Liverpool FC [3] and Jurgen Klopp [2]

Liverpool FC and Bitter Jürgen the German

Last night (28 May, 2022) saw Real Madrid defeat Liverpool 1-0 in the Champions League Final.

I waited for Klopp’s bitter interview in his passive, aggressive fashion and he didn’t disappoint. Digs at Real’s ‘long balls’, their ‘defensive tactics’ and two ‘poor decisions’.

In other words, they parked the bus, we’re better than them and the ref was shite. Well, if he means the goal Real scored and got (wrongly in my opinion) disallowed, then I agree. I doubt he meant that though.

It’s his grinning, smiling ‘Nice Guy ‘ attitude while being a bitter cunt that fucks me off. At least Ferguson and Wenger would be bitter with bitter faces and angry voices, not this fake smiley shit while spouting vitriol. And what is it with Liverpool FC and ridiculous, brilliantine white nashers?

Anyway, I also saw the scousers still haven’t learned and still turn up to big games with fake or no tickets. The cheeky fucking cunts are now ‘demanding’ an investigation into why there was a delayed kick off and some fans (getting lary with the rozzers) got teargassed.

Well, it’s because loads of your ‘best fans in the world lah’ fans turned up with snide tickets and caused delays at turnstiles. They then kicked off it seems, as did others pushing to get in (hmmm…never their fault remember?) and got gassed.

This shit always happens around their fans it seems.

It’s obviously racism against scousers, innit lah? I blame dat dere Maggy Thatcher.
Liverpool FC were also the club who instigated the take the knee shite in the Premier League.

Boo boo for Hillsborough but don’t mention Heysel lah.

Fuck off.

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

(Note. This will be the last Liverpool FC-related nom for awhile, unless something really catastrophic happens! – Day Admin)

61 thoughts on “Liverpool FC [3] and Jurgen Klopp [2]

  1. No scousers on here?
    Be interesting to hear their take on things.
    The media always used to say what great fans they were, I remember it well as they visited us and watched the house bricks flying through the air. Scallies eh?

    • They’d ave ad too swear it wudnt they’re lurv , you think weed type eh eh eh
      Well maybe a tickit for the finnall alrite eh eh
      Don’t gis a job, rite

  2. I have no interest in footballerism at all.
    Fuck them all, the overpaid, over entitled cunts.
    And all the bloody management and support staff, too.
    I’d rather spend an afternoon peeling the skin off my arm, than watch these wankers.

  3. That wonderful 1-touch team from the 70’s, that dominated football-a thing of fucking beauty. A team full of hard men and mavericks and personality.
    Even a rival fan had to have respect for that Liverpool team.
    Now, it’s just fucking money.
    Cunts buying trophies.
    I supported Man Utd from the early 70’s-when the Premier league started, I lost interest.

    Real Madrid won fair & square. They exposed Liverpool.

    I did read that close to 400’000 Africunt immigrants are living/camping in the proximity of the French national stadium. Gangs of hundreds / thousands were rampaging around Paris, robbing the rising fans-including the Mayor of Liverpool (sn.igger: some fucking irony there😂), there were genuine Liverpool fan victims.

    However, for their recent antics, booing anthems etc, they are CUNTS!

    Klopp is a wanker.

    • I remember when they won the FA Cup, the League Cup and the UEFA Cup (in 2001, I think), and then they put out a DVD called (don’t laugh) ‘Liverpool: The Treble’.

      Of course, when this was disputed and questioned, there was the en masse spitting of ‘It woz de friggin trebbil! Bastids! Calm down!’

      That 70s Liverpool side was a good ‘un, CG. Crazy Horse, Clemence, Heighway, Keegan, Souness and the rest.

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