BBC shit

By popular demand, we’ve set up this page to allow you to vent your spleen over the antics of our world class public broadcasting provider, the Biased Bullshit Corporation.

Frankly these cunts seem to have been pissing off cunters so frequently that the site is becoming somewhat clogged up – so in future use this space. And if you’re a real glutton for Beeb cunting passim, you find them by clicking here.

We also recommend The Eye’s Biased BBC site if you really can’t get enough of their bullshit.

So here it is. Fill yer boots.

288 thoughts on “BBC shit

  1. I didn’t see it, but apprentice the fucking BBC put on the biggest New Year Shite Show pile of wokeness possible at midnight.

    Black lives fucking matter clenched fist in drone lights
    Black reading a poem
    NHS workers, mainly BAME, to give but a few examples.

    The BBC. Defund in 21′

    • I have hit the BBC cunts where it hurts. I have cancelled the extortionate ‘licence’ fee that those cunts were charging me to broadcast rabidly ANGLOPHOBIC, heterophobe anti-white HATE SPEECH. It is great, knowing that I am no longer funding the white ethnic cleansing agenda of the selfhating liberal pervert alliance that theBBC has become. When funded by Lird Reith its remit as to “educate and inform”. In 2021 its perceived remit is to “dumb down and ethnicly-cleanse”. The BBC’s “Divershitty’ agenda is summed up as “get rid of all the white folks unless they are homosexual” and replace them instead with the race-industry’s ‘approved species’.

  2. Great start to the New Year already. Probably my fault as while I was having breakfast I thought I would watch the news. Mistake was putting BBC on as they were going through Black Lives Matter and the most beloved Saint to ever grace this planet……George Floyd.
    That had done it for me, the fucking white hating BBC had got my back up and it was only 9.30am New Year’s Day.
    I then emailed these cunts about how biased they were and the fact they didn’t seem to care about the origins of these Marxist shits and anyone that disagreed with them were racist.
    I asked for a reply, but I will not hold my breath. Maybe the cops will come round for me and bash my skull in for daring to have an opinion different to those who think the BLM are some sort of WI or Scout movement.
    I think this year is going to be just as shit as the last one, I am turning into a miserable cunt.

    • Ginger, Ignore it. Go find something less boring to do instead.

      Fucking woke infested wankbag, the cunts at Sky can sit on my cock and all.. As for C4, ITV and the plethora of other channels that show fucking chavs on games shows, do ‘comedy’ that is lefty shit and anti British, along with news that’s actually just agenda and propaganda based, to say nothing of the interruptions every ten minutes with bollocks adverts for poor Mtembea and his bison piss water, fucking charity appeals for animal cruelty, dogs, horses, cats and rehousing black sand people, my piss boiled one too many times.

      I’m inherently a nice person, but the shite that invades your home via the idiot lantern day in day out is a fucking disease worse than cancer.

  3. I hear that Doctor Whoke has just been on.
    The last two remaining male cast members (Bradley Walsh and the aspiring architect) have been jettisoned. Leaving Jodie Whiitakunt and the Pak! tart to play lezza soldiers and do Thelma and cunting Louise in space.

    And doesn’t that ‘new’ Dalek look fucking shite?
    The sooner this series -and the Beeb- dies, the better.

    • By all accounts, Jodie Shitkicker has told the production team that she’ll be quitting after her third season. I’ve heard in the past few months that her agent has been screaming at her to leave, because it’s harming her career.

      • If Whittakunt is leaving, the TARDIS door will be open for a mouthy female BAME to take over as the Doctor. And probably an ugly one at that.

        Sure as eggs is eggs and shit is shat. It is sadly a foregone conclusion.

    • The last time I saw Dr Who, it looked like a ‘dinghy load’ had got in . An oxfam stowaway had crept onboard the Tardis when it had parked overnight in a lay-by in Galifrey.

      You could hear the viewing audience shouting a warning [as you do at a pantomime]; “Watch out!, he’s behind you! You’ll get stabbed!, There’s a ‘promising footballer’ on board. The cunt is behind you………..”

  4. Anyone hear that cunt Jon Sopel on wireless radios 4 this morning. He compared the events in the US Capitol last night with Pearl Harbour.

    Fucking bellend and worthy of a cunting in his own right, the simpering breathless lickspittle fanboy of Biden.

    • I would gladly put this Sopel turd in wartime Changi Prison under the Japs, like my grandfather was.

      Let’s see this Biden licking cunt get salt burns, nearly starve to death and come home a shadow of his former self. The fucking libfuck cunt rag.

  5. Just heard Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer pull a BBC presenter to pieces on Radio Four. Openly accused the presenter of Orwellian double speak. The presenter inferred the listeners believed Trump to be a fascist at one point to which the Lt Col replied he’s not surprised if this is how the BBC presents news.

    Beautiful absolutely beautiful.

    If you can find a copy of the interview or transcript I highly recommend it.

    I’m fucking livid that the BBC believes we are so stupid to believe the President called for an insurrection. You’d know all about it if he had you cunts.

  6. This today from the BBC:

    Norway great Hege Riise will lead England on a temporary basis after Phil Neville’s departure as manager.

    Once more, these cunts are talking like the England Wimmins Team is on a level with the England team proper (which isn’t saying much). As for Norway great? The only Norway footballing great I ever heard of currently manages Manchester United. I have never heard of this Prisoner Cell Block H reject Riise cunt. Fucking laughable how only these Beeb cunts think that Women’s football is of any importance and that these ‘Lionesses’ tarts are actually any fucking good. The FA and the BBC are wasting millions of pounds on bigging up this crap. Real football fans don’t give a toss about women’s football. We don’t like it and we don’t want it. So fuck off, BBC.

    • I know a bloke who scored 20 plus goals a season for 14 seasons for his Sunday league side. So by the BBC’s measure, he must be an England great considering he played at a far higher level than these fucking lezzers.

  7. Something must be wrong at the BBC. The World news site has just published the opinions of four Republican supporters on what they think of the first days of the Biden presidency and what they expect. They were all supportive of Trump and critical of Biden. They were allowed to give their opinions without being censored. Check it out before some higher member of the Biden Broadcasting Corporation thought police sees it and demolishes it like a statue to a Civil War general.

  8. The Government has dropped plans to decriminalise non governmental payment of the TV license.

    It’s not yet announced it will build more prisons to house all non payers.

  9. I never thought I would have a need to defend the BBC but the story I have just read is unbelievable

    The BBC have dismissed a complaint against Laura Kuenssberg, I am not a great fan but the complaint was absolutely ridiculous.

    Her crime was that she used the term nitty gritty in a news report.

    What a load of wank!!

    • I’m glad to hear that SOI, she’s happy to push the woke agenda in our faces every evening, about time it turned around and bit her. Her mouth looks like it’s warped, bending a bit out of place, less smile, more grimace.

  10. As we all know, the ‘Beeb’ don’t repeat episodes of Top Of The Pops featuring Jimmy Savile. We also know it’s a bit fucking late to display any feelings of faux outrage or concern for his many victims. But then again, we also know that the Corporation doesn’t really give a fuck about his victims and never has done. By not showing Savile on TOTP, the Beebscum are simply covering and serving themselves. Just like they did when they covered themselves and Savile when he was alive.

    But – and this is the reeking hypocritical bit – these cunts are now going to make a ‘docu-drama’ based on Sir Jim’ll and his notorious antics and abuse. First, these bastards want to make out the man never existed or worked for them, erase him from official BBC history. Yet when it suits them they want to gain ratings and not give a fuck about upsetting his victims and their loved ones by doing some sensationalist ratings grab masquerading as serious TV about him (not unlike their Fred West ‘drama’ of a few years back). One minute Savile is verboten, the next he is part of a virtue signaling cautionary tale. The nerve of these BBC shitehawks is unbelievable. They allowed Savile to do what he did and they turned a deliberate blind eye for decades. Fuck his TOTP appearances and fake docu-drama ‘outrage’. The fact that the BBC helped this evil old cunt is what we should never forget or forgive.

    • Never a truer word spoken, Norm.

      A while back, in before times, I had some friends around and we were taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane about the Two Ronnies and the Christmas specials when they did parodies of popstars. I remembered the one where Ronnie Corbett was Adam Ant and smashed through the window. Spent three hours looking for it, couldn’t understand why such a famous BBC sketch was missing and then found it buried on YouTube just by chance. I soon realised why it had been buried, check out the link 😉

      • Cheers for the video, CFC.
        It’s hilarious how even taking the piss out of Savile is now also banned. The Two Ronnies at least did mock the cigar chomping creepo. It appears that Savile is even more protected dead than he was when he was alive. The BBC will show footage of Hitler and Peter Sutcliffe, but Savile is not allowed?
        Oh, I forgot. Hiter and the Ripper weren’t shielded by the BBC, were they?

      • The Two Jimmies, I ask you! Wasn’t one bad enough for fuck sake 😷

        One of the most famous of the two Ronnies sketches at the time, I think I remember Ronnie Corbett dressed is Adam Ant on the front cover of the radio times. I couldn’t even find any of the individual songs with the two jimmies cut out the BBC wanted it buried so badly, in case someone went looking for the full clip. It didn’t make the two Ronnies tribute show either for some strange reason. The BBC buried this quicker than shit through a goose because they were complicit in letting that weird cunt get away with it for so long and as you said have done everything they can to erase him, but just when it suits them!

  11. The BBC tonight masturbating themselves into a frenzy over the China virus death total now at 100,000.

    Project fear, project doom, project scare the sheeples into a permament state of dazed lockdown, call it what you will, they are relentless with the scaremongering.

    Hidden in the doom were some bright snippets, the NHS fella saying that the virus will become more treatable in the 6 months, Actual cases falling daily and Debates about kids returning to school and the ongoing views on lifting lockdown.

    Of course, the Beeb won’t spin any positives as they love the status quo, they want the sheep locked in, drip fed their marxist, workiest pokiest BLM, Biden bullshit for ever, plus they hate the tories so will do just about all in their power to fuck the populace over.

    • Ps, and of course, regardless off you think of it, the U.K. Have injected more arms with the vaccine than anything seen in the Beebs beloved EUSSR..

  12. Auntie has been receiving some backlash on Twitter. In a news story on the funeral of some…piece of shit…IRA terrorist, whose name I really can’t be bothered to remember, they described the cunt as an ‘IRA VETERAN’ thereby equating the bucket of monkey piss to military veterans. Naturally, actual veterans have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure at such an insult. And it is an insult. And now there are even more calls to defund the BBC. Way to shoot yourselves in the foot BBC.

    • Couldn’t agree more, QDM. Those Fenian filth now labeled as an actual army and fighting force by those Beebscum. Instead of the murdering drug dealing terrorist cunts that they were.

  13. I might have bloody well known.

    BBC lockdown home-schooling programme tells 9-year-olds there are ‘over 100 genders’.

    They should all fucking hang.

    • I’m so glad my youngest is now over the age 12. If she had to watch the shit that the BBC so called home-schooling programme puts out, there’d be no TV’s in Castle QDM. Or anything capable of receiving their shit. I’m told by a friend that another BBC “educational” programme was supposed to be about the river Nile, but had some fella grinning like a chimp, while prancing around in a pink tutu.

  14. The fucking BBC is at it again! Under a headline ‘Digital divide deprives children of education ‘ we have a photo of a disabled moose limb woman and her seven children who are being deprived of the opportunity to learn (bomb making?) on line as they cannot afford internet charges.
    Interestingly there is a picture of a white girl who is also having problems learning on line. However, in her case it is because her dad is a dairy farmer and the family live in an Internet black spot.
    I wonder if the BBC are aware of the wonderful example of modern Britain the article gives?

  15. Faisal Islam on BBC newsnight yesterday – interviewing some Spanish EU apparatick over their vaccine cuntishness, you could sense his awkwardness over having to actually attempt to question the beloved EU on their gangster practices, so of course he didn’t.

    Soft answer after soft answer by the EU stool pigeon was accepted – including the hilarious ‘we didn’t intend any harm to the UK vaccination program’.

    Hopefully Mr Islam can move on to yet another network (BBC must be his 5th so far) and find a donated spine somewhere.

  16. Another example of the BBC chipping away at common sense . On their football webshite the Premiership results are given first followed by the Jocko Premiership. If this is not bad enough the next set of results are the Women’s Super League followed by The Championship ! Norwich , Forest, Bournemouth et al are considered to be less prestigious than ; well I have to admit that I am clueless as to any team in the WSL.

    • Anyway, I looked. Any of them of any great world changing historical significance? Any of them innovators, leaders, pioneers or inventors? No.

      ‘Ooh…. A dyke from the Victorian era who dressed like a bloke.’
      Big hook, eh? Fuck off!

    • Totally inappropriate and uncalled for anti-racism, sanctimonious, lectures in the BBC Ski Sunday and Country File programs were the deciding factor for me in finally weaning myself off “live TV” and quitting paying the “telly tax”. Since doing so I don’t give a flying toss what the BBC’s latest stupidity is because I’m no longer helping to fund it.

      If you haven’t already done so stop paying the “telly tax”. It’s an instant fix for the load of bollox that is the BBC👍

  17. Anyone see that Blitz spirit doc with that odd looking Lucy Worsley last night?
    I’m not a fan of actors and actresses dramatising peoples diary entries from long ago, but I was prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt.
    That was until, in true woke beeb fashion, the token dark key made an appearance.
    Apparently there was an African air raid warden who so happened to leave behind memoirs so obviously his memories took precedence over others that undoubtedly exist.
    It’s just the incessant shoe horning of race by the BBC that pisses me off. Yes he played a part, but he was nowhere near as representative as they obviously want us to believe.
    We were told that he was studying law at the time and not architecture surprisingly.
    Even more surprisingly, no other dark keys or roof rackies appeared. I guess they were all involved in looting at the time.

      • You aren’t far wrong there. I’m eagerly awaiting the documentary of how wicked white man prevented him from becoming a lawyer.

    • If you want a bit of Blitz spirit, buy the DVD box set of a show from the late 70’s called Danger UXB. It’s about a Royal Engineers bomb disposal unit.

    • Worsley is such a look at me cunt. A history programme isn’t supposed to be a pantomime, with some narcissist presenter mincing around in silly costumes. That’s what we have actors for.
      David Starkey never dresses up as Henry VIII or Prince Albert, does he? Simon Schama doesn’t prance around pretending his Abe Lincoln or Churchill. The woke propaganda is bad enough, but having some daft tart who is supposed to be presenting a serious programme playing at fancy dress also puts me right off.

      • Been happening quite a while now Norman. I liked time team until they started doing the dressing up and goofing around shit. And why treat diary entries like a script for a stage play? Just read the stuff normally.

  18. Oh, and BBC3 is coming back to our screens. Goody cunting gumdrops.
    Which basically means Benders, Ru fucking Paul, BAMEs, Phoebe Waller Cunt, Parkin Stannits, trannies, and every other freak and deviant.

    I for one am not paying for this woke crap. Defund the cunts and watch them die.

    • Everything you’ve described there is on BBC1 anyway. And they reckon they’ve short changed the 16 to 34 age bracket for the past 6 years!
      Most of that age group don’t pay the fucking license fee anyway!

  19. If anybody’s interested:

    Parliament debated the petition you signed – “Revoke the TV licence using legislation”

    Watch the debate:

    Read the transcript:

    Read the research:

    The petition:

    The Petitions team
    UK Government and Parliament

  20. The BBC website contains a story entitled ‘ What Happened to George Floyd’. Is there anyone on the planet who is unaware of what happened to this piece of shit?

    • What happened? The chiggun guzzlin druggie criminal cunt threatened an innocent woman at gunpoint while his mates punched her and ransacked her house. He later did the professional n!gg@r victim routine for the umpteenth time and then chimped out at the cops one time too many and got his comeuppance. He was then canoised and deified by woke and BLM scum.

      I thought everybody knew. What are the BBC like, eh?

      • Now his family are to be given $27M dollars for that cunt being dead. WTF is the world coming to?

  21. Well, well, I never thought I’d say this but I was pleasantly surprised by the Beeb tonight. A full, un-edited episode of Fawlty Towers was shown. Apparently the old episodes are being re-run every Monday @ 8.30pm.

    It’ll be interesting to see if they broadcast ‘The Germans’ episode un-edited in full.

    • Never a fekkin Dalek around when you need pests controlling. Exterminate! Exterminate!
      Can’t for the life of me remember why I never bothered renewing my TV licence.

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