The London Bombers

A severe cunting for the four bastards who killed 52 people in London on this day in 2005.

Mohammad Sidique Khan was the ringleader, recruiting sergeant and main financier of the 7/7 plot. He grew up in the Beeston area of Leeds. He killed six people at Edgware Road on the Circle Line.

Shehzad Tanweer was Khan’s right-hand man in planning and executing the London bombings. Outwardly he seemed assimilated into British life, working in his father’s fish and chip shop and regularly playing cricket. He killed seven people at Aldgate on the Circle Line.

Jermaine Lindsay was a Jamaican-born Muslim convert who never made a secret of his extremist views. He was brought up by his mother in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, where he alarmed his teachers by attempting to radicalise impressionable younger pupils. He killed 26 people between King’s Cross and Russell Square on the Piccadilly line.

Hasib Hussain was the youngest member of the terror cell at 18. He was an unexceptional teenager who had an ordinary upbringing in the Holbeck area of Leeds. He went on to kill 13 people on a number 30 bus in Tavistock Square.

Let’s sincerely hope that these murdering cunts are rotting in hell wondering what the fuck happened to all those virgins they were promised. Islam is, of course, a religion of peace. Thankfully there’s nothing quite as peaceful as a dead terrorist.

Ain’t multiculturalism a wonderful thing?

Nominated by Dioclese

46 thoughts on “The London Bombers

  1. A commendable cunting. No mention of the anniversary of this outrage on the news but there was mention that the Royal Marines would be joining the gays on their pride march bollocks in Stabistan today. It’s enough to make you fucking weep.
    Good morning.

    • Fuck me! I hope they’re not going to make them mince about with a load of nancies when the football is on.
      There could be a mutiny!

  2. I would like to build some statues of these muggy cunts……..just to see how many snowflakes want to tear them down.
    Any guesses?

  3. The Police have clearly decided that they can’t / won’t do anything about the Peaceful terrorist/child raping goings on and have instead chosen to enforce a media blackout on the goings on in this scum underworld – imo Peacefuls are cunts but those responsible in the State are, in comparison, cunts of several higher orders of magnitude.

    Let’s hope that Tommy Robinson prevails in his appeal.

  4. Funny (well not really) how one of them has almost the same name as our beloved ‘part and parcel of city life’ London Mayor. How’s about a whip-round to get a balloon of that treasonous CUNT sent up into the air next week.

    • The Appeaser could easily overrule the fucking bastard but she is shit scared of the snowflakes and the peacefuls. She’s also shit scared of the EU, the remoaners, the cabinet remoaners, the Labour Party, Catweazle, Merkel, Macron.
      Is there anybody this pathetic jellyfish isn’t shit scared of?

      • Just remember that both Teresa the Appeaser and Comrade Compo wished the muzzies a happy Eid a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone remember either of them wishing us a happy St George’s day?……

  5. Would have thought it was a given that these braindead psychopaths were Cunts. I mean, who apart from ISIS & Catweasel would argue otherwise?

    Am however all in favour of marking the anniversary of their evil cowardice: how about launching blimps above Londonistan depicting them sucking on the cock of Mohammed or summat?

    I’m sure Suckdick would approve it, being such a British patriot and all…

  6. This is what you get as a reward for opening your doors to the world. No army ever needs to invade, they are now invited.

    Why have so many British Servicemen fought and died? And for what? Fucking betrayal of all lost souls.

    Government? Treasonous Bastards every fucking one of them! Cunts!

  7. Even though it was within the UK’s 2nd Dark Age I’m pretty sure there was outrage across the boards and no excuses made for a certain brand of religion. If there was it passed by me but my appeasement “high alert” detector wasn’t as well tuned as it is now.

    However after recent attacks on the UK, if 7/7 happened now this is what you’d get from the traitors in The Groaniad and AL-BB-CERA:

    1. They were all misguided individuals.

    2. The coordinated attacks were just “lone wolf” misunderstandings.

    3. None of the attacks were related to Islam.

    4. We need to show solidarity with our “peaceful” friends (fuck the families of the victims who are quite clearly waycist and probably voted Brexit, so these poor, wee misguided individuals were actually doing the UK a favour).

    5. We need to punish anyone who dissents against our “peaceful” friends far more severely than those responsible for multiple deaths.

    6. If you are famous, a high ranking police official, or politician then please find your nearest Mosque to pray alongside our “peaceful” friends to show solidarity with that community while the blood of the victims is still wet on the floor.

    O’course most treacherous cunts would deny this but that’s certainly how it felt after London Bridge and the Manchester Arena atrocities – sorry – accidents.


  8. Thanks for this, Dioclese

    I’ll never forget that day. It was exactly one week after I had moved to London to work. I remember trying to get out of London Bridge station just as it was being shut down after events. No-one knew what the fuck was going on.

    As I was making my way to the office I was getting text after text asking if I was OK. I knew something was happening but this was just before the proliferation of instant-knowledge smartphone, so had to wait until I got to work to see the horror unfolding. It was totally numbing. I remember walking all the way from Bermondsey to New Cross trying to get home because public transport was completely off. I was totally dazed for the whole walk.

    Mind you, as shocked as I still was when I arrived home, I still had the wherewithall to audibly shout “fuck right off, cunt” when I saw Tony B.Liar giving it the full sombre routine on live TV.

    In retrospect, this act of terror was the bedrock of modern islamist extremisim for the UK. I have no doubt that it inspired every fucking wayward snackbar into doing the same. It was day one of towelhead imposition on this country and to be honest, the 7/7 bombings should be considered, for many reasons, the death of the old UK way of life.

    One of the many events which have led me to utterly despise the religion of cunting peace.

  9. My old man was quite an astute and shrewd kind of bloke, he maintained that in the not too distant future this country would fracture along ethnic / cultural / religious lines, and we would end up with a situation similar to that of Yugoslavia some years ago. It sounds a bit far fetched perhaps, but there are some things already happening now that I wouldn’t have dreamed of before.

    • Your old man is right. Within a decade, parts of Europe are going to resemble Lebanon in the 70s and 80s. You could argue that parts of Sweden, arrange and Germany already do. I predict serious civil unrest in the not too far distant future.

      • I remember a docu on tv a few years back, and a F native of Liverpule said “It’s like the feckin Gaza strip here.”

        Re civil unrest – I sincerely hope so. I think more and more people really are getting SERIOUSLY hacked off.

        It just isn’t cricket.
        Get the bats out !!

  10. Depicting Trump in a nappy is highly disrespectful to Indians. And Hindus in particular. Then again, what else would you expect from a Paki?

  11. The liberalista institutions that run this “country” will ensure there is no coverage of this anniversary as it does not suit their agenda. You dont need to invade a country to take it over when you have people subverting it from within. Read up on ” The long march to power via the institutions”, a standard leftard tactic and needless to say , its undemocratic. Encourage everyone to remember these events and to discuss them, its a way of resisting the lie.

  12. Not much to add to this fine retrospective cunting.

    I was in Windsor Castle that morning enjoying the elegance of it. We’d only been there for about an hour before we were all ushered out as the Queen was being flown back in (it’s her real home) from wherever because of the high alerts.

    Commuters blown up because of inadequate, gullible cretins being brainwashed by a fairy story produced by an illiterate goat shepherd thirteen hundred years ago on a desert mountain in a faraway shithole.

  13. And our government continue to appease the scum that hid the perpetrators and of course old Suckdick Khunt says ” it’s all part of living in a big city™ ”
    I say dealing with cunts like you is a part of living in a country that’s being slowly but surely fucked

  14. It isn’t just Islam – although that is by far the worst. It is all religions. They are all old fairy stories written by people who had no understanding of the nature of things. And it is a tragic, almost comical, reflection on modern humanity that such a large percentage of them still cling to these ridiculous texts and teachings in the 21st century.
    If you’re living in a rain forest and you need it to rain, and one year it doesn’t, then its fair enough to invent the “rain God” and dance around in the undergrowth sacrificing monkeys in the hope that you will bring on a shower. But if you’ve been born recently, have been educated and have even a low IQ, you have everything you need to make a life without referring to ancient texts.
    You may wonder at the stars in the sky, you may seek explanations for your own existence, you may feel afraid of the concept of eternity, you may be entirely unable to conceive the nature of sub-atomic particles and you sure-as-shit will not be able to single-handedly design and built a mobile phone. But you SHOUL NOT need religion. Just faith.

    • I’m generally fine with people being religious if they’re not hurting anyone because of their beliefs. And unlike Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism etc which have all largely reformed, that is the problem with Islam – it is hurting people. Certainly far more people than all the other major religions combined.

      • They DO hurt people. The only reason 99% of religious adults are religious is because they had it rammed into them as children. Religion IS child abuse.

      • The thing is though, aside from Islam where apostasy is punishable by death those children have the choice to continue believing or not when they grow up. Most people question their beliefs as they get older and make such a choice to stop believing.

    • And it’s already raised more money than the Donald Trump balloon. Really goes to show how the majority of this country feel, we just don’t go around screaming our heads off and drowning out all other voices.

  15. We have become a disgrace.
    There was a ceremony honouring some fucker run over by an idiot, as a terror attack. There seems to be a Stephen Lawrence day. There will no doubt be a Grenfell day.
    There seems to be no hooha about the tube murders, Manchester or London. And that is because the moslems are the victims every time. All they did was carry out indiscriminate murder and some right wing fuckers used it as an excuse to dislike moslems. Must be hell for them.

  16. The thing is nothing has been learned and now things are worse… After 9/11 the world should have stamped out Islam and its medieval level savagery for good… But no, the cunts were indulged, treated with kid gloves, and now thanks to cunts like Cuntenfuhrer Merkel, Appeaser May, Bastard Obama, and apologist scum like the BBC, these human filth are the favoured children of the modern western world…. And the rapes and murders will never stop as long as the cunts are here and treated like royalty… Oh, and Suckdick Khan is a collaborator with these scum, and so is Corbyn… Cunts…

  17. Wondering whether you managed to secure your ticket for this event Mr Fiddler, as I know how much you appreciate this sort of festivity?

    The article says “Some 150 Met officers were expected to join the parade, which Scotland Yard said was their biggest ever representation”.

    Does this mean that there are 150 gay officers prancing around in colourful attire? All wearing nail polish perhaps?

    • Good job that London has a low enough crime rate that 150 officers can be spared to flaunt their degeneracy. Shameless perverts.

  18. That attack is one among many that the peaceful fuckers have done. If anyone thinks these inbred wankers are misunderstood they need a brain transplant

  19. Just as reprehensible was the police shooting dead that Brazilian guy who had nothing to do with the attack because of ‘mistaken identity.’

  20. i stated earlier that ‘ISLAM is bollocks’ . here’s just one example why it is. Mohammed had an adopted son who had a very attractive wife who Mohammed quite fancied. of course getting hitched up with your adopted sons wife wouldnt have gone down too well. so what happened? Big Mo received a ‘revelation ‘ from Allah, that marrying the divorced wife of your adopted son was absolutely fine. so thats precisely what happened she divorced and married Mohammed. have you ever heard such out an out absolute bollocks?

    • Yes, our government does this sort of shit all the time. Think ‘Brexit means…….’ etc

    • The prophet was betrothed to his favourite wife when she was 6, but the peacefuls claim he didn’t fuck her until she was 9. So that’s ok then, unless you were a goat in the locality. Or a young goatherder.

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