Zoe Ball [4]

Zoe Ball is an annoying cunt, isn’t she?

As soon as she’s blagged her way onto anything, she fucks it up: tv programmes, radio programmes, a DJ’s marriage.

Too much volume, not enough subtlety; too much bleach, not enough reality; too much ambition, not enough talent.

Little Miss Sunshine? She’s got more make-up and cosmetics than Boots Chemist.

This disingenuous harlot continually bangs on about Manchester fucking United as if she’s just alighted the bus near Stretford’s Old Toilet. Come off it sugartits, you live in Brighton! You love the ManUnited about as much as Pogba does!

“I wish I had a time machine” she said after her last boyfriend topped himself. As do we, love, so we can set it to return to The Bubonic Plague.

Dear old Johnny Ball was a superb presenter, so full of vigour and charm he made Maths and Science fun. What a shame he couldn’t have jizzed this over-ambitious, garrulous harpee into a sock.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

33 thoughts on “Zoe Ball [4]

  1. Nice cunting, Cap’n.
    You’d have thought that this ghastly witch might’ve kept a low profile after her boyfriend topped himself, but no…still in the limelight, waffling and gurning like a prize twat.
    As a burd, you’d really have to go some to be more annoying and less fuckable than Sara Cox, but she manages it with aplomb.
    Fucking BBC never listen to what their listeners want, the commie homs.

    • Did you note also Thomas that the Brussels Brainwashing Cunts have nicely avoided the issue of her pay versus the ginger haired cunt vacating the show? A spokesman said her salary wont be published even in next years report. In other words like the Dimblecunt Brothers (you know the ones – SW1 postcodes – kids at Eton) never having turned a fucking tap in their carefree hand fed existence, she is to become a limited company who the BEEB have no duty to report on. Have we become such a nation of cunts that a cunt who presses buttons in a studio, laughs inanely at things that aren’t remotely funny, actually makes headlines and is treated like some kind of deity for playing fucking records. Radio 2, the new Radio 1 for cunts. Whilst I am at it, is there no one with a Hummer or a dustbin wagon willing to take Linemepockets jug eared cunt out. He is worth starting a crowdfund for.

      • I can’t fucking wait until I get my own house and can cheerfully use the Beeb’s services without paying the fuckers a penny.
        Hopefully one of the Capita cunts will pay me a visit.

      • She may not be an employee of the BBC in the strict letter of the law, but she will be what HMRC refer to as a ‘disguised employee’ if she comes within the ambit of IR35. In that event, it’s possible to make a good case for the BBC, on account on the way it is funded and in the interests of transparency, being compelled to disclose what it pays to Ms. Ball’s company.

      • Good point Sterling,
        However, that’s the way Auntie Beeb got around reporting on many “stars” salaries when Linemepockets and the ginger cunt got all the stick last year. – the Dimblecunts in particular are paid via a limited company which, as I was led to believe, the Beeb have no duty to report or declare the salaries of the private companies personnel. If that is not the case I stand corrected but as the spokesperson for the Beeb announced her salary will not be published at the time of the announcement or in the annual BBC report.
        Excerpt from the Beeb website;
        “”Some stars have had pay increases, while others have dropped down the list – although in many cases, such as with Claudia Winkleman, this is a result of some programmes being produced by BBC Studios, which is now considered a commercial entity and so no longer counted””

        So its broken itself up but still gorges on licence fee “subscriptions” – just called something else.

        Zoe Ball (Strictly: It Takes Two) 2016-17: £250,000-£299,999 It Takes Two is made by BBC Studios
        Matt Baker (The One Show) 2016-17: £450,000-£499,999. The One Show is made by BBC Studios
        Alex Jones (The One Show) 2016-17: £400,000-£449,999. The One Show is made by BBC Studios
        Tess Daly (Strictly Come Dancing) 2016-17: £350,000-£399,999. Strictly Come Dancing is made by BBC Studios
        Derek Thompson (Casualty) 2016-17: £350,000-£399,999. Casualty is made by BBC Studios
        Amanda Mealing (Casualty) 2016-17: £250,000-£299,999. Casualty is made by BBC Studios
        Prof Brian Cox (Science documentaries & Radio 4’s Infinite Monkey Cage) 2016-17: £250,000-£299,999

      • “Dame” Jenni Murray is, it seems, likely to be facing a tax tribunal, as she’s another one who is paid by the Beebistan via a so-called “personal service” company.

        Here’s a thought for bedtime for all you fellow cunters…
        Jenni Murray and personal services.
        If she’s got vagina dentata, I bet the whole thing looks like a cave with walrus tusks.

  2. Zoe Ball is a bit of paradox – she’s a walking-talking cumbucket while at the same time being full of shit in everything she says and everything she does!

    No doubt she’ll be joining the MeToo bandwagon just for a bit of attention along with telling the world how hard her life has been, and that her dad probably abused her when she was a kid – even though he really didn’t!

    Z-list sleb with nothing to say, but will tell a few tall tales just to get her name back in lights for another 5 minutes.


  3. When all is said and done I would rather be forced to listen to Ms Ball than suffer the horror of Flabbot in full steam or May we please bend over again your european super being. As an aside nobdorf is up to his annoying wankery sending a round robin letter signed by the great and good of british music claiming that our culture will suffer because of brexit what culture is the irish cunt referring to? Under the impression that our culture fucked off in the 70’s.

  4. Very weird alien-esque looking woman,only in media cos of her dad no doubt,married a posh cunt mock street bloke dj to raise her status,i just hate her…..

    • Well she has to move on and go forward and everyone knows that a regular rigorous doggy is the cure for grief.

    • Ah, bless her cotton socks. I’m sure her wallowing will ease as she waters her plastic plants. She could look up her family tree even, and discover she is a sap.

  5. Zoe Ball cannot be cunted enough. The multi talentless slag skank was reported, by Albeeb no less, to be receiving a payrise over and above her quarter million to three hundred grand salary just for being a “personality.” How some enlightened fucker at Albeeb worked that one out who knows. She also does a lot for charridee and did a virtue signalling bike ride (ironic for a bike) in aid of depression, because of her five minute boyfriend who hanged himself, likely in shame for broadcasting their sex life all over the meeja. She could have donated her excessive pay and shut the fuck up but there’s no milage in that for self promotion. She’s another one for the Anal Fistula award and flying lessons off the nearest tall building, plus a full colostomy bag high fived to the face. Unlike Rowling, I wouldn’t want to bum her stupid and I’m surprised that any pervert would be sick enough to go near it. Yes, she’s a CUNT!

  6. She ditched Norman. Took up with a cameraman. He ditched for good. A glitch. Now she’s ‘focused’ a new cameraman. Will she ditch him? Ditched Brighton for Ditchling.

  7. This slag doesn’t look remotely feminine or attractive… Like that other cunt, Miley Slargus, Ball looks like a public schoolboy in lipstick and a total cunt…. Zoe Ball and Quentin Cook (aka Fatpoof Slim) rivaled the horrendous Beckhams for a while as Britain’s No.1 celebrity cunt couple… When one thinks about it the celebrity cunt couple quota was rather high in the UK in the 90s… There was the aforementioned Beckham cunts, Zoe Boy and Fatpoof Slim, Hugh Cunt and Liz Hurley, Chris Evans and Billie the Horse, Jude Law and Sadie Fucked, Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kuntsit, Damon Albarn and that ladyboy from Elastica, Noel Gallagher and Slag Matthews, and Jamie and Louise Deadkrapp….

    Zoe Boy’s dad was good on the telly, mind… Johnny come lately, and it’s a pity that he didn’t…

    • Forgot some…. Kunt Cobain and Cuntney Love, Slagelina Jolie and Billy Bob Cunt/Cunt Pitt, and Stan Collycunt and Ulrika-Kunt-Kunt-Kunt!

      • Sara Cox, Ulrika Jonsson & Zoe Ball – The Three Bimbos.

        Irritating cunts back in the day, and irritating cunts today – all of them probably had more pricks than a second hand dartboard, with about as much integrity as a bishop in a boys school!

  8. I take one look at her and know that she probably does foul smelling farts in Public, Skid marks in her knickers and never washes her toilet area.
    She just has that look about her.

  9. Why is she doing a Joey Deacon impression in the photo? The BBC won’t like that, mocking the disabled. Cruel bitch…..should be sacked.

  10. Fenian scum cunt Geldorf is at it again! Believes musicians will he trapped in a cultural cage post brexit. Fuck off back to potato land.

    Stood next to him Boots once ( Chelsea) .Tip for Bob: You CAN buy soap over the counter you smelly cunt.

    When did this one hit wonder last have a hit?

    Ugly,long haired EU immigrant CUNT.

    • Errr what fucking musicians?! Has that smelly spudfucking tramp looked at the charts in the last fifteen years?! There are no musicians! There are no bands! Last new album I bought was the new Suede one last week (good as ever)… But apart from established veterans like Brett and the boys, Weller, Morrissey etc popular music has ground to a terrible halt… It’s either X-Factor excrement, blambo cunts like Stormzy and Kanye ‘Ye’ Cunt, sexualised tuneless slags like Little Mix, Kunty Perry, and Titless Swift, or cunts like the Ginger Gargoyle that is Sheeran… And if Geldof thinks he himself is a musician then he’s a bigger cunt than I thought he was (and that’s pretty big!)… Tony Wilson (RIP) was right when he personally told Geldof and his smelly Rats to ‘Fuck off!’

  11. When Steptoe and the Communists bring in the four-day week, this old pub-slapper harpy will have to refund 20% of her wages.

    • Furthermore, will we only have to listen to 80% of the scheming crap that pours forth from Sturgeon’s cakehole. Anything to rock the boat or obtain attention for her ever-dwindling cause.

  12. Utter fucking transbendering madness!

    Fuck up trannies.

    The met police is full of them.

  13. That fucking thing is one evil devious manipulative monster. I didn’t think he’d get physical it said. Evil, there was never any suggestion Linehan would attack it physically. Shes fucking dictating to the cops and instead of calling the men in white coats the fucking tossers are pandering to it.

  14. Fuck me. I read the thread and nearly shit! A warning which is neither a conviction nor a caution is recorded on an enhanced check ( fucking a career ) without any prospect of redress!!!!! Upon googling further, this warning of “Transphobic” harassment , even though not prove, can result in the issue and recording of “offence” and can be issued by Police without the offender being made aware.!!! Now that is what I call fucking dangerous!!!1

      • “Never apologise, it’s a sign of weakness” John Wayne as Captain Nathan Brittles in “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon”.

  15. The last time I watched Dr Who I was just a teenager nicking fags from me mums packet and hoping not to get caught,
    Pertwee had the gig and people appeared to like it.
    Tonight, due to circumstances beyond my control I watched the new version with some bird in the lead role.
    What a pile of childish, PC box ticking horse shit….

    • Still would, mind…. She needs a tighter outfit and more jumping around….
      She sounds dirty and all… Oh aye…

  16. I’ve not seen Doctor Who since I was a kid because well, it’s a TV show for kids :/

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