Nick Robinson [5]

My maiden cunting, after lurking for many years.

I rarely listen to the Today programme on Wireless 4 any more since one’s piss can only boil so much. Sadly, I tuned in this morning for the final 10 minutes or so. Just in time to hear presenter Nick Robinson talking about the fact that Nick Robinson has had eyesight correction and Nick Robinson no longer wears glasses!! Talk about navel-gazing self-absorption!!

The potential war in Ukraine, the NI hike jobs tax, the senility and ineptitude of the President of the USA, the taxi rides being given to illegal immigrants crossing the channel, Germany’s utter duplicity over Russian gas, Micron being an epic cunt, etc, etc, etc. No, don’t talk about things that matter, let’s have Nick Robinson talk about Nick Robinson’s eyesight for 6 minutes. Pathetic. Nick, you’re a cunt (who, apparently, doesn’t have to wear glasses any more).

Nominated by: Ritchie’s Plectrum

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    • In the hands of Ritchie Blackmore, a thing of wonder. That you for your words of welcome!

      • Welcome Ritchie. You were lucky you only heard old Nick-erless talking about himself, when he is talking to politicians he is obsequious to the left and brusque with the right. As Sybil Fawlty put it “slithering around licking their boots or attacking like a nasty puff adder”

    • I had to Google who Nick Robinson is. I’ve heard the name, but never knew exactly who he is and I don’t want to delve deeper into his profound oeuvre.

      • I would like to comment on this first thread by Ritchies’s septum. I mean Daniella’s plectrum. I mean…oh I’ve got confused.

  1. Rather like that Naga Rugmuncher being regarded as newsworthy because she was giving blood. Why do these cunts think that they are so superior to the rest of us?
    Welcome aboard Ritchie, most of us are erudite ,David Niven like gentlemen; steer clear of Cuntstable and Co.

  2. Is it because when it’s boyfriend bummed it the glasses kept falling off?

    BBC luvvie windbag cunt.

  3. Good…he’s obviously been listening when I shouted through his letterbox that he’s a speccy,four-eyed Twat….I,of course,have 20/20 vision…eyes of a shitehawk…can spot a cat skulking about at 100 yards and bob it on the noggin with a well aimed and thrown rigger-boot….years of practice and a natural ability,don’t ya know.

    People who wear glasses didn’t listen to their Nanny as a child when she told them that too much wanking would make them go blind.

      • Pleasure,Arfur….I expect most contributors to this site have lenses like the bottoms of milk bottles in their sellotaped together 1970s NHS style spectacles

      • I actually take my glasses off when viewing the comments on this site.
        I’m half convinced that a thunderbolt of lightening from Dog will strike my device, and that wearing glasses will cause severe ocular issues, ie, broken glass in the eyes.
        Also, I can see better without them.

    • DFF@ – Exactly – Robinson is clearly a degenerate and evil Man, and as my Granddad Pol Pot used to say “mind them shifty fkers with glasses”! (Robinson also used to earn extra cash playing the filthy deviant bear on Hampstead Heath on Bo Selecta!, allegedly..).
      Stand by for the next Nick Robinson report for his sycophantic BBC cult followers – “where I sometimes buy socks”..

      • To be honest,Vern…I don’t even know who Nick Robinson is….never listen to BBC radio….I only posted because I was feeling left out.

        🙂 .

    • Where are my manners ?….Welcome,Ritchie’s Plectrum.

      As a new Member, would you mind answering a couple of questions?
      1…Are you a Homosexual ?
      2…Are you Coloured ?

      Obviously,it’s not that I care…but there are some frightful bigots on here,I’m afraid.

  4. I missed the bit about this twat’s glasses. No doubt he has acquired the BBC vanity and arrogance they all seem to have, only he has had a double or treble dose.

    I can’t stand this cunt, apparently a member of the Young Conservatives whilst at university but now a fully paid up Bollinger Bolshevik. He should have been fired off for telling the Prime Minister to be quiet during an interview. He has been at the absolute forefront of the BBC’s ridiculous Partygate campaign, which has more to do with the government wanting to bring the BBCunts’s funding somewhere inline with the 21st century than anything to do with Covid.
    Last night they had an advert on telling everyone how great they are, full of the usual unrepresentative people. It is a pity they don’t put some of the obvious high production values into their regular programming.

  5. This BBC plonker should be able to take a good look at himself now.
    Roll on with the abolition, although his type will drop into a nicely paid role on Sky, probably on that wankfest that is the Climate Show.

    • Woah- Tommy Tommy
      Tommy Tommy Tommy

  6. There was a bit in the Telegraph the other day by this twat and all about his expensive eye laser surgery. It was all “ me, me,me”. Now he only needs a hair transplant.

    Who gives a fuck?

  7. He’s about as popular as a ginger haired step son. Another Bollinger supping commie arsewipe.

  8. Nick Robinson is another pleased-with-himself, deluded BBC cunt. When I used Twitter about 6 years ago he responded to someone criticising the BBC for being irrelevant, listing all of the things the BBC does brilliantly, such as (in his mind); comedy, sport ,drama, current affairs…

    I couldn’t help replying to level of bullshit.

  9. My best mate has been speccy since little.
    Always taped up where hed broken them.
    Like a little Jack Duckworth.
    Or a infant school Roy Orbison.

    But now he’s had that corrective eye surgery,
    And do you know what?
    He still cant see for toffee.
    And it doesn’t suit him.

    He looked better as a Peters and Lee type,
    Some people have poor vision,
    Like moles,
    Some like me,
    have good genes and can see in dark almost as good as in daylight.

    Pol Pot was right about speccy types, bookworms.
    Or porn addicts.

      • See?
        I always print the truth.

        Tell you who have bad eyesight,
        The Welsh.

        After generations of coal mining theyve gotten sensitive to daylight.
        Completely blind above ground.

        You go round their house its all candlelit.
        Not romantic!
        Just anything stronger burns their retinas,
        So their eyes look like hard boiled eggs.

  10. Since ‘toenails’ has his head permanently rammed up his own arsehole, why on earth would he need to see better? Perhaps his rims were chafing his rim?

  11. Another waste of space on the BBC gravy train…he looks like Rudolph Hess and spouts the usual normal anti-brit rubbish so beloved of that organisation.

  12. An excellent inaugural cunting RP.

    I too lurked around here for years before cunting anything or anyone.

    Like me you’re now living the dream of rubbing shoulders with epic cunters like Ron and Lord Fiddler. May you have a long and distinguished career.

    A couple of tips for a neophyte. Miles and Mr Polly are Pope worriers, don’t make jokes about the freemasons in front of clown clown the cunty man, don’t mention vaccines in front of Dioclese or DCI gene, cunty gordon is flirting with tinfoil hattery and seemingly watches YouTube documentaries around the clock, and Thomas the cunt engine is a colossal sexual deviant who once let his girlfriend bum him with a dildo.

    Oh and Nick Robinson is a colossal cunt.

    • Thanks for the mention Huntmaster. I am honoured and will say a rosary for you. God bless you and all ISACers especially fellow papists.

    • Thank you BH for the welcome and the descriptions. I’ve lurked long enough to have enjoyed Lord Fiddler’s and Ron Knee’s inimitable prose. I shall not be a prolific poster. 6 hours out of every day* is devoted to writing complaints to the BBC.

      * not necessarily true

  13. Always been a cunt in my eyes, just like that other cunt James O’Cunt.

    In fact, in my opinion, most radio hosts, presenters, DJ’s, are cunts and I suspect it is beucase there is no audience in front of them in which to gauge how shit they are. Digressing now but anyone seem Jimmy Cunt, Dark Material which I think is superb – it doesn’t only sail close to the wind, he fucking sails right into the eye of the storm and now some wokey cunts want it taken down, cease and desist, cancel culture cuntitude to the max..!)

    Anyway, back to Radiocunt. For me, the worst offender is that mincing cunt, Roman Kunt on Crapital. Another by-product of some has-been 80’s new ager, with their own little daddy and son routine, cooking together, mincing it up, cheeky London chappy, let’s slap dicks in the shower together banter – fuck off all of you, where’s my can of Stella, need a drink – Stella is much more fun to be around.


  14. That bald (ex) speccy twat doesn’t even try to hide his bias. He should be tarred and feathered.

  15. Can’t stick this sanctimonious ponce.
    second only to that alpha male gobshite.. err.. err.. Piston.. Pesto.. Pedo..

    Fuck em all

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