine. You only had to listen to commie TV pundits preaching death and revenge over the bridge explosion to see that. If you bother to look.

      • Who needs to make up shit when you can just use old facts instead.
        Talking of religious folk that support Russian special operations, their head of the wanky Russian church has said that anyone who dies fighting for them in Ukraine will have all his sins pardoned.
        Wow, that’s timely, as the Wagner group, the Russian mercenary group that Putin uses as shock troops, has been to prisons to recruit new members.
        If they sign up to fight in Ukraine they will be pardoned on completion. I suppose they are ideal for the commies, competent at killing, raping, and looting, but not so good at the soldiering. They will fit in perfectly with those already in service.
        Incidentally, it’s been said that they are named after Wagner as he was Hitlers favourite composer.

      • Even better RTC, they get a Lada if their loved one dies in combat.
        Not even joking.
        Apparently there’s a Soviet era style waiting list! 😁

  11. Tulsi Gabbard was on Joe Rogan today, here is a 15-minute excerpt of what she has to say on the Russia-Ukraine war from the U.S. perspective:

    What does America benefit from in this war? Money for arms contractors? Is that it? Ukraine has never been a U.S. ally. They don’t REALLY give a shit about Ukraine. Unless you count the Biden family as allies or perhaps customers. Why was the U.S. government never calling for peace talks, or ceasefires? No one of note has been calling for a ceasefire. All of these pacifist liberals, who should be doves are like shrieking hawks on cocaine right now. And we see in the video above, America has ZERO safeguards for the public in the event of a nuclear attack.

    What can we do? Fuck all. It’s way past satire now. What happens from now on will speak for itself.

    • No point in a ceasefire unless Putin agrees to withdraw from Ukraine and pay reparations.

      • The killing ends when Russia leaves Ukraine, it really is that simple.
        I really don’t understand how some folk just can’t fathom it.
        Why aren’t they searching for information about what Russia Has been up to for the last 20 years?
        Because it will blow their tiny minds if they realise how wrong they are.

    • Is there a masters list of politicians who have called for peace during this war? I’ll look into that tomorrow. Of the top of my head, I can’t recall any. Trump? Sounds crazy, but he comes to mind. Viktor Orban, the leader of Hungary? I can’t put Boris Johnson on that list, I’m afraid. Certainly not Joe Biden.

  12. Are Ukraine really intent on reconquering Crimea, a peninsula of over 65% ethnic Russians? They can’t be, as that would create a, ‘forever war’. Is that what they – or the U.S. government want? Liz Truss seems to echo that notion. And I am saddened to see that 69% of Brits are supportive of the government arming of Ukraine to the tune of at least £2.3 billion.

    Where are the ardent call for peace in the halls of power of Europe and America? This is the most unpopular war in a God’s age, yet I don’t see much calls for peace.
    I see a clamor for escalation.

    • You appear to have been born yesterday.
      What good would platitudinous calls for peace do?
      Putin can be in no doubt that “the halls of power in Europe and America” would welcome the cessation of Russian aggression in Ukraine.
      The only one against such a course of action is Putin and his gangster regime of land grabbers.
      The Russian nation is now screwed for the next 50+ years because of that cunt.

      • This has been an entirely hawkish war from the Euro-American standpoint from the get-go. Not many prominent politicians called for ceasefires in February, March, April, but they could have, we could have had peace talks in April. Liz Truss is actually backing this war stronger than Boris did. What is anyone getting out of this? Putin obtained, by hook or by crook, the Crimea, and he wanted to enfold the Russians of the Donbas into ‘Mother Russia’ and create a corridor to the Crimea. A good thing? A pleasant thing? No, it was a clumsy, horrible land-grab. But what business is it of Britain or the USA? Why should it fuck up the lives of Europeans and Americans? Just being selfish here. And I don’t like the Ukraine government, they look as cretinous and corrupt as the Kremlin crew.

        Some people say that this is a proxy war between America and Russia with Ukraine being pimped out as the people to suffer. It does look that way. Joe Biden looks happy, gleeful these days.

        I just want this insanity to end. Everyone does. Well… not everyone. But almost everyone.

      • He isn’t wasting his time, I appreciate what Mr Minge has to say, same with Mr Japseye. It’s a free forum. I’m just stating things the way I see it. I’m not attacking anyone, not making this personal. I did in the past and that’s regrettable. The time for games is over.

        I’m 100% against this war. I don’t want to see a humiliated Putin as that would mean a nuclear war. So fucking END IT already, by any peaceful means necessary. I can’t be clearer than that.

  13. I watched the Rogan farce, starring that bint who made headlines earlier by resigning from the Democrats, citing a load of conspiratorial bullshit, so I sort of knew what branch of the loony tree she was hanging from.
    I like Rogan, but he isn’t a journalist. Some might say that’s a bonus, but he has no idea how to play devils advocate even if he agrees with whatever loon he is interviewing. When saucy swivel eyes was going down the well trodden appeasement path of ‘us supplying them weapons is only prolonging the war’, Rogan could have said ‘we aren’t prolonging the war, the weapons are helping them repel an invasion, stopping them from being occupied by an aggressor’
    But he didn’t. As the rest of the appeasers don’t.
    Nothing is Russia’s fault. It’s Nazis, it’s NATO, it’s the satanic west.
    More Nazis in Russia, Ukraine was turned down for membership of NATO, and there’s no such thing as Satan.
    Do keep up.

    • Here’s the full 2 hour 16 minute show with Gabbard:

      Maybe Joe Rogan says more. But he’s been anti-war for all I’ve ever known of him, I’ve watched his podcasts from the start, he loathes it when America involves itself in wars, as I do. This isn’t America being invaded. If anything, it should be NATO helping Ukraine, but America has pumped in… how many billions into this war? No one in America seems against this war, not even long-standing pacifist doves who were against the wars in the middle east that were to fight genuine enemies of America, ie. the Taliban, Al-Queda, ISIS.

      Is it now cowardly to call for peace? Well then I am a coward, send me four feathers in the post and I’ll frame them on my wall. Putin seems to have what he wants, but he does indeed seems on some sort of spiritual crusade. Then that’s even more reason to deescalate this war, have a winter ceasefire. Why the mad rush to create World War 3 in winter? Because there are those who would benefit immensely from that and it won’t be your or I or the billion people of Russia, Europe and North America.

      • Tulsi Gabbard on Twitter-

        ‘The US Constitution confers the authority to declare war to the American people thru our congressional reps. While we struggle to afford fuel and food, Congress has abandoned this responsibility, allowing the Biden Admin to get us into a hot war with Russia using Ukraine as proxy.’

      • The U.S. government doesn’t give a single solitary fuck about the American people anymore. The have a nihilistic agenda to remake America in their ungodly trashy image. And if that means World War 3 then they’ll do just that. I mean… just look at Joe Biden. He’s the worst leader of a country ever, not just America, he’s a fucking psychotic decrepit shambles and he’s ushering in World War 3.

  14. I notice Putin using the term the ‘Anglo-Saxon World’ recently.

    And this morning news of Australia upping their arms supply to Ukraine.

    How far from Ukraine is Australia? About 8, 000 miles. From America? Canada? The same say. About 5, 000 miles. Britain? About 2, 000 miles.

    Have Spain sent Arms? Portugal? Any from Latin America? I doubt it.

    Must do a Nom on this. Might call it ‘The Superiorty Complex of the Anglo-Saxon World’

  15. Funny how those countries you mention did nothing to help against the Nazis too.
    Perhaps it’s a religion thing.

  16. For the last six months Russia has been reminding everybody almost daily that they have nuclear weapons and are quite willing to use them.

    Yesterday in an interview on CNN, when asked if he thought Putin would escalate the Ukraine conflict to a nuclear level, Joe Biden said “Well I don’t think he will, but it is irresponsible of him to talk about it.”

    In response, the Kremlin criticized the west for their “provocative nuclear rhetoric”.

    • Pfft.
      Vlad, nuclear war?
      He’ll lose that worse than his war in Ukraine.

      All he’s proven is that Russia can’t fight.

      He’s dispelled the myth they’re a military force to be feared.
      A shower of square headed conscripts, pressganged prisoners,
      Fat vodka soaked infantry and chickenshit infantry.

      Let him get his bombs out the bullshitter.
      They’d get fuckin decimated by the US .

      • It used to be said that Russia had the second best army in the world.
        No any more.
        Today it’s only the second best army in Ukraine.
        Even NATO has been taken aback by how badly it overestimated Russian military competence.
        The only thing Russia still has going for it is its nukes.
        And they would probably backfire, lol.

      • I took some comfort in knowing I live relatively close to a known missile target, so I know the end would be quick and painless.
        However, it’s fairly guaranteed that the Russian nuclear arsenal is as well maintained as the rest of its military equipment, so half of them probably won’t be leaving the silos.
        Fuck surviving in a bunker, who wants to inherit a nuclear wasteland?

  17. Here’s that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bint gettong chewed out by her own supporters for supporting the war…

    You’d think a libtard like her would be totally against the USA funding this war, but she’s as gung-ho as the rest. The ordinary American doesn’t want any part in this, they’ve seen enough war this century. People are going broke, so seeing endless billions of dollars go to Zelenskyy is making people despair.

    • Where do you get the information about average Americans not supporting the funding of Ukraine?

      Sometimes an event occurs that transcends party politics, and this is one.

      • It would be surprising if the average American did not stand for Freedom and democracy.
        Not to mention the upholding of international law.

    • What does the average American have to gain from this war? A massively higher cost of living? Possibly being nuked? Biden is the most unpopular President since Nixon. Only the mentally deranged support Biden and his endless follies.

      • It’s certainly not in the average American’s interests to have a psychopathic dictator overrun Europe. It didn’t end well for anyone last time.
        Appeasement never works.
        We should have nipped Putin in the bud in 2014.
        The possibility of being nuked has been with us since the 1950s.
        The Russians know the score. As do we in the West.

      • We should stay out of the affairs of other countries. Britain and America have so many crippling problems to deal with, the last thing we should be doing meddling with other countries. Ukraine is not a hill worth dying on. I hope the war ends soon, though.

      • What about Russia staying out of other peoples problems.
        Or other peoples countries?
        They’ve been invading their neighbours since 1997, you lot don’t seem bothered with that.
        What about Syria, they’ve killed far more Syrians than Al Queda there, so why ignore that?
        Interfering in Central Africa, that ok too?
        Using chemical and radioactive poisons to murder U.K. citizens in the fucking U.K., how close to your house does it need to be?

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