Michelle Obama (5)

Michelle Obama is a cunt!

Once again from across the pond…for your contempt…the previously cunted, Africunt/Americunt and former First Cunt of the United States…Michelle “Moochie” Obama.

The former FCOTUS has constantly exhibited supremely cuntish behavior. The list of this cunt’s cuntish utterances are too numerous to be listed here. Lately, the cunt has been cashing in on the libtard media’s adoration of her with a multi million dollar book deal…even while her husband/cunt…COTUS…is in a major battle with the city of Chicago…the University of Chicago…the people of Chicago and several neighborhood organizations over his proposed shrine/temple…which he refers to as his presidential library. In short…da brother ain’t gettin” no luv in da hood!

But that’s the subject for another cunting. In Moochie’s quest for the almighty dollar she has also been on a speaking tour. Recently, she announced…much to the chagrin of the assembled cuntitude…that she would not run for President of the US. She went on to offer this bit of arrogant, cuntish rationale:

“Because I think it’s better to invest in creating thousands of me’s.”

This fucking cunt and her community con artist husband/cunt did enormous damage to this country. The last fucking thing we need is thousands of arrogant little cunts running around emulating her cuntishness.

Besides…can you imagine the arrogance of any cunt standing up in front of a crowd and saying, what the world really needs is more me’s. Fuck you cunt!

Christ Almighty! What has happened to my country when cunts like her run around touting their own cuntishness? It makes me sick. So…

I proudly re-cunt Michelle Obama.


Nominated by General Cuntster.

63 thoughts on “Michelle Obama (5)

  1. She is a fucking deluded tranny. The Obamas ruined America with their leftie luvvie shite. The Donald is doing his best to fix it.

    • Hate on the Obamas all you like, but Donny Dementia isn’t doing a fucking thing but stroking his cunting ego during what appears to be a chronic case of explosive twitterrhea. Utter disgrace, the party of Reagan and Lincoln are a sad joke of parody after 45.

      • Hate on Trump all you like, but the Community Con Artist didn’t do a fucking thing but stroke his cunting ego during what appears to be a chronic case of explosive media vomitteria. Utter disgrace, the party of Jefferson and Jackson after 44.

        So…the point of my parodying your post is that an attack on Trump is not a defense of the Obamas…especially Moochie.

        And when you look at the option…Slick Hilly or Trump…I can’t find fault with anyone who voted for Donald. As useless as the Republicunts are the Democunts are worse. They are now the party of Clinton and Carter…disgrace and incompetence. The very things people vilify Trump for are celebrated in those 2 cunts.

        Many of us had enough of the bullshit and destructive policies of Obama and voted for someone who promised to overturn the destructive policies instituted by the Post Racial Cunt…even if we though the was an idiot.

        Obama was, is and will remain a Con Artist. A Film Flam Man. A Snake Oil Salesman. A Fraud. A Phony. A Cunt.

        Attacking Trump won’t change that.

    • @francis

      Yes she did. And to add insult to injury her cuntsband just said it again.

      One for her:


      And one for him:


      Part…but only part of the problem with the scum sucking shit eating, parasites known as the Obamas…and their libtard acolytes in the libtard media… is that they believe their own bullshit. That makes them far more dangerous than the (alleged) ordinary run of the mill, thieving, piece of shit politician.

      One interesting theory I heard lately is that Obama is not not done on the world stage and wants something he thinks gives him some international power. Something like…Head of the Commonwealth.

      Oh you think that’s funny? From your own libtard press:

      https://www.the guardian.com/commentisfree/2018/feb/13/the-guardian-view-on-the-next-head-of-the-commonwealth-think-big

      I wonder…will the 1/2 breed Barack and his parasite wife Michelle be invited to parasite Harry and 1/2 breed Meghan’s wedding?


      • Ah, General. A dilution of bodily waste products and bob’s your uncle. A Princess in the making. And as for M&B, the show isn’t over yet. Methinks they will receive an invitation to join in gainful employment with reptile Blair…..Now there’s a thought.

      • An entire army of the little fuckers… doesn’t bear thinking about.

        I believe they’re on the guest list… I used to quite like the royal family, but now the only ones I have time for are Queenie and Phil the Greek…

  2. Looking at that picture, is Barry Hussain Obama “Willis” in their family?

  3. Nice one General – pure cunt. Though she was correct in 2008, when on the campaign trail she said of Killary:

    “If you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House.”

    Steaming pile of tranny shite otherwise.

  4. The goddamn Guardian link won’t fucking work. Why am I surprised? Google it for yourselves.

    For those of you too lazy to Google it. The Guardian editorialized the Barack should be the next Head of the Commonwealth after Queen Bess passes on. When you consider some of the news about Prince Charles and his relationship with his sons…and the look at how the Obamas have wooed the Royal Princes…perhaps it isn’t such a bizarre story.

    These fucking leftist politicians NEVER give up their dreams of power and control!

    • And do the rightist ones? They’re all cunts. Though I have to admit that Paul ‘president for life’ Kagame would be a better choice for head of the Commonwealth than Mrs. Obama. At least Rwanda is IN the fucking Commonwealth.

      • @My poisonous reptilian friend

        Conservative politicians are only marginally…and I mean marginally…less dangerous than the far left ones. Hitler or Peron? Either way you’re fucked. But it’s the left that are in vogue now and they are immediate enemy.

        As for how I feel about conservatives? Much like a British historical figure…who is wrongly accused of being a villain..and a mass murderer…and has recently had a bullshit movie made about him…but who saved the fucking world!

        “If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”

        💂. 🇬🇧

      • Either side of the divide is a circle jerk, General. The left is in vogue among lefties, and the right (not at all under-represented in your own patch) is in vogue with those of a like mind. And the foul dissimulators and shapeshifters who call themselves the centre, sorry, center, are a la mode with their own reflections.

        And in love with power and control. Equally.

      • Big C was a cunt. We were fucked and losing. It was the Yanks who pulled us out of the shite.

      • Of course we were! BUT, we stuck out a lot longer than we would if someone else had been running the show. AND, Churchill was the one who persuaded the General’s compatriots to join the action.

    • The USA is in the Commonwealth now. Missed that bit of news. Maybe the Markle effect?

      Old King in medieval times ” If you marry my daughter Prince, our realms will be joined forever”

      Prince “Fucking right she’s hot. Er, I meant to say, yes my lord, let Yousa be joined to Youkay forever under the banner of the Commonwealth”

      • Beside she’s go huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge…tracts of land!

        Sorry. Wrong movie. And wrong (would be) princess.

        After the wedding look for the upcoming announcement:

        The Palace is pleased to announce the birth of HRH Prince Barack Hussein Cromwell Windsor…Duke of Deception.

  5. Because…if you focus on imitating me…you won’t think for yourself…you’ll try to think like me. You will be another zombie…a useful idiot. Monkey see…monkey do.

    Besides if you are a supreme egotist what better boost to your ego than “imitation…the most sincere form of flattery?”

    • Has it actually been established that Barry Soetoros wife is actually not his husband Michael? I cant attach some pics from my own library of images but I have one of her /him / it from high school. If that fucker is a female, somebody somewhere, is harbouring a little secret that would fuck the Obamas off forever.
      The sheer joy of watching the Soetoros drop the baton of self entitlement to the next dynasty of globalist cunts the Clingons was a joy to behold. I wasn’t really into American politics that much but the last election was something that if it had been a fiction thriller it would have been rejected as too far fetched, like shit from China. The democrats (don’t you just love that name – as in the UK the so called democrats have proved to be as democratic as an unmanned Kabul voting booth) have displayed the most shocking forms of anything but democracy and fuck me, in the UK the “new excuse” for the remoaners is now – well that is democracy – people change their minds and cunts like AC Grayling are advocating another referendum as the “democrats” can now share with us dumb cunts who voted leave that things have changed since the last referendum, that the whole game has now changed and he / Soros and the libtards feel that we the leavers cant be trusted to vote on a one time “perilous and dangerous adventure”.
      There is a certain snide side to Michael that makes him an uppity jigaboo, who along with jug ears maintains the misguided voters will only benefit from their return. A bit like the God syndrome suffered by Bliar. Make the patient ill, keep the patient ill, so ill that they think you have the antidote and they are the only ones who can cure you. Well fuck off Michael. I can only imagine Killary bouncing from wall to wall in the white house looking for another drink whilst the old impeached intern botherer is sniffing toilet seats and generally acting like a cunt.
      Didn’t Michael state the white house was built by slaves? Those 2 did more to drive a wedge between the white and black Americans than any old white supremacist organisation or black panther group had managed in 25 years. Great cunting General. I salute you.

      • Thanks Cunto,

        I agree with Simple. Great post.

        Moochie did in fact say the White House was built by slaves…despite the fact that historical records don’t really show that. They do indicate the some…stress some…labor was contracted from slave owners. But we’re talking about like…2 people.

        You hit on something nobody ever wants to talk about. Part of the damage the Obamas did to the US was in race relations. Things are decidedly worse after that “Post Racial” cunt and his divisive brand of politics.

  6. Nice one General.

    I’ll never forget this blokes face when that Boko Hurrumph bollocks was going on about three years ago. She stood there with a bit of A3 paper with BRING BACK OUR GIRL on it and a tiny little “s” at the end of girls. Made me fucking piss myself laughing. The bloke married to the bloke that was President of the richest country in the world, and she couldn’t get a minion to write it for her so that it fitted a bit of paper, they didn’t have another bit of paper to write it on properly, or (unbelievably) print it on a fucking computer (they have them in USA too, at least, a few of them). The next best bit was the licking piss of a lemon look the sour cunt made holding this “placard” for the photographers. You had to laugh.

    Now, don’t go thinking I am some racist cunt. My colleague beside me was Nigerian and when I expressed my opinion (above) to her, she did that teeth sucking thing, and then giggled for five minutes.

    I wonder if her and Barry had competitions with “who’s got the biggest willie” or “how far up the White House wall can you piss”. Bet they did. She won both.

  7. How do these snowflakes think they can bring down the Tangoman by suggesting he fucked a porn star scrubber? That’s what scrubbers are for isn’t it? They are just racking up more votes for him the lucky cunt.

    • Clinton (allegedly) rapes and molests any woman he encounters and gets a pass. Trump bangs a porn star and gets crucified. 🤔

      I think those of us who support Trump…and want to bang porn stars…should start our own movement…ME TOO PLEASE! 😎

      • Certainly double standards here. Trump is a cunt but a transparent cunt. Clinton was a charismatic molester of women in in vulnerable positions. Which is the bigger cunt?

  8. I wasn’t aware of this tranny inference until an American bloke I know happened to mention it, but in a real matter of fact, I thought everybody knew fashion.
    Apparently Obama is a bit light in the loafers.
    The kids are adopted and Michelle is a transgender, real name Michael Robinson.

    I’ll give any conspiracy theory a little ear time, but this one is a step too far.

    Or is it..?https://youtu.be/d7M4gSnJw1Q

    • Indeed JR, and then there’s the Joan Rivers connection. She makes a joke about “Michael” and winds up dead 2 weeks later. Terrible shame; Joan Rivers was the only funny woman in history.

  9. Hey JR

    As an Americunt I can tell you I’ve heard all this stuff and know a large number of people…intelligent people…who believe it.

    The problem is the Obamas themselves. Every politician embellishes or exaggerates his past accomplishments. The Obamas have elevated that to a whole new level and with the help of the libtard media they got away with it.

    I am from the Chicago suburbs…Northwest Indiana and I lived in and around the city most of my early adult life. I can tell you without a doubt that everything about his and her biographies is suspect.

    Don’t take my word for it. Look for a biography entitled, “Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama” by David J. Garrow.

    This is no conspiracy theorist bullshit. This is an exhaustive scholarly work (over 1400 pages) by a Pulitzer Prize winning author and it is hated…HATED…by the libtard media because it dispels the myths surrounding this cunt and his cunt wife.

    It was amazing how the libtard media rolled over and not only refused to investigate these cunts…they actively aided in the myth making. Many of his claims don’t even stand up to superficial inquiry. In that climate all of these conspiracy theories began to thrive.

    • We have a writer here called Tom Bower who specialises in filleting cunts in the way that David Garrow filleted the Obamas. Long may both gentlemen prosper.

  10. Is that the Tom Bower who wrote a book heavily critical of PRince Charles?whats his screen name?
    James O’ Briern just called JRM a liar a cheat and a fraud, this could get interesting !

    • Obviously James O’ No-Brain has lost the plot allutterly.

      But I think we knew that…

  11. @Richard 1 – Could JRM sue?

    Breaks my heart to say it, but stopped clock James O’Shithead was actually spot on earlier this morning re: Comrade Catweasel & anti-Semitism… (spot on unless you’re an anti-Semite of course).

    Furthermore, latest YouGov poll shows that 36% of people think leaving the EU is more important than keeping Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom (29%).

    Is that really news?

    All sides need to grow up, get real and devise a friendly border, similar to that between the U.S. and Canada – doesn’t have to be Checkpoint Charlie, Ffs!

    But it won’t happen cos the issue remains Project Fear’s last cynical hope of sabotaging Brexit.

  12. Apparently when Prince Charles goes to stay with friends a van turns up with his own furniture in it , including his own bed and toilet seat !

    • Why do I have this image of Ole Jug-Ears lying on his back, gob open, toilet seat above him, with The Whore of Cornwall about to drop a really sticky log…??

    • Why do I have this image of Ole Jug-Ears lying on his back, gob open, his toilet seat above him, and the Whore of Cornwall about to drop a particularly sticky, foul-smelling log…??

    • That wouldn’t surprise in the least. A jug eared cunt and false eco warrior who has his bread driven down daily from Scotland.

  13. Well JRM was actually wrong about tariffs, the question is whether or not he actually knew he was wrong or was simply mistaken. It is actually quite painful for anyone who voted leave to listen to O ‘ Brien because love him or loathe him he is quite persuasive.

  14. The uppity wife/husband of Barry O’Barmy very much reminds me of one of the permanently scowling baddie monkeys/gorillas in the original Planet of the Apes.

    His/her wide (spreading) arse shows the hallmarks of a habitual horserider (like those baddie simians). All she needs is a tight-fitting black leather bomber jacket or a pair of gauntlets with one of those shiny, ribbed waistcoats, worn over a light-brown, long sleeved pullover

    Iz dat bees raciss ‘n sheet?.

  15. Corbyn’s ‘excuse’ that he only saw a tiny image of the mural on Facebook looks like a desperate attempt to get himself off the ‘hook’ if you’ll pardon the term.

    • How tiny would the image need to be for Corbyn NOT to get the mural’s message? Blind as well as thick?

  16. There’s more daily antisemitism here on ISAC than the Labour Party can manage in a year. Different semites though, eh, cunters? Please remember henceforth that any criticism of an Arab country is also antisemitism, regardless of whether one or the other tribe has appropriated the term for its own exclusive use. Wouldn’t want any hypocrisy to creep in, would we?

    • I take your point that Arabs are Semites but in the generally accepted term it refers to Jews. Criticism of Israel is not necessarily antisemitic, they are not above reproach. However the crude mural referred to belongs in Nazi Germany and shows hate and contempt of Jews as caricatures.

      • Do you think that mural was really so dreadful? It reminded me of the other case this week where some Scot was locked up for a puerile video where he had taught his dog to salute when he said “Sieg Heil”…It wasn’t very impressive,neither was the mural.
        There seems to be no leeway when it comes to even the mildest of insults to the Chosen People. They seem to have the same tolerance as the Peaceful people when it comes down to it.

        Fuck them.

      • I couldn’t give a fuck about the image either Dick, it’s Corbyn’s pathetic mealy mouthed response to those critical of his double standards and appeasing nature that I find disturbing in one so close to becoming Prime Minister of this once relevant country.

        But then we’re already fucked anyway, cunts get the governments they deserve, and we are no exception, the Labour front bench will fit the bill nicely. With no sprog or dependents, I’m beyond caring now.

      • I’m the same,no body that I really give a shit about,and so quite happy to just do my own thing. I’ve discovered that being a rude,selfish bastard suits me, and my obvious distaste and contempt for other peoples’ opinions enables me to say and do pretty much what I like,within reason, obviously.
        There’s nothing much that I need ,or expect,from people and so,as far as I’m concerned,they can all just get on with it.
        I think that “our” generation has probably had the best of the job, and I have no intention of giving a shit about what I’ve left in my wake.
        Fuck the lot of them.

      • Agree, there’s no rational alternative for cunts like us.

        My parents, who were willing to lay down their lives for the fucking mess this country has descended into, would be spinning in their graves, if they hadn’t been cremated. Mine and subsequent generations are to blame – I even voted Blair 1st time around, much to my old man’s disapproval. But then Major was the bigger cunt in my mind at the time.

        I have not been fooled since.

      • @RTC….I still remember the feeling of optimism when Blair was first elected. I voted for him too. Fucks Sake, how naive were we? I actually believe that Blair signalled the end to the idea of “Public Service”,the man was/is a complete charlatan.
        Only trouble is,if he was to stand now,he’d probably win. He’d wipe the floor with the current political pygmies.

      • An inconvenient truth (to coin an unfortunate phrase) if ever there was one!

    • ISAC does not purport to be an anti racist site, whereas the Labour Party is forever shouting from the rooftops its supposed opposition to racism.

      Corbyn may not be specifically anti-Semitic himself, but a large swathe of his and Labour’s supporters (peacefuls and the hard left) most certainly are.

      But then the ends for Corbyn & his chums will always justify the means.

      Hypocritical cowardly cunts the lot.

      • I very much doubt that what you call antisemitism is absent from any non- Hebraic community. And let’s have a look at the currently advocated definition of antisemitism – which, I stress, CC, has been appropriated by Jewish people for their own exclusive use. Control the labels, and you control the debate.
        In which, it becomes unacceptable if not illegal to question any aspect of the Holocaust narrative.
        No, I’m not a denier; I’m happy to accept the historical evidence, but isn’t there an old, outmoded concept called freedom of opinion?
        And in which criticism of the State of Israel automatically becomes hate crime, rather regardless of the demonstrable hatred the Israelis (mostly Central Europeans by origin, incidentally, and only notionally Semitic) hold for the Muslims and Christians of the territory they have occupied. While claiming to be a bastion of democracy and beacon of freedom, incidentally.

        I won’t bang on about this, as I’m in a clear (and non-PC!) minority. Just thought I’d present an unacceptable point of view and see how it went down with the anti-islamists here.
        Predictably, I’d say.

    • Problem is with Liebore that although anti-Jewish sentiment is not exactly an official article of faith, because so many of them bought into the pro-Palestine, Hamas thing, they will never escape the label.

      Serves them right for swallowing so much on-message, lefty, trendy dogma.


  17. Will card-carrying Labour Party members need to be CORGI certified to install gas chambers?

  18. Who are the cunts who pay her $200,000 a pop for a speech?
    All of the carpetbagging politicians are the same, with the notable exceptions of Mao, Adolph and Uncle Joe, who were in it for the power. Each and every one of them cons us that they are in it to change the world for the better.
    Then they show their true intentions by cashing in after they get turfed from their relatively low paying Civil Servant jobs. Blair, Clintons,Gore, KIssinger etc . They all get megabucks for telling us how they fucked things up… go figure

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