New Thunderbirds is a cunt. This is a pre-emptive strike on Thunderbirds Are Go which starts in the UK today.

Whoever decided that Thunderbirds needed to re-made in CGI is a fucktard who requires an urgent cunting. In all the pre-publicity about the new series, everyone involved with it is at pains to say how “timeless” the original was, but in the same breath these cunts also have the nerve to say it needs “modernising” – so it’s timeless AND in need of modernisation? How the fuck can that be?

Same with the great Thunderbirds theme music by the late Barry Gray: these cunts talk about how “distinctive and timeless” it was, yet go on to say how it needs “updating” – by which they mean transformed into yet another forgettably generic “action/adventure” score. Just the usual poverty of ideas from uneducated Media Studies twats, so they take something tried, tested and well-loved and then proceed to fuck it up spectacularly. Fuck off back to New Zealand, you Kiwi cunts – and you can take your CGI Thunderbirds crap with you.

Hang on, it’s being made in New Zealand…don’t we have an agent over there? An overnight visit from Flaxen Saxon and the new Thunderbirds studios could be reduced to ashes.

Nominated by: Fred West