BBC shit

By popular demand, we’ve set up this page to allow you to vent your spleen over the antics of our world class public broadcasting provider, the Biased Bullshit Corporation.

Frankly these cunts seem to have been pissing off cunters so frequently that the site is becoming somewhat clogged up – so in future use this space. And if you’re a real glutton for Beeb cunting passim, you find them by clicking here.

We also recommend The Eye’s Biased BBC site if you really can’t get enough of their bullshit.

So here it is. Fill yer boots.

288 thoughts on “BBC shit

  1. The lesbian boxer and her dance partner on Strictly have been sidelined allegedly due to Chinky Flu. We old cynics might think that it is diplomatic Chinky Flu in an effort to restore ratings.

  2. Fucking beeb going orgasmic at the news of Dominic Cummings leaving number ten. I’m not a fan of the cunt, but I liked how he annoyed all the cunts I despise. The crooked beeb also think that the government will now stop bothering them over the license fee. Looking at who’s left, I tend to agree

  3. I´ve always thought Alfred Hitchcock was overrated. Apart from the cultish “Frenzy”, I´ve never cared for his stuff. BBC World is marking 60 years since “The Birds” was made and – guess what – baldy old Hitchy was a misogynist. Gasp! Tippi Hedren, now a frazzled old bag with smudged lipstick, who starred claims he “stared” at her during the making of the pic and behaved as if he was “stalking” her. The next talking head was an ethnic wimmin who was not even born when “The Birds” or “Frenzy” were made and claimed they were “misogynist”, resulting from the male-dominated society etc. etc. Within two minutes of switching on, I switched off.

  4. This is the BBC’s unbiased natural reporting. The first two sentences of the first paragraph of their report on the pro Trump protest in Washington DC.

    “ Thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump have turned out in Washington DC to back his unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in the US election.
    Flag-carrying demonstrators were joined by members of far-right groups including the Proud Boys, some wearing helmets and bullet-proof vests.”

    There we have it, the protesters were the far right. According to BBC logic any pro Trump protesters are by default far right, the black and Latino protesters, the Jewish protesters, all of them Nazis!

    I won’t bore you with a comparison of the BBC reporting on the BLM, Antifa protests where neighbourhoods were looted and set alight, where plover officers were attacked.

    Fuck that, fuck reporting the news, push an agenda.

  5. Fucking cunts are calling Trump, ‘Mr Trump’ in every article.

    It’s ‘President Trump’ you fucking cunts, until any official handover in January.

    Oh, and Biden isn’t ‘President elect Biden’ until results are officially declared and ratified by any legal challenges. Twats.

    • Perhaps you have to behave in a Presidential way to earn the right to be called President?

      Trump just acts like a petulant school yard bully, and he has done throughout his presidency.

      • Actually no, he’s the fucking President and the ‘unbiased’ state funded broadcaster should address him as such, even if they (or you) dislike him.

        But we’re taking about the BBC who really are a bunch of lying bastards.

      • The thing is, though, he isn’t our president, so the BBC are under no obligation to refer to him as such. They don’t refer to Boris as Prime Minister Johnson, do they?

        If he hadn’t been such a cunt for the past four years perhaps they might treat him with the respect you think he deserves?

      • In the old days the BBC news did used to say ‘President Nixon’ or ‘President Carter’ and even ‘President Clinton’ in the 90s. While our PM (Callaghan, Maggie, Major, Blair) was usually just referred to as The Prime Minister.

        Whatever one’s opinion of Trump was/is. I do think the BBC and their news people do address Trump the way they do because they do dislike him. That, however, is not how a supposedly balanced and impartial public news service is supposed to operate.

      • But that’s just not true. When referring to any world leader they call them Mister – Mister Trudeau, Mister Macron, Mister Putin etc etc etc.

        Why should Trump be any different?

  6. Had to laugh at R4’s description of trawler crews as ‘fisherpeople’, in spite of the fact that only about 2% of the UK’s crews are women.
    Good ol’ Beeb. Woke even if it sounds ridiculous.
    #Defund the BBC!

  7. BBC Radio 1

    “ BBC Radio 1 will not play the original version of Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl this Christmas, because its audience may be offended by some of the lyrics.
    The station said young listeners were particularly sensitive to derogatory terms for gender and sexuality.
    It will instead play an edited version with different lyrics sung by MacColl.
    But the 1987 original will still be played on Radio 2, while 6 Music DJs can choose between the two versions.”

    They can play songs about beating the Ho’s and shooting and stabbing but fuck me the poor little snowflakes can’t hear any bad words about gender or the gayness. It’s almost funny, the BBC made this song into a Christmas classic when most of us would rather of never heard it more than once and now it’s toxic for the little Snowflakes ears. Will have to make do with Stormzys Xmas classic the 12 slayings of Hackney instead.


    • Typical knee jerk no research offended by anything BBC shite. MacColl used the word ‘f@ggot’ as in the old English definition of the word. As in a liability, something to be carried. As in you useless old f@ggot’.

      These same cunts have butchered ‘Oliver’s Army’ by Elvis Costello and the Attractions. Instead of the ‘One more widow, one less white n*****r’ verse they just repeat the first verse (‘Have you got yourself an occupation’) and it sounds totally fucking stupid. Thing is, Costello’s song does not reference blacks even once. It is about the Irish (in case they haven’t noticed, he does sing ‘White n****r’), but, as ever, the liberal woke cunts have to make everything about ‘them’ and offending ‘them’. They even want the name of a popular Australian cheese changed because it is called ‘C*on’. It was the real surname of the man who invented the cheese, for fuck’s sake. The bastards see it in everything. They are obsessed. Woke is a disease.

      • So, they won’t play a song that uses the word ‘f@ggot’.Yet they have no problem whatsoever with some bitch saying ‘Kill Whitey’ on BBC television?

        No wonder people are cancelling their license in droves. The ‘Beeb’ truly are cunts.

      • Hard to believe this, but I just read that well known Gay, ISaC favourite Owen Jones, has said he isn’t bothered about the words and called it an “epic song”.

        If a professional whinging poof doesn’t care, why the hell does the BBC?

    • Forget about Coronavirus – Radio 1, have officially ruined Christmas for me.

      How the hell can we listen to a radio at this time of year and not hear “You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot?”

      I, as a scumbag AND a maggot, have never taken umbrage to this song. Why are the faggots all upset now? Oh, wait, they aren’t. Just some woke cunt at the BBC trying not to upset poofters.

      Never mind, I haven’t listened to Radio 1 for about 30 years and wasn’t planning on starting anytime soon.

    • A couple of years ago we drove through Switzerland on holiday (incredibly beautiful place). One of the first things we heard on a local, German language radio station, was Mumford and Sons happily blaring out “I really fucked it up this time”.

      Can you imagine BBCunts playing that? No, me neither.

    • The cheap lousy faggots at the BBC are upset that Krusty MacColl uses the lyric “cheap lousy faggot” as other than a term of endearment………………..

  8. Lovely large photo of assorted weird creatures on BBC news website today with the headline ‘ When one transgender person is hurt we all feel it’.
    Christ on a Kawasaki, can’t these cunts ever give us a rest from the inane ?

  9. These interviews on BBC breakfast news (I use the word news in the widest connotation) are either “the expert” sat by a massive bookshelf or “joe schmuck” sat in his spare room with crap everywhere. Tidy that house up Joe! YOU SCRUFFY CUNT!!

  10. Where do they find these media-whore attention-seeking nonentities?
    Most of the leftie woke cunts can’t string a sentence together as long as they “look the part.
    What annoys me is listening to irresponsible mothers who should have kept their cunt lips closed whingeing that they can’t afford to feed their shitty offspring.
    The thing that really boils my piss is when cunts like these feel that they are entitled to a “crowdfunding page” to pay for an elaborate funeral for one of their brats who has died as a result of their own parental neglect. My local rag,
    The Plimmif Herald prints numerous articles where distressed relatives expect the public to cough up for funeral expenses for some low-life druggie (nearly always described as being “a well loved colourful character “ or a loveable rogue” who is such an utter cunt that they’ve either accidentally or deliberately managed to top themselves.
    Fuck off you wastes of fucking space and take your shit-encrusted and cunt-discharge soaked ultra thin grey trakkie bottoms to the laundromat you stinking parasites!

  11. Without wishing to sound supercilious, you do realise of course that if/when the BBC is de-funded, all that will happen is that it will be bought by another large media company.

    The BBC is too big to just implode or vanish without a trace.

    In all likelihood it will be taken over by a large global media corporation owned by the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Netflix, or Disney (they own ABC news and ESPN).

    Wait and see.

    • What should happen, but won’t , is a Margaret Thatcher like sell-off with all licence fee payers getting, say 100 shares @ £5 each and the balance of the shares sold off to whoever wants to buy them with UK small shareholders getting priority in a ballot. That way you might have half a chance of turning them from a socialist public money spending organisation into a capitalist, profit making one.

  12. John Cleese said the following

    ‘I hear the BBC has apologised for a joke made in 2014. I would like to apologise for the BBC in 2020. The executives are a craven clique of humorless jobsworths, none of whom are worth their salaries.’

    God bless yer, John. You are not a cunt.

  13. BBC cunt Sue Perkins faces backlash for calling Leave voters ‘headbangers and zealots’.

    But her employees will let her get away with it. Just like they let Boyle, Duker, Lineker and the rest get away with throwing verbal and social media rocks at the British public.

    Fuck Perkins, the fascist tuppence flicking cunt.

    • The tolerance of these new liberals never ceases to amaze me. If you dare to think differently to how the BBC instructs you then you are Racist , Gammon or there is always ‘ Far right ‘

      • But when you consider that ‘far right’ is anything that isn’t Marxist I’d say the majority of the country qualify.

      • According to BBC diktat, the concept of Free Speech is ‘far-right’ to those cunts.

  14. Following on from my cancelling the TV tax and requesting a refund for two years.

    I have to say, I’m very disappointed. The cunts from Crapita have complied. Cheque dropped through the letterbox yesterday.

    I was really looking forward to an all out war if I’m totally honest

  15. License fee is theft. They never challenge witless, unbalanced, wancock etc. Al on the dodgy chinky flu date.

    They make so called drama into an exercise of work lecturing.

    The whole thing is a lefty shit show, with the Guardian as the fucking bible. Licence fee is fraud as they are supposed to be impartial.

  16. 6th December and only on the fucking Beeb news site could a story about a fucking plane ✈️ hijacker be peddled as though he is some sort of a hero. A cunt ( black panther) and others hijack a plane go to france 🇫🇷 and apparently lives happily ever after. Only on the Beeb. Hijackers should be shot

    • Imagine if Lockerbie happened now? The Beebscum would say the bombers were ‘British’ and they would not even name them, never mind condemn them. Then they’d do a story on on one of the bomber’s relatives, to show that ‘they’ aren’t all bad. The BBC are cunts.

      And I agree. Hijackers should be shot. Many times.

    • Possibly the BBC should do a follow up programme about the poor sods who were on the aircraft the cunt hijacked. How many suffered Long term mental anguish due to the cunt’s actions?
      No, I don’t see the programme being made; ordinary people’s lives don’t matter.

  17. Xmas day BBC 1, Vicar of Dibley (shite in itself) apparently includes a scene promoting Black Lives Matter. That’s the impartial auntie for you.

    • Isn’t the dizzy blonde bird from Dibley dead? Mind you,being blonde and white, she wouldn’t have fitted the woke BLM criteria anyway. So she’s well out of it.

      Dibley was shite years ago and it will be shite now. Typical right on shite from Fatty French and the ‘Beeb’. This shows how rotten and worm ridden the BBC now is. Ever since Only Fools & Horses was put out of its misery the BBC have resurrected old crap for their Christmas schedules. The Vicar of Dibley wasn’t even good in its 90s days. Let me guess, the randy chocolate guzzling on the change fat cunt vicar is going to ‘pull’ a black bloke? A bit like Mandingo fucking a Hindenberg Zeppelin.

      And what price a ‘guest appearance’ by ‘Sir’ Lencunt of Henry?

      • Fictional TV characters now taking the knee and eulogising very real but dead druggie armed criminals who point loaded guns at innocent women while his mates ransack her house. How fucked up is that?

        Fuck off French, you criminal loving apartheid encouraging fat slag.

      • Anyone else notice that Fatty French is wearing an inverted crucifix in the recent Vicar of Dibley BLM pics?
        Satanic fat slag. Fucking cunt.

      • It’s apparently acceptable for the Fatfuck of Dibley Christmas Special to be anti-white and anti-Christian. But if French had a White Lives Matter sermon or the religion of peace/rape/murder was shot at on the show, the liberal scum would be in meltdown. Typical woke hypocrisy and cunttitude. Wipe out the Beeb.

  18. The BBC news website has seen fit to inform us that Kuwait’s only female MP has lost her seat.
    Hands up anyone who gives a fuck.

  19. BBC today is ‘first vaccine day’….

    Wankers, who gives a fuck, the idea is to bang it out as fast as possible not have a fucking mini drama.

  20. November 24th …

    BBC …Manchester arena bombing. I remember seeing this and thinking are they having a fucking laugh. White woman ‘saved’ by peaceful is reunited with him…. Not a fucking sausage on the (obvious) origins of the murderous fucker that carried out the bombing. The fucking BBC must think the British public are buttoned up the back of our fucking heads.

    • And no mention of all the non-Muslims who also saved lives that day. I once saved a rabbit from a burning house in Kosovo. The BBC didn’t put that on the news. And the little fucker bit me.

  21. Well, we all knew it was going to happen. The woke are nothing if not predictable. Lewis Hamilton is now Sports Personality of the Year. Correct me if I wrong, but don’t you need an actual personality before you can win such an award? He didn’t win this simply for driving the Starship Enterprise around a track, he got it predominantly for his BLM bullshit, let’s not lie.

    I’m trying to think of a less deserving recipient of any award than Hamilton, an arrogant, ignorant, Uber woke, self publicising, egotistical, narcissistic, racist tax dodger. The videos he puts out have a habit of smacking him in the face, such as the video of him being interviewed whilst wearing a huge chain around his neck with a padlock on it to symbolise slavery, whilst wearing the branded merchandise of a company that used 70,000 slave labourers during the war. Or the one on his boat, that was just him and his poor dog. And the guy who was holding the camera. Or any of his eco lectures, whilst he works for Mercedes, a company with a bigger carbon footprint than EVERYONE on ISAC combined.

    And just to make it worse, in the new year, he’s getting a knighthood. There’s that award right down the shitter then. It’s completely worthless now. Still, it must bug the fucker to know that even his knighthood plays second to the HIGHEST award, the Victoria Cross. An award that he will NEVER get.

    • He had the opportunity last night to denounce slavery in all its forms. Why did he not criticise his employer’s behaviour of 75 years ago; it is a fuck site more recent than Kinte Knute et al?

  22. Steady cunts. If the non payment of the poll tax was made a civil offence, you have no defence. They can send in bailiffs without going through the courts. It is a nasty one. Let’s get Brexit and the fucking vile chinky flu out of the way, if ever…. Don’t forget to watch all the unfunny woke game shows and repeats over Christmas. Have a good one brothers and fuck em all!!!!

  23. The BBC News website informs us that for the first time ever Nigella is not having a turkey this Christmas, she is have a piece of pork. Why the fuck do they think that we need to know that B&WC is calling round?

  24. Watching the Aston villa v palace game on the beeb – before kick off, not only did the witless cunt players continue in the knee taking cuntitude, but auntie beeb saw fit to dub on applause and cheering while this wank took place.

    I suppose the cunts know they’re safe now the honey monster backed down over the license fee criminalisation.

  25. BBC, my gosh golly wow. Somebody should tell Nana Nunnun,…chukety on BBC breakfast news it’s not obligatory to roll ones eyes everytime she has to mention Donald Trump. Bad enough her sort all have bobbly heads.

    Seriously, this eulogizing item about the death of some obscure rapper / hip-hop artist going by the stage name of MF Doom is, as I type, currently sharing top billing on the BBC home page (just ahead of another earth shattering prominent headline article about Tom Hanks’ sh!t new haircut for his next film role).
    Please BBC, spare us a steaming pile of donkey sh!t masquerading as major, important news items. Apart from maybe a handful from the single brain cell “yoof culture scene” & the oppressed tree dwellers you now kneel before (none of whom probably read the BBC anyway much less pay a licence fee), absolutely no-one gives a t°ss about this non-entity. Just how low can your journalistic standards fall?
    And if anyone of you are stupid enough to want to know more about this dead nobody and his “music” then here you go

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