Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is a cunt, isn’t she.

After the murder of a (black) woman by a (white) man Hathaway, who starred in the colossally shit Les Miserables, generously took to Instagram to talk at her fans:

“She was murdered in cold blood by a white man.” Hathaway, star of the woefully shit The Devil Wears Prada, continued:

“White people must take into their bones that ALL black people fear for their lives DAILY and have done for GENERATIONS.”


Hathaway, star of such political and complex heavyweight films as Bride Wars and The Princess Diaries 2, didn’t mention anything about the amount of white persons killed by blacks. She must’ve been too busy planning Rio 3 to notice the crimes by black people on black people. She must’ve been too busy counting her copious amount of loot to realise this constant “black this” and “white that” is perpetuating racism and stirring the pot.

It might be of interest to know that Hathaway, whose English accent in One Day was appallingly poor, hasn’t had a ‘hit’ film for a few years. Hmm.

Listen Sugartits, stop publicly preening yourself and signalling your disingenuous virtue. There is no such thing as White Privilege. Get over your wealth guilt, shut the fuck up, and return to making the dismal, sentimental vomit that fills the void in your lachrymose, lifeless fans’ misery.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

78 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway

  1. Fuck me, I went to see her cottage when I was a kid. I’m sure my Mum said she had been dead for fucking years, daft old mare.
    May I suggest that Anne advises her diverse friends to avoid going into the architecture and communidee work games. There tends to be a very high death rate in those particular professions.
    Oh, and don’t invite them round your cottage darling , they’ll only fuck it up.

  2. Is this attention seeking bitch going to inform us all of crimes committed by black people with the same enthusiasm?
    Another apologist to laugh at who is probably spared the problems of living in a multi “cultural” area.
    Half-witted cunt. I’d give her one though.

    • I think the crime figures in the States are that blacks only make up about 13% of the total population but commit about 50% of violent crime which is an insane ratio. Why do these celebrity cunts always pretend that blacks are the poor victims in all this, they choose these violent lifestyles and have to deal with the consequences.

  3. Well cunted cap… she is a cunt but I’d still give her one.
    I wonder how many white people are going to murder poor fragile benevolent black people at this year’s carnival.
    Maybe she should go and find out, I’m sure the gangstaz will be kind to her. …. after they rob and rape her that is.
    Stupid rich girl with, as you say, wealth guilt.
    If she feels so guilty, why doesn’t she just give some of it away?

    • “I’m sure the gangstaz will be kind to her. …. after they rob and rape her that is.”

      I’m sure if that happens Pollyanna Hathaway will say that every cloud has a silver lining 🙂

  4. Isn’t the talentless (but nonetheless still hot) cunt in that oceans 8 movie, a feminist version of that George Clooney one … I don’t know the fucking number … ?
    Feminists are such idiots that they can’t even come up with their own movies, they just need to rehash old movies but replace all the cast with women.
    I’ve often thought I’d like them to do that with star wars but instead of women, replace everyone with chimps. ….. that would be a movie worth watching. And probably brimming with more talent and intelligence that oceans fucking 8.

    • The female Ghostbusters was by all accounts a massive pile of box office cunt wank. they even replaced the female receptionist from the 80’s films with some pussey whipped tea making man who had previously played Thor, talk about bending over a taking the Tinsel Town dick.

  5. I’d love to take Ms Hathaway on a late night tour of the cultural voids of South Londonistan council estates to see what she would then “take to her bones”. Chiggun bones might be the only association she would make with the place.

    I would don a Kevlar stab vest before venturing anywhere near the filthy hole, but Ms Hathaway apparently has more to fear from me, a Caucasian, than any of the stab-happy groids that infest these places.

  6. Listen sugartits? 😂 excellent cunting captain ……

    Hollywood’s finest should concentrate on trying to entertain the public instead of using their celebrity to virtue signal at every opportunity !
    Unfortunately this appalling behaviour is encouraged by Hollywood’s most vocal and any dissenters to this VS onslaught tend to keep their heads down for fear of being ostracised.

    How many people are murdered in America every year? Thousands according to official statistics, does Hathaway post on each one? Like fuck does she, instead she waits for something she knows will play well with her right on fuckwitted hollycunt pals….

    With regards to her career the only thing I’ve seen this doe eyed dolt in that was remotely good was her catsuit in Batman! And it wasn’t only the dark knight that was rising………

  7. Next time that a black man murders a white woman (probably today, it is Carnival..”White woman mugged and raped to death by 12 aspiring architects”) I shall open a twitter account and spout the news along with my view that ““Black people must take into their bones that ALL white people fear for their lives DAILY and have done for GENERATIONS.”
    I feel sure that the delectable Anne (she’d get it up the wrong ‘un just for being a daft tart) and her right on chums will deluge me with likes,what with them being so fair and balanced.

    Yep.right up the exhaust-pipe,this ‘un. Fuck her.

    • Back door doings Dick ? What ‘s your preferred ‘aid ‘, lard or dripping ?

      Good morning.

      • I used to use Petroleum jelly,but since the unfortunate event when I was trying to ight my cigarette whilst “Up to the Nuts in Guts” and the jelly caught light,I now prefer to just slap on a dab of washing-up liquid. Great stuff,when she farts you get the biggest soapy bubbles which you can then ignite. It cleans the old plunger while on the job which saves me having to wipe it on the curtains later,and,yes,it slightly masks the smell.
        I don’t use Fairy Liquid. That would be wrong.

        Morning, Jack.

      • Yes, Fairy Liquid could lead to unnatural thoughts.
        Do you duet afterwards Dick ? ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles ‘ perhaps ?

      • No. That’s what the white skin appropriating, child-bothering weirdo used to sink between bouts of fellating his pet monkey.

        Think I’ll stick with “Stuck in the middle with Poo”. Stealer’s Wheel.

      • Missed out “Michael Jackson” from the monkey fellating weirdo part….reads like the ramblings of a complete maniac without.

  8. Just another has been sleb trying their best to virtue signal and act like they’re ‘woke’ in an attempt to stay relevant. Fuck off you hag.

    • Also see “The Left’s push for paedophile acceptance”, which came up on recommended vids when I clicked the above link.

      The usual spasmotronic lefty theory of a) total equality and b) there’s no such thing as a “truly evil person” seems to be the guiding light here.

      Given half a chance, I would slaughter all lefties; of course, they’re entitled to their opinions, but they are BORING twats, and left-wing ideology is more or less a total clusterfuck.

      Am I a “truly evil person” ??

      • Thanks for that (very disturbing) video info, HBelinda. See also Harriet Harman’s pathetic defence of her support for the Paedophile Information Exchange:

        The Home Office gave substantial grants to the Paedophile Information Exchange in the 1970s. I can’t post the link here, but it’s there for all to see on Wikipedia.

      • I’ve been trying to reply to you, HBelinda. I was blocked. Think it was because I used the *p* word.

        Here’s Harriet Harman’s pathetic defence of her support for a certain information network:

        The Home Office gave substantial grants to this network in the 1970s. The details are available on Wikipedia

      • Ta v m for the link, LT.

        Oddly enough, it took a long time for me to post my original comment, as Wordfence was obviously in a bored, Sunday mood…

        This is a horrible indicator of what happens when politicos of any colour (in general) adhere to the manifesto; the result is total failure to see the wood for the trees.

        I wonder if these people EVER stop and think. Maybe the simple explanation is the correct one – the Liebore party would very much like to legalise diddling, and fuck up young children completely.

        Then, in decades to come, roll on “the abused become the abusers”, and the fate of humanity is sealed.

        JC, what an almighty clusterfuck.

  9. Perhaps the vacuous trollop could explain her ideology to the 93 year old white woman that was recently mugged by two black men. I’m sure she would agree that her attackers were terrified of her…

    Better still, perhaps some kind soul could send her a DVD of some Crimewatch episodes. I’m sure that she would empathise greatly with the scores of terrified black people sought by plod for having committed murder, rape, assault, robbery, arson etc. whilst in a state of genuine fear for their own safety.

    • Good point Sterling, sometimes when I meet someone that I’ve never met before occasionally they may say ‘I’m sure I’ve met you before, where do I know your face from’, I always respond ‘Crimewatch Rogues Gallery’ but on reflection I’m not a Boon so I’m obviously lying.

      And remember, this is an Al-BBCeer program we’re talking about here too!

  10. Morning cunters,
    Shall we have a quick guessing game about the Notting Hill carnival damage results?!
    As it’s pissing down, I reckon only 1 murder and 13 non-fatal stabbings.
    Anyone else want to play?

    • I will raise you TTCE!!
      15 non fatal stabbings
      With 3 in critical but stable condition………

      • I’d agree if it were a nice day, but darkies don’t like the rain.
        Oh, I forgot about sexytime: no rapes but 7 sexual assaults.

      • I love that your factoring the weather into your equation TTCE,
        Just saw BBC weather for London…..
        Max temperature 17 degs with heavy rain / moderate breeze / low pollen count… although not ideal weather to shank someone I’m sure there’s a few keen amateurs willing to have a dabble ……

      • My guess is the most reported crime will be that Chuka Umunna gets mugged and his handbag is stolen, complete with his mobile phone that has pictures of Peter Mangeldbum posing for him in frilly knickers, stockings and sexy suspender belt.

    • Morning, Mr. Cunt-Engine.
      You underestimate the power of da bongo-bongo drums. Once the hypnotic beat transports them to memories of happier times swinging through the trees,raiding the neighbouring villages for wimmin and heads and finally feasting on da long-pig, I’m confident that a fine raping,acid-squirting,stabby time while be had by all.


      • Good morning, Mr F…well, the rain will negate (nigg-gate?!) the acid attacks and cause the handles of their zombie knives to become slippery, allowing their victims a chance to escape, so I’ll stick with my estimate.
        Would you care to propose your stabbing tally for the day?
        There’s a prize for the winner.

      • I’ll go for 2,327 fatalities,18,968 non-fatal stabbings, 301 rapes, 486 acid-baths and 15 deaths by heart-attack when KFC runs out of bargain buckets.

        Well, a man can dream,can’t he?

        PS. If the prize is another photo of you posing in your Speedos, forget it. I’m still having flashbacks from your last foul,unwanted, Health and Fitness selfies.

      • Unwanted? Come now, Mr Fiddler. You know as well as I do that you pestered me for weeks for a few shots of me on my rowing machine in a lime green mankini and I was grudgingly happy to supply them. It was only when you requested a slo-mo ho-mo 4k resolution video that I was forced to draw the line.

      • Notting Hill Carnival 2018: Met Police get extra stop-and-search powers after spate of stabbings and shootings.

        The force’s Notting Hill Carnival gold commander Dave Musker has given his backing to officers to deploy the Section 60 power in a bid to crack down on violent crime at the festival.

        The controversial tactic allows an officer to stop someone without needing “reasonable suspicion” that they are involved in crime.

        Surely that’s racist, and Stormzy will not be at all happy. Unless the powers granted only extend to us Honkys.

      • @ DF

        “That was the nastiest video I have seen for a very long time…”

        (Mary Whitehouse, Mrs, deceased)

      • If that was a “professional model” in the vid… I hate to think what “Readers’ Dogs” looks like.

      • Stone me!

        It needs to be renamed the Rot In Hell Carnivore.

        Good morning gentlemen.

      • Morning ruff.
        I don’t think they stone people in London yet.
        You’ll have to go to Birmingham or Luton for that. 😁

      • You’ve been away too long Mr Sausage – they didn’t rename our capital city Londonistan for nothing you know.

        Mind you, they’ve not stoned that drip Cressida Strap-On yet, so you may have a point…

        How’s it going up Yorkshire btw?

      • Do you happen to know if peacefuls attend the carnival, RTC?
        I was always under the impression that they eschewed non-peaceful fun at all times?

      • Doubt peacefuls will attend Thomas, for a whole multitude of reasons – not least that they despise blacks almost as much as some posting here.

        On the other hand they will tolerate or encourage anything that seeks to undermine white English /Western culture.

      • Yea going great mate just grafting my arse off at work trying to get settled in.
        I do get chance to read the cuntings but just don’t get chance to comment so I thought I’d come online today and see what’s going on.
        How are you guys? Have I missed much?
        I notice that my phone has stopped remembering who I am which is a bit of a cunt.

      • Our piss has continued to boil over nicely, thank you for asking DTS.

        Re: having to sign in manually when commenting – it’s the same for everyone!

        Nobody knows why… Admin say it’s nothing they’ve done… very tedious… especially for those already struggling with dementia… 🤤

    • I’ll go for 20 non fatal stabbings, 2 fatalities and a small riot.
      How culturally enriching….

  11. All over major British TV channels this weekend.

    An old bloke in a white dress has gone walkabout in Ireland. And it’s raining. Really riveting stuff.

    Who cares.


    • I thought that there was a law banning known children-diddlers from travelling to foreign countries in search of fresh victims? Fuck knows how the Pontiff managed to get a visa …although the fact that Ireland now has one of The Gays as leader may account for it.

    • IMO the organisers were sailing a bit close to the wind, letting him fondle those poor kiddies.

    • Both my parents are Catholic. My mum is indifferent on the guy because she doesn’t much care about politics outside the big issues and local stuff, but my dad can’t stand him. Mostly because he’s a fucking globalist who doesn’t stand for anything but the usual social justice shit. At least Benedict hated Pisslam.

  12. This is one hell of a cunting, Captain. This fatuous, vacuous, preening virtue signaller deserves every word. I wouldn’t even care if this hypocrite was a half decent actress, but she’s totally shit at that as well. Like most American actresses of her generation, she a vacant, simpering ninny on screen who wouldn’t recognise acting ability if a ton of it landed on her empty head. Come back Betty Davis, you wonderful bitch.

    • Agree there, Ron… Davis was the top bollocks where acting was concerned… Always liked Katherine Hepburn when I was a lad too… Rugmuncher or not, I found her sexy as fuck (and she was a superb actress)… And the young Debora Kerr? Jesus Christ, would I?…. Janet Leigh is also an old favourite of mine (best Hollywood tits ever?)… But as fit as they were, they could all act… The likes of Twataway, Johansscunt, Lawrence can’t (and they’re cunts)….

      • Katharine and Deborah. Now you’re talking my language, Norman. Christ, both of them were hotter than Mt Vesuvius on a bad day. Kerr in her nun’s gear in ‘Black Narcissus’ makes me foam at the mouth. Don’t forget Ginger Rogers, an Oscar winner with a shed load of comic and musical talent, and owner of the best pair of gams ever to grace the silver screen (rest of her was pretty hot, too).
        Don’t even get me started on Liz ‘Tits Oot’ Taylor…

      • Liz was untouchable in her prime, Ron… The fact that they got super celebrity slag, Lindsay Lohan to play her should have been classed as a criminal offence…. Debbie Reynolds in her day was also pretty tasty…

      • I always wanted to jump Linda Cristal from The High Chaparral, Jacqueline Smith (Charlie’s Angels), Barbara Bach (Ringo, you jammy cunt!), and Lynda ‘Wonder Woman’ Carter… Gal Gadot, my arse…

  13. The Catholic church has untold billions, investments in banking, insurance, steel, chemicals, construction and property.
    Churches adorned with gold, priceless gold crucifixes, jewellery and art.

    Not sure this is what Jesus had in mind on day one….that’s if the cunt existed in the first place….

    Religion….strictly for half heads….

  14. The latest daily Project Fear

    Grand National ‘could be hit by no deal Brexit’, warns racing group.

    So fucking what ands who cares.


    • You know, if these cunts said ‘Brexit will mean only British players in the Premier League’ then I’d be all for it… My favourite ever side (The Doc’s United 75-77) was all Brits (apart from Gerry Daly who was Irish)… Also, such a ruling would fuck Man Citeh and their Eh-Rab sugar daddies well and truly up the chuff…. And the foreign managers can fuck off and all, especially that cunt Mourinho….

      • Would force Chelsea to start using their many, many, many British youth players instead of sending them out on loan as well.

      • Had a feeling the Mourinho comment was coming Norman.

        As usual, you did not disappoint.

        An interesting news article from April 2017 regarding the Premier Leage post Brexit. Unfortunately not everyone is in agreement.

      • If there’s an ounce of tradition left on United’s board (Sir Bobby? Fergie?) then Mourinho’s got to go… However, if they are happy with shit football and just qualifying for the Champions League (a la Arsenal) then unfortunately he’ll stay… Mourinho is just the tip of the iceberg though… The problem is is that the owners and the board are an even bigger issue than the manager. Although I’m no fan of his methods, when you have shithouse cuntery from players, agents and Dick’Ed Woodward etc, we are a far bigger mess than the Jones and Smalling comedy act at the back….

      • Never a season ticket holder but in the 70’s and 80’s went to the occasional Spurs home game.

        Last games I went to were at the 2002 Japan/Korea World Cup.

        I know the game is probably more skilful these days, however preferred the game when it was affordable for the common man, where physical contact was part of the game and when the majority of players were from these shores and who often mixed with the fans and gave autographs. Real people. Not overpaid fucking diving pansies.

        As you say the majority of Premier League clubs are owned by billionaire owners/consortiums who are far removed from real life and see their footballing investment as a minor hobby and something they can show off about.

        Get rid of football agents are just parasites who add nothing positive. Standard contracts for all players, with no get out clause.

        Money has ruined football for the majority of fans, unfortunately that is the same with most sports these days.

  15. Anne Twataway… Another to go in the Virtue Signaling Libfuck Luvvie Celebrislag Hall Of Cunts… Alongside Skaglett Johansscunt, Natalie Portmouth, Evan Rachel Cunt, Mila Kuntis, Cumbucket Lawrence, Devil Streep, and the great grandmammy of them all, Madogga…

    • I dunno Norm, maybe a bit hard on Scarlett there (not as hard as I would be mind) narf narf

      • Johansson was very doable at one time (The Prestige, Iron Man 2, Don Jon etc), but her new liberal feminazi image, her Time’s Up shite, her behaviour regarding James Franco and her hypocrisy over Woody Allen and Roman Polanski has outed her as a proper cunt…

      • Sad but true, my friend. The Hollywood glitterati just seem to be pretty much a bunch of up themselves cunts. That self opinionated ratbag Streep gets my neck up, so does that pleased with himself skidmark Sean Penn. Cockwombles all.

      • Johansson did a shoot for the Bunny Mag… Yum yum, you’d think, eh?… But no, she had her now regulation Femstapo/Lezza Army haircut, a big coat, a jumper, jeans and a pair of dockers boots on…. For that alone she is a cunt…

      • I’d go for Charlize Theron. But I’m a straight woman, so that probably doesn’t count.

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