Mark Thompson (3)

Ex-BBC director general Mark Thompson is getting antsy that the BBC isn’t able to mind-control the British public to sufficient degree thanks to alternative broadcasters, particularly Netflix and their ilk:

The fucking cunt! Who the fuck does this controlling little Marxist twat think he is? Who the fuck does he think we are – mindless little automatons that need Big Brother beamed into our living rooms to make us behave like the tyrannical, lefty cuntrags that the Ministry of Truth decree is acceptable?

That organisation is basically already on everyone’s shitlist here. Let’s cheer the fact the worms that use the public broadcaster to further their self-righteous PC socialist agenda are squirming!

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  1. Surely if the BBC are as good as they claim to be then they would be able to compete in the free market? Then they wouldn’t have to listen to the government or pretend to be neutral. And on that day Satan will go to work on ice skates.

    Watched the British news for the first time in a couple of weeks this morning (got out of the habit during the school holidays) and it was exactly the same shit – twats talking bollocks about Brexit. I’m pretty sure the UK will still be a member when I arrive in less than eight weeks.

    I was feeling nihilistic after watching the Joker fillum so I wrote this…

  2. Bald Guardian reading middle class Corbynite.

    Off to the tower for this cunt.

  3. Is that him?
    Well in the film about him on netflix hes black?
    Oh the irony, oh the infamy,
    Infamy,infamy, theyve all got it in for me…

  4. I really do hope the BBC turns to rubble in the next decade – no more public funding to support their Marxist agenda, or giving massive payrises to undeserving cunts like Linecunt; or sending hundreds of staff to far-off places to report on things like the World Cup, the Olympics and all that “expenses paid by the licence payer” bollocks!

    The quicker they have the cushy rug pulled from beneath their pampered feet the quicker they will sink in the free-market arena.

    Fuck them!

    • they also run a ‘charidy’ called BBC Media Action – which is a subversion organisation that sends people into other cuntries to subvert the population by offering ‘western values’ and causing mayhem – see that Nazaneen woman – she was in media action – no wonder she ‘s in gaol – where thay all should be – cunts

      • I nom’d nazinine ziggy ratface and her soft hugh Grant husband but it never got through.

      • Yes, the woman has only herself to blame for her situation and yet her husband expects the U.K. Government to move heaven and earth to secure her release. He is aided by the BBC periodically revisiting the story; this week it was sending the daughter to the U.K. for her education. My view is ‘ Step outside of the country and you are on your own’.

      • I know, his whining and protestations of her innocence are sickening.

        No doubt when she returns from her little holiday she will get a multi-cultural cooking show or antique hunting series.

        Both cunts but that’s just my opinion and I hope she stays there a few more years, maybe a lesson to other harridans who think they can push their big “do good” noses into other peoples affairs.

      • Antique-hunting sounds alarmingly like “anti-cunting”…

        We need to be alert.

        The EU needs lerts, dontcha know ?!

      • Leave here banged up there, that’s what you get for being an oh so clever busy body in a country that doesn’t take prisoners….well apart for this trollop of course.

        Who the FUCK would travel to a country like Iran?

  5. The more the BBCihore fills the squeeze the happier I become.
    The sooner their cosy liberal dooshka mooslim bubble is well and truly burst the better.
    Everything they do is poison of one type or another.
    Complete degenerate cunts.
    Get fucked.
    Excellent cunting.

  6. The BBC are doing a great job itself in turning the UK into a ‘cultural airstrip’.

    More of a cultural desert in the BBC’s case, complete with goats, bombs, prayers to Allah, transbenders, wimmin and Um Bongo quaffers.

    Piss off baldy.

    • Their recent adaptation of David Copperfield with some Asian bloke playing the lead, is the final fucking straw for me!

      Cultural Appropriation only seems to be allowed one way, and now the BBC are opening the floodgates for more classic dramas to be “historically cleansed & reinterpreted”

      Cunts to a man (and woman, and all the cunts in-between)

    • Yes – they held out until the last minute regarding the German peaceful truck killer recently. Only at the last moment did they admit it was a peaceful trying to kill people (as usual).

  7. This cunt has got to be joking. The BBC’s shameless attempt to subvert democracy and sell this country to her enemies will never be forgotten. They are cunts, total cunts and they can’t fall quick enough and far enough for me.
    Never forgive, never forget.

  8. Just as a neatly tucked away to be inconspicuous story appears in the DM that targets for race, gender, sexuality etc will now have to be met in order to qualify for BAFTAs. It’s never been easier to be a Marxist since the great unwashed have been placated with a 24/7 diet of brain-rotting dross on their hand-held telescreens.

  9. Come the revolution,I’m going to take over Countryfile,make endless programmes about huntin’,shootin’ and fishin’ and the correct etiquette for Farmers travelling on single-track roads by tractor (refuse to yield to anything,one indicator permanently on,roar past any spots where you could pull in and let people pass but slow up and drift alarmingly from side to side of the road on any straight sections,always check that your tyre treads are full of shite before leaving base and have a collie in the cab who sits with a mocking look as it watches the queue build up behind)

    It’s about time that Auntie Beeb made programmes that instruct without patronising and I’m sure that The Plebs would have more patience if they understood just how many things a Farmer has to remember before taking to the road.

    • Perfect. A dedicated edition of the Highway Code might accompany the production, underlining these important points. It could also cover agricultural machine transporters on singletrack roads, partly-unfurled spray rigs, and leaking slurry tanks.

    • I lived in Devon as a kid near a shit ton of farms. I lost about 3 years of my childhood (like Greta, ‘How dare you!’) due to being stuck in the family car behind a tractor. Tractor tailbacks were an every day occurrence back then. I remember it was unlucky to look at the hay bales on the back of tractors. No idea what all that was about, but it had me convinced. I don’t think it was the same tractor holding us up every time though.

      Unless it was you, of course?

    • And I’d make it law that any ambulance you cunts call when you drop your wallet on your foot should travel at the same speed a fucking tractor travels when there’s a queue behind it!!!

    • I see that farmers are joining the Extinction Rebellion protest. If that’s true, we really are fucked. The NFU say they are going to cut greenhouse gases in farming from 10% to net zero in the next 20 years. This guy shown here is a “buffalo” farmer. He’s obviously seen a business op as buffalos are fartless. What a fuckin’ cunt he is, rearing such a magnificent beast for meat.

  10. from the nyt after the bbc for 30 years – what a cunt – has he ever had a real job – cunt

  11. At the time of Jeremy Clarkson twatting the little shit who forgot to get his dinner organised there was a story about Mark Thompson biting someone on the arm, and drawing blood, for some misdemeanour in the newsroom when he was BBC news editor. Thompson was promoted and Clarkson sacked. I guess one of them was the wrong side of the political divide.

    • I wish he’d bitten me on the arm.A splendid excuse to rearrange his sensibilities.

  12. Fuck the BBC, it doesn’t produce great content, it pushes progressive agenda.

    If it can’t cope on 5 billion a year boo fucking hoo.

    Netflix etc gained popularity because they offered content people prefer to the ropey old tripe the BBC serves up.

  13. What a bubble all the BBC staff work within – no wonder they themselves call it ‘Auntie’ – so cozy with guaranteed income from its captive customers whether the customers like the deal or not —- — any organisation working on this basis would breed utter fuck wits for this reason alone. One can only wonder at the difficulty a ‘normal’ person would have trying to fit in, the moment the BBC virtue signalling, ‘right on’ leftie liberal turd head employees discover one of their number does not embrace their ‘group think’. Probably be sent to Coventry pretty fast and immediately branded a Nazi. The
    BBC, once pretty even handed politically ( ok so about 40 plus years ago) are a complete disgrace and those who contort and slime around working within it are a shower of shit.
    As you can imagine I am a big fan of the BBC like most ISAC’s.

    • Frederick Forsyth wrote his autobiography “The Outsider”, an interesting read. He worked for the BBC during the 1960s and they were at it then. Complete support for any government provided it was Labour. He quit because of the censorship of his reports on the Biafra/Nigeria conflict, which didn’t follow the Labour government’s policy.

    • “Probably be sent to Coventry pretty fast and immediately branded a Nazi.”

      I’m livin’ that dream. 🙁

      • Your poor thing Mr Chops — you have all our sympathy . It’s good to know however that some real people reside within the BBC .

  14. Seriously, I agree with him that cultural domination by the US and global media are a threat. He does appear to be saying that. But cultural dilution by the BBC is an equal threat. What sticks in my craw is this: “A society which fails to provide its different communities and groups with the means to listen and come to understand each other’s pasts and presents shouldn’t be surprised if mutual incomprehension and division are the consequence.”

    Which is tendentious bollocks, pure and simple. “Mutual incomprehension” (etc) is neatly avoided by insisting that immos speak decent English and are discouraged from living in separate communities. The BBC needs to return to a one-nation outlook and stop pandering to social special-needs cases.

  15. He has been so anti-Trump at the NYT. The global leftist elite look after their own and keep cunts like these living the champagne style to which they have become accustomed. It’s the same with Cram and Ratcliffe and. God forbid, anyone should say that Saint Mo of Farah took drugs, despite his coach being fingered fro it and the head of the GB Athletics resigning. Fuck me – of course Farah is implicated. I hope the moaning plastic Brit goes down and loses his knighthood – then gets deported back to Somalia. That would be better than winning the Euromillions (what’s the chance of the winner being a peaceful or dooshka?).

  16. Spot on cunting. This authoritarian baldy Libturd deserves a public flogging. Since he took over the New York Times it’s become a Brit bashing organ constantly turning out ludicrously Ill informed anti- Brexit propaganda. Hell doesn’t have a cavern deep enough for this cunt.

    Fuck off.

  17. I don’t know much about this pompous prick but what I read I don’t like.
    The problem with these type of people is they think they are super intellectual and above normal folk who they look down on. I have a problem with the BBC in that it’s funded by the license payer ie you and me and these twats are totally unaccountable I don’t want someone like this cunt looking down his nose at me or paying the likes of Linicunt 1.7 million to host match of the day. The BBC the sooner it’s dismantled the better stop wasting our money and get into the public domain sink or swim.

    • Linekunt and co are under threat now. A lady of the peaceful variety now hosts MOTD2.

      And she’s fucking awful. Obviously got all her presenting tips off Alan Partridge. Job given entirely on merit, of course.

      Let’s see how much Linekunt likes diversity when this bint takes his job off him.

      • I love Alan!
        Does she begin the show with “Welcome to Match Of The Day Two, A-HA!” ???

      • Da wimmins are taking over everything sacred.

        They might as well just miss out the games altogether and talk about their dry fannies or how da wimmin players should get the same pay. Then just flash the results of the Premier League games on the screen for a second.

  18. There was absolutely no need for the BBC to send a team on an all expenses jolly to the World Athletics Championship. The IAAF had the whole thing covered live with English commentary and presenters on YouTube. It wasn’t available online in the UK (without a VPN) only because the BBC had paid for the rights, the dickheads.

    Absolute waste of license fee money just to send a few dozen out on free jolly, the cunts.

  19. Since when have fuckers like Thompson and his ilk been interested in protecting all other aspects of “British culture?”
    You can fuck right off and take your sister Emma with you.

  20. I don’t pay licence fee as I don’t watch broadcast television. I gave up watching ages ago.

    I don’t know whether to suggest to others to do the same.

  21. The answer is simple. Don’t watch their archaic shite. Don’t pay for a license to support the paedophile loving bastards & tell any cunt they send to your house to fuck off cunt.

    It was the P word that did it.

    • You’d simply angered the grammar police by misspelling ‘license’.
      Remember it’s a c for a noun and s for a verb.

  22. Admin, why am I in moderation? Every word I said about the BBC is the truth.

    You used a trigger word, however the trigger word was in context with the cunting and has been legally proved so crack on.

  23. How it should be written; ‘Ex-boss admits to BBC’s increasing cultural irrelevance’.

    Good riddance to the establishment propaganda arm the BBC. I give it 5 years.

  24. Just looking at his picture tells you all you need to know, self satisfied, conceited cunt, if a picture could paint a thousand words

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