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Now I know what you are thinking – how is this guy a cunt for provoking the jug-eared bisexual one into giving him a slap? It’s not because he made an offensive joke about his missuses illness. It’s not even because he is a black comedian who only promotes black humour. Nor is he a cunt for his piss poor performance in Lethal Weapon 4.

No, he is a cunt because he had a chance to prosecute Mr Smith and decided to choose the brotherhood over the law. He is a fucking hypocrite of the highest order.

Can you image if Johnny Depp was nominated and knocked him out with a haymaker for making jokes about him being an alleged wife beater? Irrespective of whether Mr Rock, in this instance, was being very funny, being bang on the money or exercising his freedom of speech, I guarantee Johnny Depp would have been in handcuffs in minutes and the woke brigade would have thrown the book at him. And of course, the Oscar panel would remove any award and ban him for life.

But no. Chris Cunt didn’t even bother to defend the last bastion of free speech by taking Will Smith to the cleaners and instead zipped it.

This is the worst example of ‘inclusionism’ I’ve ever seen. Was Smith the best actor or did he get the nod due to the colour of his skin? Did Chris Rock not want to make a fuss or did he decide to side with his enemy due to the colour of his skin?

Cunters – it’s over to you.

Nominated by: Birdman of Cuntytraz

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    • He’s that groid who was bitch slapped by that other groid.
      Groid #2 played Muhanmed Ali didn’t he? I would expect better form when striking groid #1.

      • Yep, should of done the Ali shuffle.

        Taunted him!
        “Whats my name?
        Whats my name sucker?”

      • Ali – simply the greatest.

        Reading a book at the moment called ‘The Fight’ by Norman Mailer about the legendary ‘rumble in the jungle’

        Seems that a lot of observers at the time feared for Ali’s safety going into a fight with a monster like Foreman and how does Ali respond – he proceeds to KO one of the hardest men in heavyweight history.

      • Herman @

        I watched George talking about the fight, saying hed breezed through the heavyweight division, even making light work of Smokin Joe Frazier.
        He said he couldn’t believe it!
        Hed unload a massive blow

        Ali “is that all youve got George?”

        “Come on George you swing like a sissy”

        “Ive gotcha sucker”

        Said it broke his confidence.

        I like big George!
        A fine man.👍
        Religion made him a better person, he lost his arrogance.
        I cheered him on in his comeback to become heavyweight champion.

      • I agree Mis.

        Big George has always come across as a thoroughly decent fella.

        That punch that KO’d Michael Moorer to regain the title in his mid 40s looked effortless.

        Going back to the 70s and his first fight with the great Smokin Joe is one of my most watched and rewatched fights.
        He absolutely destroyed one of the most fearsome fellas in heavyweight history almost swatting him about like a pesky fly.
        This is the same Frazier who gave every other fighter he ever fought an absolute world of trouble. Crazy really.

      • @Herman

        Talking of the rumble in the jungle and Norman Mailer, check out the documentary “When we were Kings”

        This covers the build up to the fight with interviews from Ali, Frazer and assorted writers and journalists. And then covers the fight and the consequences afterwards.


      • What seems to have been erased from history is that Cassius nearly died after the rumble he was in hospital for over a week and pissed blood for 6 months he was never the same fighter again. Respect to him for being able to take that amount of damage and still KO George. Tellingly he was never to face him again.

  1. A desperate attempt to get publicity for a shitfest which has lost 60% of its viewers in three years.
    Go Oscars, go broke.
    Not to worry though – a quick loan of some face cream from Sam Beau and I can pretend to be “acclaimed comedian” Chris Rock – “White folks be all like zombies at the mall” – yeay, thanks for your witty insights Chris, but I suppose given your normal audience you kind of have to “dumb it down a bit”..
    “Black folks be all like robbing the mall and dealing round the back” would be a little more accurate.

  2. Obviously these [edited] do not take entertainment seriously.
    It’s a disgrace.

    It would have made much better telly if he’d blown this cunts head off.

    Lazy Dark Keys as usual.

  3. ‘Inclusionism’? That’s a new one on me. Is that what the President was doing when he shook hands with the Invisible Man?

  4. I totally disagree with this nom. He should be as free to choose black as I am to choose white.
    Of someone wants to be racist let them I say but I wouldn’t go so far to call CR a racist per se.
    I am more comfortable with my kind. So what?
    CR is more pro black than white yes but what he and I have in common is we both hate nig-guzz.
    He’s no AL Sharpton that’s for sure.

  5. Naaah, can’t go with this one. Rock had no choice but to do and say nothing or his career would be finished. Yes if whitey had slapped him that would be totally different but that’s the way it works in Hollywoke these days.
    If he wasn’t as rich as fuck I could almost feel sorry for Smith. A pathetic cuckold who is regularly humiliated by his slag wife. He reminds me of Bercow although , as far as I know, he hasn’t got his tongue up the EU’s arse.
    By the way you’re not the original Birdman are you?……..bloke who lived in Gibraltar and was always rowing with his w*g neighbours.

  6. “Johnny Depp knocked him out with a haymaker…”

    Depp gets battered off girls.

    That limpdick Smith had slapped me at the Oscars?
    Id leave by air ambulance.
    Say I was paralyzed and gone blind.
    Id sue the fresh prince for millions.

    Then make a play for his Malteser headed missus.

    • Is she the tart who did a shit in his bed?

      Perhaps she was the shit in his bed… it’s hard to keep up with all this shit.

      Good aftermorning Miserable. 🌞

      • Afternoon Ruff👍
        Yeah she slapped Depp all over the apartment,
        Bit the tip of his finger off.
        Then curled out a turd on his bed.

        Crazy girls are great fucks,
        But harsh on laundry.

    • I hear that MNC. I would post a picture of myself in full traction and settle for millions. If I ever get to meet the fresh princess I’ll try to provoke him to hit me. I’ll ask him if I can get on the list to get a piece of ass from his slap head wife.
      That should do it.

      • Just savvy thinking Meat Curtains.
        Cash in.$$$
        Id say

        “Yo homey, whos that slaphead with you?
        Montel williams? George foreman?

        Then when he slapped my cheek id drop to the floor screaming,
        And thinking of the nice new pickup Will had just guaranteed me!😁

  7. Smith got an Oscar cos he is black, innit.
    Rock got the hosting cos he is black, innit.

    There is no merit anymore just affirmative action to favour the retards.

    • If it was staged that gives me hope for next years Oscars. I may just check it out if they will be pulling stunts for ratings.

      • If itd been that nut Baldwin hed of shot Chris Rock.

        He shot a woman costar simply because she never said she liked the highlights in his hair.

      • I heard she gave him his smashed avocado on ciabatta instead of sprouted whole grain bread. Shooting offence in Hollywood apparently.

      • Assuming it was staged, how does Smith benefit from a ten year ban from the Oscars?

      • Morning RTC.

        He can still win an Oscar, he just can’t be there to pick it up.

        Sounds like the best of both worlds to be honest.

  8. All black comedians seem to be the same. Is this the bloke from Beverley Hills Cop 3?

  9. Rock, Smith and malteaser head should be in the boot of the Oldsmobile al la Jackie Brown, enter stage right Ordell Robbie.

  10. This “incident” is so fucking inane and tedious in contrast to what is going on in the world right now that I want to eat my feet every time I hear it mentioned. Oven everyone in Hollywoke.

  11. After making the alopecia jokes and getting bitch-slapped, Rock ought to have said (as Smith was walking back off the stage) “keep your hair on!”
    Then followed it up with “you can’t take a joke, but your wife can take……many lovers and you’re only acting this way ‘cos you wanted them for yourself.”
    Or, more accurately “fo’ yo’sel” as um bongos can’t speak anything even approaching the Queen’s English.

  12. The world is going very fast to hell in a handcart. Pres Putin has gone full mentalist, half of the third World is crossing the Channel and on arrival being stuck in hotels, the chances of finding a dentist taking on patients in my neck of the woods this includes private is about the same as me hang gliding to fucking Neptune and the media is full of Boris the party animal and will smith slapping some cunt at an awards show. The real World is falling apart chaps and chappeses, puddle jumpers, gendered disordered and so on. Pretty sure I am not the only old cunt who really does not care if someone has had a Brazilian arse lift or a dick extension/construction. Bollocks to the lot of them.

    • I dont think it was staged. But I do think it entirely predictable.
      Because it has become about ‘insult’ after Rickiy Gervaise.
      And so the need for grosser and more personal attacks.

      How low can you go as it were?

      Don Rickles used to ‘roast’ celebs. He was near the bone but never crossed the line.

      • Yes, the last thing we should talking about is showbiz celebrities these days. Fuck ’em, I get the feeling we won’t have showbiz celebrities much longer, not hearing from them, anyway.

      • חג פסח שמח Miles

        May Dog bestow upon you the wisdom of Solomon….but not Stacy Solomon. She’s as thick as fuck.

  13. Dear dear Willy Smith. An absolute daring. I saw his Hamlet . An absolute triumph. Did the Scottish play to rap. Had the audience in tears. He treads the boards like dear dear Dickie Attenborough. Mwa mwa.

  14. Dear dear Willy Smith. An absolute daring. I saw his Hamlet . An absolute triumph. Did the Scottish play to rap. Had the audience in tears. He treads the boards like dear dear Dickie Attenborough. Mwa mwa.

  15. So many films now on Netflix and the very woke Disney channel with all black casts.
    I wouldn’t mind that much but most of them can’t act to save their fucking lives.

  16. Rock took the slap pretty well I would say ,probably Blackman reaction I ain’t going down from the ghetto days of youth and then continued on to host. Cannot imagine what the fuck was going through his mind and still having to read his script.
    “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth” where in fucks name did that statement from Smith come from , I mean the first thing that springs to mind is cocksucker and blackies invented that word along with mothafucker
    Rock should have fucked him big time and watched that wife of his squirm with bile ,it might have led to genuine hair loss in for the anything goes plastic marriage they portray. Quares the bell of stale air

  17. Think Rock handled it well. He looks the bigger man all round and Smith is going to be living with this for the rest of his life.

    Even Jesse Smollett would turn down the chance to play Smith, “I got my standards mofos.”

  18. Will smith is a lot like Gary Lineker,
    But bit more tanned.
    And fuzzy felt hair .

    He lets people fuck his Uncle Fester missus you know?
    Hes on a high plane due to intense wealth where he doesn’t get jealous or possessive.
    And he lets men rattle his kojak missus.

    He looks through a peephole blushing as they squirt their babygravy on her face.
    Whilst fingering himself.


    • He he…”babygravy”, is this some kind of northern foreplay, Miserable?

    • Jada looks like Otzi the iceman.
      The Smith spawn are a basket of weirdos.
      Will is the patriarch of one fucked up family. I bet even the dog needs a therapist.

    • She looks suspiciously like that Spear Chucker Umunna twat in drag. Remember him?

  19. He’s about as funny as a burning orphanage. I need his comedy and Will Smiths films like a reindeer needs a hat rack. Utter, utter wank.

  20. I see next year they have Mike Tyson doing the hosting,love to see anybody try to slap him,hahah.

  21. The Smiths are all loonbags.
    His kids are fuckin whacko too.

    His lad nearly died after becoming a vegan, and looks like hes landed from Mars.

    His daughter looks like mum,
    That black Nosferatu look.

    Prime pickings for those Californian cults!
    Bet the Scientologists and the Moonies are fighting for em.

    Rich and detached from reality.
    We’ll see these cunts sooner or later pass through Deadpool.

    Dont drink the kool aid man..

    • The Smiths are all loonbags? Wash your mouth out with soap and water Miserable, assuming you have such things oop north! Just cos Morrisey’s a vegan don’t mean he has a daughter that looks like your mum. Am beginning to think you’ve seriously lost the plot lad.

      • That happdned to me in the Seventies Miserable. I used to have a small transistor radio with my ear to it. Then I got a record player and I just sat in a chair.

        It ‘changed how I listened to music.’


  22. The Oscars, Will Smith’s pathetic slap which wouldn’t have removed a fly from a bucket of shite and Chris Rock’s hurty words.
    It’s all just a load of bollocks really isn’t it.

  23. This whole sorry episode stinks of N3gro shit, but don’t worry these wankers will fuck it up for themselves as they have done throughout their disgusting existence, it’s in their DNA, they are a failed Munkey species that belong in that big lump of prehistoric land called Africa.!

    • “Ain’t it da truth! Ain’t it da truth!”

      The Cowardly Lion
      “Da Ni.ggaz of Oz” ©️MGM

    • Africa. How can an entire continent be so shit?

      You would think it would have some desirable areas.

      It hasn’t though. It’s just a huge slab of shit in its entirety. It’s basically a waste of earth.

      And it’s inhabitants are just as piss poor and substandard.

      I’ve heard on the grapevine though, that Rwanda is a small, but very exclusive part of Africa.

      I might purchase a cheap inflatable dingy from Skeggy and just pretend I’ve been washed up on a beach in Ramsgate.

      Then I will get a one way ticket to this prosperous land of hope and promise.

  24. What happened at the Oscars was purely as result for calls for more “diversity”. Anyone could have told you that would be a recipe for disaster.

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