Beatrice Bass


A sweet sickly Swinsonesque cunting please for this up-her-own-arse lass, who is upset that Brexit might spoil her skiing plans in January

The self-obsessed fuckwit, who has the same sort of shit eating smirk as her leader is obviously the role model of the modern MP – a complete shit-stain. I am sure she is pissing her Tena-ladies at the thought of all those lovely expense claims she will be able to put in – like so many others she doesn’t give a flying fuck about democracy or “the people” – it is just a nice easy well-paid job where she will be revered by the BBC and her pussy-whipped feminist male colleagues.

What a cunt!

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

50 thoughts on “Beatrice Bass

  1. I share Beatrices worries!
    The winter ski season is important, as a would be politician its very inconvenient if politics got in the way.
    Luckily for me the only Ski i know is the yoghurt,
    Im sure her would be constituents will empathise and vote for her.

    • Ah shes a swiss miss!
      Also she organises the street stalls in …Brighton!
      Stick a toblerone up yer arse and go back to cuckoo clock land Bea.
      Break a leg!👆

      • Do us all a favour & break her neck more like.
        Too many Cunts like this in positions of authority already.

  2. Let me be the first to say I’d love to stick my tongue right up her stinkhole. Apart from that – what a fucking cunt!
    Get fucked!

  3. I thought that Beatrice Bass was the female version of Big Mouth Billy Bass – that 1990s novelty rubber singing fish, mounted on a trophy plaque.

    What a self-centred cunt.

  4. More from the Corbyn circus of horrors. Hugo and Fabian are good friends of Steptoe and Fabian has made him a nice “for the many nt the few” jacket (Fabian is such a Socialist name isn’t it? – and Hugo hopes to become an MP amongst poor people) and the litany of “free” things from Steptoe now includes free rail travel for under 16s, plus free chips for his journalist friends. Does the patronisng old cunt not see ost of us are wise to his game playing?:

    • It doesn’t look to fit him properly. Should have gone to a Jewish tailor. Jews are famous for the quality of their tailoring. They could have embroided him ‘For the many not the few’ as well. I wonder why he didn’t consider a Jewish tailor?

      • The tailor was clearly having a laugh. Jews are famous for their sense of humour. Made to measure by Marx Bros.

    • I heard some stupid cunt from Labour on the radio yesterday going on about tax rises. I think his phrase was “those with the broadest shoulders must bear the biggest burden”. These cunts live in the past – about 100 years ago. Fucking wankers. What tehy mean is more money for the ponces (gimmigrants mostly).

  5. Hugo and fabian? Fuck me.
    Puffs names, posh cunts names.
    What did Corbyn say about chips?
    Watch yer mouth steptoe, chips are a religion for me, you scrawny commie twat.
    That meant to portray how normal and working class he is?
    Probably artisan vegan chips.
    Like that rubber faced Andy Capp impersonator Farage,
    ‘Fabian bring my flat cap and ill need a pint of bitter and a cigarette!

    • My deep fat fryer sadly passed away on Saturday and its replacement is out of stock, so don’t fucking mention chips!

  6. So the silly cunt is going skiing is she. Well, seeing as how the fucking libtards are so far up their own arses regarding carbon emissions, I hope the twat plans to walk back to Switzerland.

    • I am sure she will pay for her carbon emissions or more likely get Elton John to pay for them, giving him publicity and her more free stuff

  7. “…will better not ruin my ski season.” Huh?

    Gerard Depardieu has fallen on some hard times when it comes to donning a bad wig and lippy to play a Lib unDemocratic.

  8. Typical clueless Illeberalm Undemocrat. What a moron. I’d jizz on her face though.

    • Then take a dump on it. She’s obviously a scat merchant, the way she likes to shit on democracy and the 17.4 million far-right extremists who voted Leave.

  9. Yet another me,me, me, couldn’t give two fucks about the electorate, useless, workshy and worthless Cunt.
    She’d slot in with all the rest in Westminster like a duck to water.
    Off topic ….. there is to be a vigil in London today, in response to Friday’s events.
    I would have thought that a round up would be more appropriate.
    Good morning.

  10. This squareheaded complete nonentity was apparently brought up in Davos. A little research into her frequent flyer status might discourage the environmentally aware voters of Hove from voting for her. Especially as the Green candidate has an MSc in environmental science.

    I wonder if she’s a descendant of Alfie Bass? Probably not – there is no evidence of that famous Jewish sense of humour that I can see.

    • Oh, and note the reference to the WEF. In Davos. She thinks she’s going to be there? Cue anything you can think of regarding global elites meeting in secret to screw the world over…very liberal. very democratic.

      • Yep the bottom corner of Rainworth Mansfield The Daleks don’t hang about long there otherwise they get their wheels removed by the locals

    • She’s more likely to be a descendant of a Sea Bass than Alfie Bass. Similar IQ.

      • Continuing to worry at this one: The Wedding Present’s Wikipedia entry contains no reference to Beatrice Ball.
        Yet, from the B&H LibDem website, and authored by ‘Ball’, there’s this:
        Whilst rushing from one (conference)event to the other I run into Tim Farron and, to my amusement, he tries to make sense of his memories of Lib Dem Disco the other night. “I did not dream that, did I? We were dancing and you used to be the bass player of The Wedding Present?” I assure him that he was not dreaming and that in fact he has an excellent memory.
        If she’s not fantasising, she’s one of these:
        Jayne Lockey
        Jennifer Schwartz
        Katherine Wallinger
        Danielle Wadey

      • That’s her. According to her bio, Bass, the descendant of a Sea Bass, used to pay Bass in the Wedding Present, and was born in Davos ( ironically).

        What a basstard.

        And the Lib Dem Disco sounds so 6th form. Basstards.

      • She’s not on the Wikipedia entry. Maybe Bass played bass so briefly she’s not worth a mention. Rather like the Lib Dumps.

      • I had no intention of impugning Alfie, but am happy to apologise for suggesting a connection with Beatrice if that is the problem. Speak no ill of the dead…

  11. The cunt can’t dress, can’t do her hair and has a chin like Desperate Dan. Hopefully she’ll ‘brexit’ a limb or four on the piste. Or get mistaken for a yeti and be dealt with quietly, never to be seen again by ‘the powers that be’.

  12. No more female MPs. Their infantilism, sense of entitlement, faux outrage and virtue signalling of the current parliament, across all parties, makes me wonder if women should be eligible to vote at all. They all seem so fucking braindead and childish.

    This cunt is no worse than the rest; just another self-absorbed head girl who imagines she is better than the little people whose vote she’s chasing.

    What an ugly smirk the cunt wears as well.

    • Agreed, (with honourable exceptions). 50% wimminz means the complete triumph of emotion over reason, as the male Hon. Members won’t get a word in edgeways through the barrage of sensitive touchy-feely. We don’t need emotion. The way we and the world are going, rationality is urgently required.

      • I’d like to see fewer homos in thre as well, self entitled bunch of wankers. Ben Bradshaw ought to get back to his husband and resume his wifely duties – baking fairy cakes and flower arranging.

      • I’d like to see fewer fucking idiots, of whatever race, creed, invented gender or sexual preference.

        Bradshaw would be a cunt if he were straight. An expensive cunt, even though he is not now allowed to claim mortgage interest on a second home.

  13. Beatrice Bass such a cunt name. Her fucking jaw bone is like an inverted gateway arch in St Louis. Let’s hope for a particularly
    lethal avalanche season in Klosters .

  14. Christ almighty is there no end to these fuckers? There must be enough cunts about to form a line stretching from here to Mars.

  15. Looks like a tranny to me.

    Plus, she has the most appropriate surname. I bet her nether regions have the distinct and unmistakable aroma of ‘Eau de fishcake’ about them.

    Let’s hope she misjudges that slope and goes off the side of a big, fuck-off mountain during one of her skiing jaunts, stuck-up twat.

  16. Imagine moaning because you might miss the Davos Wankfest known as the World Economic Forum where greedy misanthropes masquerading as corporate Robin Hoods and sensitive environmentalists zoom in on private planes to make presentations to each other while enjoying lavish food and drink at someone else´s expense. The media laps it all up and gives these creatures wall to wall coverage for about three days. Ms Bass is probably upset that she will miss being groped at a WEF drinks event by some CEOwhom she hopes will offer her a cushy job.

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