Apple [5] Rotten to the Core

There is no denying Apple have produced some very innovative products over the last 40+ years, coupled with some sleek designs and good quality craftsmanship. It is no wonder many people prefer Apple products over most of its competitors. Hell, I even cut my teeth on programming and IT engineering after buying a 2nd hand Lisa and original Macintosh in 1992 (both produced way back in 1982, and cost thousands even back then!)

However, quality doesn’t come cheap, and so it comes as no surprise that everything these cunts sell is at a super-premium price. Even 2nd hand/refurbished kit can still command eye watering prices for those wanting to try Apple but don’t have access to a bank loan to buy one from new!

And then of course there’s the questionable ethics behind the manufacture and assembly of their products. They source components for manufacture from many places around the world including Japan, Switzerland, Poland, the UK, the US and of course China/Taiwan.

The assembly process is mostly carried out in China and Taiwan. Places of cheap labour, unethical working practices, and currently a big friend of Russia over the Ukraine conflict.

To its credit Apple has stopped sales of its products and services into Russia, but at time of writing hasn’t done anything to piss off the Chinese, probably because if it shut down its factories it would massively hit sales growth and of course profits.

Another annoyance with Apple is that even though its products are well made and have a very high quality assurance threshold, when things go wrong and your device is out of warranty you’re faced with one hell of a bill if you want it repaired by an authorised Apple Service Provider (ASP).

For example, up until around 2015 most Apple laptops and desktops had either standard SATA drives or solid state that were portable and easy to replace. But with the advent of the T2 security chip integrated into the System Management Console on some of their devices, Apple decided to increase security further by soldering the SSDs to the logic board and encrypting it, which means they cannot be swapped out, and neither can they be cloned or backed up/restored remotely should the device fail to power up and you don’t have iCloud or Time Machine enabled.

Another example is that if you have a swollen battery, an ASP probably won’t replace the battery but will replace the entire dependent components as well. In other words they will swap out the battery, keyboard, top case, track bar and anything else related to the battery. You end up paying not only for a new battery but new components that replaced perfectly good working ones.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that Apple is one of the richest most profitable companies on the planet. And yet ethically they are complete cunts, and their cavalier attitude towards their customers is equally cuntish.

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And on a slightly different Apple note, here’s one from Ruff Tuff Creampuff

Apple Together are cunts.

According to this bunch of workshy wokies, being asked to get back to the office after “working” from home during the pandemic is deemed racist, sexist and ageist.

“It will make Apple younger, whiter, more male-dominated, more neuro-normative, more able-bodied.” How ghastly!

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probably transphobic too. I’ll take that as a given.

32 thoughts on “Apple [5] Rotten to the Core

  1. Apple is definitely a love/hate issue for many. To assimilate into modern life you must have products produced in China. What’s the alternative? Android? Microsoft? Live in a teepee? Your money supports cunts no matter what.

    • Really tech good gear, but you are so right, mega expensive. Apple you are greedy cunts, I had to buy a new A/C recharge cable for my Mac Book Pro it cost me the best part of £80.00, and that was on Amazon. Blatant profiteering! Fume!!!

  2. It’s a cult that members mustn’t question the value of.

    It seems to me everything they do is about ensuring their customers are royally fucked over.

    As Mr Jobs said “Buy my latest product even if you don’t need it or you are a cunt and I’ll send an update to your device to make it very poorly.”

    Something like that anyway.

    All big tech firms are shithouse rats.

  3. Love Apple for its design, quality and the seamless inter-activity of all their devices. Infinitely better than those old PC’s we used to use with their clunky separate components and ugly, bulky design. And I love my little collection of old iPods – all still in perfectly good working order and the best music device ever (wish they would re-introduce it in it’s original design – streaming music on an iPhone is no replacement for the single function, music and podcast dedicated device that was the iPod).

    But as a company they are utter, money-grabbing manipulative cunts. But that’s no surprise – its a product of corporate America.

  4. Cunts still buy iphones. Stop it, it’s silly. I have a phone I paid £150 for and it’s brilliant, quick as fuck, 128gb memory, HD screen, good multi lens camera. I suppose side by side with the latest cock waving exercise Apple have knocked out to their brainwashed followers it’s not as ‘good’ But it works fantastically well all the time so happy days.

    • I paid just over £100, new, for my Moto G9 and it does everything I want it to do (It also does 50 things I don’t need it to do but that’s irrelevant). That’s my criteria for everything I buy. No fucking way would I spend over a grand on a fucking phone. I’ve previously bought cars for less.

      • I’ve had Moto phones before, very good. I have a Redmi note 9 now and it’s superb.

      • I really don’t understand the demented fucks who feel the need to show off with this sort of crap. My Apple is better than your rubbish! Yeah? Well, I have a bigger actual cock, so fuck off.

  5. Cunts but great devices i agree with the comments and the reason i bought a secondhand late 2013 apple desktop as the home computer as its bullet proof and still supported with the latest Catholina software and i can swap out the drive for an SSD any time and also upgrade the ram.
    i was well aware of later models not being upgradeable and the spec not as high.
    i have also the first of the apple air ipad and still performs brilliantly if you keep it clean
    i would never return to microsoft ever with its constant updates and virus friendly platform.
    bargain secondhand if you know what to look for

  6. I bought a brand new Mac Mini years ago – one of the first? (circa 2004). It ;packed up after six months of light use. I never bothered with them afgter that, in the same way I never bother with Marks & Spencers overpriced, but very average food.

    Bring back the Commodore 3000 or even the Atari STMega ” computers for the masses not the classes” (Jack Triemal) – Power without the price.

  7. How much is a brand new iPhone 13 (whatever version it’s at)? £1500 or something. Ridiculous.

    I’ve got an iPhone 6, bought it second hand for £200 or thereabouts. Had it quite a few years, fine for me as I don’t need space for 500 apps, music and photos. I use it as a phone and the odd text message. No doubt they’ll make it obsolete soon enough.

    Didn’t Ricky Gervaise have a dig at the then new CEO about the slave labour?

  8. I recall the death of Steve Jobbies and social media wailing and changing profile pics to show a black armband.
    He never knew you,never met you never knew you even existed you sycophantic, braindead cultist lemmings.
    PC = Proper Computer
    Apple Mac = fruity raincoat.
    Fuck off.

  9. I Had an iPhone 2, had to pay extra for the operating system and download it over a landline connection (six fucking hours). Then came the relentless spam spruiking their overpriced products which were more expensive here despite the exchange rate being $1.10 US to $1.00 Oz at the time. I was relieved when it was stolen from me two months later and brimming over with schadenfreude when Steve Jobs died of cancer despite his billions. Have fun being Satan’s IT bitch, cunt.

  10. Wasn’t it Jobs who didn’t allow his own kids anywhere near iPhones and iPads?

    Each parent to their own obviously but still quite a sobering thought when you consider the amount of low IQ lazy fuckwit parents who happily buy this overpriced poisonous tat for their own kids to sit and spend most of their lives staring at.

  11. Apple users admire Jamie Oliver, ride bicycles, read the Guardian and have weak chins and no balls.

    • TtCE@ – Afternoon Thomas – don’t forget the wispy “beards” and the nicotine free vaping!
      And possibly a ban from local educational facilities..

  12. A technical tip. Genuine Apple accessories are expensive. If you buy a non Apple lead & it says “Not Charging,” it actually is, all be it at a lower Amperage. Apple are clever cunts & install this software to make their customers buy their leads. There is a device called a Charge Doctor, cheaply available on line. It’s an in – line device that gives a continualmA & a Voltage reading. Getting a lower charge is also more healthy for the battery.

    • Correct I charge the iPad with the phone charger these days and much healthier battery life.
      I give apple 99 cent per Month for extra photo storage in the iPad but it’s free unlimited in I photos storage in the iMac desk top.
      Once I overcame the navigation symbols in the desk top that took about six months I just cannot see a return to Microsoft .
      Buy secondhand from the local adds and there simple to clean the memory or even a complete wipe and reinstall is what I have done

  13. I have and love my Sony Experia phone.

    Sony build the phone around the camera and they really are rather good.

    I have an iPhone given to me by work. It’s shit.

    I use it as a coffee mug coaster.

  14. Apple. The brand of choice for sitting in a cafe trying to give the impression of being important. And who the fuck is stupid enough to pay the price of a decent used car or holiday on a phone?
    Anyway, can’t stay here all day chatting – Uncle Xi has told me to whip these lazy Uighurs..
    The only Apple stuff I have ever had was an iPhone which I repaired (pain in the arse to repair compared to an Android) and subsequently found to be shite that requires the intellectual grasp of a 3 year old to operate (in which case I presume MP’s get their lackeys to do it for them) – I have a HP laptop, HP were superb before they started producing dogshit made in China but I won’t have another. Samsung mobile phone, 800 quids worth apparently, got it free by calling O2 and giving it the “I have been a loyal customer for years and you give new customers stuff free and not me? This is discrimination Sir, discrimination indeed – and it is triggering my mental health issues!”
    2 weeks later a brand new free 800 quid phone turned up! 😀
    Fuck the cult of Apple.

  15. I bought my wife an iPod Classic in 2008(?)but she never used it because she is, she admits it, useless with technology. I used It instead for a while and loved it. But I stopped. I fucking LOATHE iTunes which is almost the only way to add tracks to the bloody thing. It has the need to rearrange all of my tracks on my PC, regardless of what I do. My android phone, mentioned above, is far better at what it does, including connecting faultlessly to Bluetooth earphones.

  16. Ever used an Ipad?

    I’ve had to use them before to give presentations and you need to remember about 4 or 5 different fucking passwords to use it. Yes, it gets confusing which is which.

    Constantly wanting to update and kicking you off the internet asking for passwords. Crappy little charger leads that break easily. Using an app and in the middle getting “You need to enter your Apple ID ” messages over and over. Constant updates that take fucking hours. Charging that takes forever. A guy more techy than myself said older iPads become almost unusable and it’s a deliberate ploy to get you to buy new ones, the fucking cunts.

    It’s put me off ever buying anything these cunts make.

  17. Never purchased an Apple item and I never will.Each to their own I suppose.Overpaid rubbish.

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