Will Young (2)

Will Young has declared that ‘The Grand Tour’ is “pathetic and repulsive” for referring to a Jeep being driven by Jeremy Clarkson as a vehicle used by the homosexual community. Which is, of course, correct. It’s by far the gayest vehicle for men ready to leap fabulously from the closet, followed very closely by the Toyota Hilux (for northern men in denial).

He’s now threatened Amazon with being reported to Ofcom, those bunch of toothless twats. No doubt Amazon are quaking in their boots, being squared up to (online, of course) by a certified bumlord.

He ought to keep his nose out of motoring matters anyhow, as last year he was handed a driving ban for crashing into a car in Porridgeland, almost wiping out a pedestrian who had to leap out of the way. Quite how he lost control, we’ll never know…

Will Young – keep your nose out of mens’ business and stop going squealing onto social media when an innocent joke offends your poofy spinelessness.

Nominated by Thomas the Cunt Engine

80 thoughts on “Will Young (2)

  1. We have a Citroen c1. Bent Dennis does most of the driving. We love it.
    If their is one thing about the car that we wish we could change is it’s not very practical when we go dogging.

  2. When this mincing tosspot was touring the circuit with his pathetic act, there was a poster stuck on some traffic lights near my house advertising it. Underneath the words “Will Young” someone had inserted with a big black marker “IS A CUNT”. Used to wet myself every time I drove past it.

  3. Can he explain why it’s normal for a strange man to stick his cock in his mouth and then insert into his anus?

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