The United States of America

Here we go again. Kids murdered by a nutter with guns. A fucking idiot of a president blaming mental health problems.

What legitimate use, in a civilised country, can a civilian have for an assault rifle?

Or hand guns come to that. What the fuck is their love affair with murderous mayhem – the right to bear arms. Why are Americans so fucking hell bent on firearms?

Then there is Black Lives Matter. Of course they do but it is black Americans with fucking guns that take most of them.

America, grow the fuck up and stop this evil that diminishes your society. Control guns you cunts.

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  1. Generally, a well balanced, appropriate and lawful citizen will act responsibly with a firearm. They will not kill unless in self defence. I do not have an issue with that.

    The problem lies within the diversity and range of weapons available to the irresponsible, mentally unstable, immature individual.

    Trump is the ONLY President to take ANY kind of action. He and he alone, has signed the paperwork for a resolution and degree of control.

    Americans are by and large a terrific people. Warm, friendly and law abiding.
    They are not a problem.

    I agree with Trump. The murderous acts that have been perpetrated, are the acts of a deranged vicious killer. A nut job.

    I agree with Trump that he needs to control even ban automatic and machine gun type weapons. This he is prepared to do.

    It’s a hard call to make, especially when your campaign depends on “Gun Money”, but to his credit, Trump is ready to stand firm. ( Clinton did not, O,Bama did not )

    • Having lived in Switzerland, and seen similar gun problems, I can’t say that I am massively pro.
      But then I’m not massively anti, either.
      If some fackin cant mows down a load of people waiting at a bus stop at 8 in the morning, do we ban cars ?
      If someone does the same with a bin lorry ?
      OK, I understand that a gun is a high-tech killing machine. It is not a method of transport, sex-toy &c. All the same, if USA citizens wished to rise up against, say, a totally dememted piece of shite like Killary, fair game to them. Likewise Canadian citizens vs. Trudie Trudeau.
      Maybe if citizens were armed in UK, politicos might be a bit more careful…
      (No, I thought the latter an unlikely scenario too).
      Remember Phil the Greek’s comment about the Dunblane massacre…”If he’d done it with a cricket bat, would we ban cricket ?”
      There speaks a man who obviously had some personal experience; maybe mother-in-law problems ?

      • You could write a tome on Phil the Greeks faux pas – some of the unpublished ones (generally passed amongst Naval personnel) would get you hard time in jail if you or I had uttered them. The man is a raving racist – and he will tell you if you ask him off camera. Apparently he did an officers mess party VIP guest stint in 1977 after the jubilee celebrations and his views on slopes, pickaninnys and anything other than the white man in general would have had Bernard Manning reaching for the sick bucket. He fucking hates our colonial cousins with a passion. Long live Phil the Greek.

  2. A little perspective: total number of firearms-related deaths in the U.S from 1968-2016 was 1.58 million

    In fact more Americans have died from gunshots in the last 50 years than in all of the wars in American history. Since 1968, more than 1.5 million Americans have died in gun-related incidents, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    By comparison, approximately 1.2 million service members have been killed in every war in U.S. history, according to estimates from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Meanwhile, in contrast, from 1975 to 2015, 3,024 Americans died due to foreign-born terrorism. That number includes the 9/11 terrorist attacks (2,983 people) averaging approximately 74 Americans per year.

    It’s not rocket science. Think I know where I would concentrate my fire if President…

  3. well I have a little experiance in this having gone out and murdered little fluffy animals with bolt action single shot weapons and had the misfortune to use automatic weapons against simular 2 legged non edible animals who were also brandishing automatic weapons.
    I personaly can not see any aplication of a military weapon as a “hunting tool”
    Firstly when hunting furries, the idea was one shot one kill, I also note that the furries were unarmed so the quick reload wasnt entirely necesary, ditto armour peircing amunition (they dont wear body armour)
    As for military grade weapons apart from sniper rifles, they arnt that perfect, assault rifles tend to raise on automatic fire so more bullets go above your target than in it. sub machine guns and machine guns have error built in to them (whats the point of dropping 700 rnds in one place when the first bullet does the job).
    as for pistols used them too, and if you are using one of them you are in the shit because its close up and personal, again a tool that only has a practicle use agains other humans, they have shit range and quite often ineffective.
    fuck guns, just stick to the old bolt action ones in the civilian population, (they are fucking dangerous too, but a lower rate of fire)

    • You make a good point. It’s not very often a bear comes after you in full Kevlar and if hunting is about proving some sort of skill, then being able to fire 120 rnds a minute is about as skillfull as tying your shoelace with both hands and your eyes open. Stick to just rifles and shotguns, the govt will still be wary of enacting the NWO endgame and you can spot the criminals a mile off from there use of handguns… idealistic claptrap I know, but I’d be livid if some cunt had just shot my offspring. I’d be suing for a full monetary refund of every penny I ever spent on him/ her, plus time spent. And if my wife was too old for another, I’d further be demanding a younger receptacle with which I can put my genes back in the pool.

    • A range instructor, on reluctantly handing over the .38 revolver for our inexpert delight, remarked that this was the only weapon in the arsenal that was more dangerous to the user than the target.

      Peripheral point: given the largely infantry-style weaponry held by even the most maniacal gun fetishists in the US, and the numbers thereof, and their extreme individuality, what fucking chance would this citizen army stand against the US military, National Guard and police should a dispute with government occur? I’d say fuck-all.

  4. I bought a gun. Couldn’t hit a thing. That was until I checked the owner’s manual and read the troubleshooting section….

  5. Anybody got Billy Graham in the dead pool? Just popped his clogs at 99. A little snigger from above that he didn’t make the ton 😉

  6. Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where the genie is already out of the bottle. If the US passed a blanket ban on owning firearms, that would make the normal, law abiding population much less safe because you can bet your last dollar, the criminal fraternity wouldn’t be surrendering their arms. Unless they were French of course.

    Automatic and high end military grade type weapons I agree have no place in normal society. Plus I think it should be way harder to get a firearm than it currently is. But taking that option away from normal, well adjusted, responsible and trained people, absolutely not.

    If the justification is that should happen because some nut job shoots up a school, then what’s next? Alcohol kills plenty of people because some nut jobs abuse it, so we should re-introduce prohibition? Smoking kills plenty of people too, so nobody gets the freedom to smoke because it’s dangerous? Some people drive like arseholes and kill innocent motorists as a result, so nobody can have a car?

    It’s amazing how the argument changes when faced with this scenario. You come home late at night to find your house being burgled, your wife being raped and your children being terrorised by a bunch of nut jobs. Would you rather reach for your Glock to make your point or just use your powers of persuasion to rectify the situation?

    While we’re on the subject, mass shootings at schools, etc. Yeah, days and days and days of media coverage, weeping parents, protests against the NRA and Trump (because everything’s his fault), priests giving so called comfort, etc. A mass shooting or what would have become a mass shooting at a shopping mall where the perp is taken down by a (gasp) responsible gun owning private citizen – barely a mention. Strange that.

    Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

    • It is quite interesting that the a lot of the military weapons used in US drug crime are actualy weapons that the US supplied to various factions in south america durring the cold war.

      • And perhaps some AK 47s provided by the peace loving Soviet Bloc determined to protect democracy around the world?


    • Priests giving so-called comfort…
      The phrase “Bless you, my child” springs to mind…
      Wot a cynical cant am I.

    • Guns don’t kill people. People kill people…..yeah and very effectively and in great numbers in one go compared to most other methods.

    • I’m really fed up listening to Trump getting blamed for everything that’s wrong in the world.

      I don’t remember Obama getting as much grief from those who didn’t vote for him to be POTUS.

      He’s been voted in, end of story.

      Like any country, you have to get behind him or at least do your part to make your country thrive and prosper whether you like him or not.

      Hitting the brakes and doing nothing other than rebelling and protesting until another President or Prime minister is in charge is just a waste of time.

      The same can be said of the decision following the EU referendum. One side was going to be happy and the other unhappy. The stamping of feet for “a replay / rematch” is pure childish and the rest of the world look on to us and the displayed behaviour.

      If another referendum took place, do we do it again another 2/3 years later “due to new information” made available?

      I thought the point was each side campaigned to get your vote by telling you everything to make your informed decision at the ballot box. New information will always arise as life goes on.

      Oh and Trump won’t throw in the towel no matter how loud crooked Hilary supporters shout.

      I wish GB had a strong leader who had their eyes open to what is wrong with our country and recognised that its in a shit way. A leader who wont be bought nor bullied by the snowflake / media brigade and put GB first is what we need and fast.

  7. So, if I understand your point, the countless deaths and ownership of assault weapons is justified in case the democratically elected US government turns against it’s own citizens? Am I getting this clear?
    My post was neither anti American nor particularly anti Trump (I think he is a fucking idiot but the alternative was worse) It was out of frustration that the US accepts a death toll far higher than the total terrorist atrocities in the West for some outdated freedom which actually enslaves them.

    • I cant agree re the danger of government to justify the carnage but certainly agree re black crime. But that seems to be the case worldwide, wherever the African diaspora live. And Democratic states probably contain more lawless black Americans, so I see your point that gun control is not effective there.
      But there has to be a way to stop this senseless spree killing.

      • The USA – for better or worse – is an armed state.

        Banning guns simply gives criminals the upper hand because they will procure weapons (by fair means or foul) and use them with impunity – especially if they know the “upstanding citizen” (who plays by the rules) in front of them is unlikely to be armed themselves.

        It gives criminals pause for thought if there’s a chance that their quarry could shoot back.

        400 people in USA died from gun violence last year. 400 hundred too many but to put that in perspective…

        – 1,500 deaths through knife attacks.
        – 650 deaths through phyical, i.e. by hand, assault.

        So in the scheme of things gun related deaths in the USA are not as prevalent as other forms of violent attack, and most of which being black on black gun crimes in the poorer urban communities.

        The main difference being that gun attacks such as the one last week, and the one in Las Vegas, are “box office” news stories.

        Even with all of the controls in the world if some nutter wants to make a name for themselves in this way then they will aquire the necessary arms to do it irrespective of all of the checks and balances put in place and adhered to by decent citizens.

        We (the UK) are not an armed state and we have some of the most stringent rules/laws in the world surrounding gun ownership. So please explain how Dunblane happened?

        Like I say, if a nutter is so inclined, they will find a way.

        Moreover, while the FBI were pissing time and monies away on investigating non-existent collusion between Russia and Trump, they were receiving actual reports about Cruz’s intention to perform a mass shooting in a school. He was actually named.

        But rather than do anything about that (especially after Las Vegas still being fresh in their minds – you would hope) they were too busy flicking Killary’s bean trying to overthrow democracy.

        The USA has a gun problem. Legitimate gun ownership is not that problem.

      • In the 20th century alone ”governments” killed hundreds of million of people. They remain the greatest threat to individuals and freedom.

  8. Seems pretty insane to me.
    There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for any normal citizen in a civilised society to own an assault rifle.

    There are too many guns in circulation so if they ban guns it will put the population at risk., however they should start to do something before things get much worse. Seems wierd that if a terrorist attacked a school, the Americans would stop at nothing to make sure it doesn’t happen again, yet when sad cunts with assault rifles do it (repeatedly) no one really gives a fuck. They say that they do but actions (or lack there of) speak louder than words.
    Don’t know what the solution is really.
    Maybe they should ban assault weapons and strictly control shotguns and rifles to hunting only and just allow the general population have small calibre pistols.

    I saw a Milo interview earlier where he stated that “these shootings have NOTHING whatsoever to do with guns or gun control”.
    What absolute bollocks. It has EVERYTHING to do with guns and gun control … that’s why this kind of shit doesn’t happen in the UK.
    If guns were legal here the murder rate would go through the roof.

    • Let the fucks kill each other. Saves the taxpayer expense of a cull. With the odd exception (school kids and a few innocent cunts caught in the crossfire) most probably deserve to die.

      Glad they’re not available here like in the US. I’d be sorely tempted.

      • As others have cunted, it only (sadly) takes one spinner with an ILLEGALLY-owned gun to run amok.

        Sadly, therefore, NEVER any such thing as zero-risk.

      • Quite.

        4 people die every year in the UK putting on their trousers. Instead of worrying about guns we should be pushing for more responsible trouser ownership.

        Guns, like trousers, are inanimate objects. As wiser heads than mine have pointed out, guns don’t fire themselves: people do. And American people fire them in particular. But if that’s what they want, why shouldn’t they? After all, it’s a free country.

      • Brilliant analogy ScB! Brilliant! After all if some cunt took his car and rammed it into a crowd of innocent bystanders we wouldn’t be screaming for car control.

        We’d all realize the perpetrator was a sick, psychotic cunt who…


      • Over 1,700 deaths on U.K. roads every year. Result: Government /Media indifference.

        Under 10 deaths in U.K. by ‘terrorism’ every year. Result: Government /Media hysteria, 24/7 wall to wall rolling TV News coverage.

        What the fuck. It’s enough to make a cat laugh.

    • Agree re road deaths. However, the numbers have fallen, due presumably to speed cameras everywhere, continuing policing of drunk driving and ever-increasing requirements for the driving test – all infringements of our sacred right to do exactly as we please, you might say. That is, the use of motor vehicles has been constrained by government in order to reduce deaths. It’s not the car that kills, It’s the nut behind the wheel, sure. But restricting the conditions of everybody’s access to a potentially lethal machine seems to be effective.

      One thing I’ve noticed is that the white, all-American youths who do most of the mass-murders have multiple guns. Recording gun purchases and analysing the patterns emerging would perhaps give a useful handle on which embittered teenager was about to cut loose at the local High? Or would that be an infringement of his freedom?

      • I don’t favour the scorched-earth policy, SB. But for their own safety, it would be as well to ban pushbikes…

        If it were made law that cars may not be driven without at least one passenger, there would be perhaps a third less traffic, and a third fewer accidents. (maybe fewer yet, with nervous passengers). Close city centres to everything but pushbikes and sub-125cc m/cs, kept in separate lanes and with compulsory training for pushbikers, and the Komodo policy could save mankind.

        I just throw this out in case any policy makers are watching.

      • You appear to be mellowing out K – could it be that snowflake formula /potion the Russians are pumping into the reservoirs? Which is a pity, cos I’ve now come round to thinking scorched earth probably is the only legitimate solution to our nation’s ills.

        But don’t worry K, I remain a reactionary selfish cunt, scorched earth will hopefully wait till I’ve croaked. If only I were 40 years younger…

        Btw, one passenger policy would be a non-starter. Unless you happen to own a sex robot. better off banning private transport altogether… apart from motor bikes of course… with or without pillion passengers.

        Admire the cut of your Green jib though!

  9. You can ban the sale of guns tomorrow but it would make no difference. If i’m a young nutter like this recent cunt I would have relatives who’s guns I could nick or people who would sell me one for the right price whatever it’s origin.
    An idea would be to ban the sale of ammunition ( it would run out eventually ) but I presume it can’t be that difficult to manufacture it illegally.
    Anyway, if I lived there I would definitely want a gun.
    On a related note 2 diverse young gentleman stabbed to death in London last night. Imagine if these cunts had guns,

  10. They are a tad chubby in the States (not that we can gloat in the “Fat Capital” of Europe). Apparently they’ve got three sizes of clothes in the USA:

    X L
    X X L
    & FUCKIN’ Ell !

  11. I’m amazed that there are so few gun deaths in America. I have little doubt that if machine- guns were as readily available over here,either I’d have gone on a heavily armed spree,or some Cunt would have shot me…probably while I was in mid-rant about one of the many people of whom I disapprove . Perhaps Americans are just too lethargic to do the decent thing and open fire on anyone who they find offensive..I wouldn’t be so derelict in my duty.

    • Americans have become complacent, taking their democratic freedom to gun each other down indiscriminately for granted. We would do a much better job. Probably because our democracy has firmer roots. You’ve only got to compare the professionalism of the British Army with that of the Americans to appreciate the truth of that.

      • I wouldn’t know where to start. So many undesirables,so little time before the buggers returned fire…still, I suppose “Run,hide and tell” might buy me a bit of time before the objects of my attentions organised a counter-strike.

      • Run, hide & tell.

        Who needs a gun when your government has you all prepped for attack with such words of wisdom?

        No wonder Catweazle thinks we could just scrap Trident.

      • @ScB

        You seem particularly delusional today…even by my standards. Did you take your meds?


      • Shitcake, “what an ugly thing to say. I abhor ugliness. Does this mean we’re not friends anymore? You know” Shitcake, “if I thought you weren’t my friend, I don’t think I could bear it.”

      • How could you even contemplate such an appalling thing General? You know I’ll always be your huckleberry friend.

        Q: What’s the ugliest part of your body?
        A: Your mind.

        (FZ 1967)

      • “Oh” Shitcake – “I apologize. I forgot you were there.”. 👋. “You may go now.”

  12. “Of course you know this means war.”. 🇺🇸

    For those of you who don’t wish to read a dissertation please feel free to skip this and continue the cunting. For the rest of you…on with the education…

    I must confess a certain respect for Cuntstable Cuntbubble. I have read his remarks often and frequently find myself in agreement.. However, as an Americunt who clings fiercely to his guns, I must take exception to his sweeping and overarching but otherwise pointed cuntdemnation of my entire nation.

    Our American ” love affair” with guns is deeply rooted in our collective psyche. It comes from our founding fathers and their experience, wisdom and indeed paranoia. These great men, now vilified by historians as evil “slave owners” trying only to perpetuate racism and protect their ill gotten capitalist gains, were in point of fact Englishmen rebelling against the abuses of the Crown.

    As well read gentlemen they were all too familiar with the works of the great English philosopher John Locke and his ideological forerunner Thomas Hobbes. As well bred Englishmen they also had a collective memory stretching back many generations covering Crown abuses and the efforts to curb them. From the Magna Carta to the Glorious Revolution they knew them all too well.

    They knew from experience that if only the Crown possessed arms, then only the Crown would be able to…as it had so often done in the past…enforce it’s will at will over an otherwise defenseless citizenry. They therefore understood that a fundamental right of man was the right to keep and bear arms and to defend one’s individual liberty from the tyrannical excess and abuse of the state.

    They were also heavily influenced by their environment. They and their ancestors had, after all carved a colony out of a “wilderness” teeming with dangers ranging from wild animals to heathen “savages.”. A gun was also, an essential tool of survival. Not to have one meant deprivation, hardship and even death.

    As Englishmen with recent memories of a Civil War, they had an aversion to a standing army…in their eyes a tool of government repression. As a society of yeomen farmers and shopkeepers, they envisioned a citizen militia ready, able and willing to assemble at ” a minutes notice” and defend their homes and community. To this end, they wanted every citizen to own a state of the art weapon, suitable for not only for hunting but also self defense and military service.

    As the nation grew and expanded westward society changed but the need for firearms remained vital and necessary. In the great expanses of the American west, there were all the aforementioned dangers and also long distances between men and civil authority. Law and order were not things to be counted on. Violence often settled whatever disputes arose. As such Americans came to say with conviction…”God man man, but Colonel Colt made them equal.”

    As we fast forward to today we often wonder what all this has to do with an enlightened, civilized society. Surely, we are beyond violence to settle our disputes. Most of us are…some of us aren’t. There are in any society…even yours…robbers, muggers, rapists, terrorists, hoodlum, derelicts, degenerates, bomb throwing Gaels, sword wielding goat fuckers, violent antifa militants, ghetto thugs, Nazi assholes, Communist Cunts and on and on et cetra. As citizens we unfortunately, cannot always count on the government to defend us. In this age of “new budget priorities” police, security and protectivemservicesmare often the first to be cut…replaced by, give away programs and sensitivity training aimed at forcing us to accept newcomers into our society who don’t always accept let alone respect our ways.

    An American comedian once did a brilliant self defence routine. The essence of it is real world application. To paraphrase, it is best to learn how to run…and teach your old lady to run so you don’t have to go back after her. Words of wisdom I try to live by. But if I can’t…if I must make a stand…then I WILL defend myself and my loved ones. Fuck everything else…you can have my wallet. You can have my watch, my rings, my car, my TV or anything else I own. Those things have no intrinsic value. They can be replaced and quite frankly, as a (presumably enlightened) civilized man I feel normal circumstances…they aren’t worth taking a life. But if you put your hands on me in a violent manner with the intent to do me harm…you do so at your own peril. You may be bigger, stronger, meaner. You may be hopped up on booze or crack or racial or religious hatred…but I have Colonel Colt on my side and he, as I said before…makes us equal.

    (Heavy sigh).

    But what do we do when some asshole walks into a public place and starts shooting up innocent people. We start by recognizing he is mentally ill. No sane, rational civilized human being does that. Only some nutcase infected with malice would do such a heinous and reprehensible thing. He is the problem…not the gun. The gun is simply his tool and a tool can be used for good or evil depending on who wields it. What we as a society must recognize is that evil and mental illness both exist..and they existed in this psychotic, murdering cunt.

    So should we ban guns? One of our great founding fathers addressed the issue by expressing his opinion that any nation who voluntarily surrenders it civil liberties in the name of security deserves neither.

    My fellow counters…I don’t have to tell you the world is full of cunts. Hell, there’s a line of people a yard wide and a mile long that’ll testify under oath that I’m one. But when the New World order knocks on my door and says:

    “Hello General Cuntster, we’re from the Soros Institute for Euthanasia. It’s been decided by the Citizens Board of Fuckery that you’re not eligible for reeducation and we’d like you to come with us…


    In today’s complex society I stand ready…with my fellow citizens to answer the call…not on the offensive…that’s what the legislative process is for…but on the defensive. Mwhen ” they” breech those “natural rights of man” we all possess and hold dear I will oppose them with every fibre of my being.

    At a moments notice I can and will be ready to defend all that I hold dear. That includes some of you…and anyone else on the front lines in the war against Cuntkind. In the words of another great American patriot…”if we do not all hang together, then we will most assuredly hang alone.” And I put it to you…my fellow cunters…who would you rather have on your side…Donald Trump or Tony Blair? Theresa May? Anna Soubry? Maybe those cunts at Oxfam or the Celibrislags at BATFA.

    If all I’ve said hasn’t persuaded you then by all means…rise up in righteous indignation…like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and countless other New World Order cunts and come and take my guns from me. You can have them. When you pry them from my cold, dead hands!

      • To the General. I have really enjoyed that post. Terrific stuff. And also, my American friends ( from the South ) tell me. ” an armed society is a polite society “

      • @Dick, Cuntflap, Simple and many others…including…and most especially Cuntstable,

        Thank you. I’m heartened by your support.

        I’m a Yankee from the Great Midwest. But my Mama was a hillbilly girl from the south. I still have kin here. Any time any of you cunters find yourself in the US of A…y’all look up the General.

        We’ll go to the shootin’ range or out to the back 40 and blast the living hell out of paper targets, old milk cartons…paint cans…and soda bottles.

        Afterwards we’ll go up to the house for a REAL fried chicken dinner. With mashed potatos and gravy, fresh baked biscuits (the American kind) with honey and homemade preserves (jam to you), corn on the cob, green beans and gallons of iced tea and lemonade. For dessert some peach cobbler or pecan pie…maybe with some ice cream…or coffee.

        Then in the evening we’ll sit out on the porch smoke cigars and share a touch…or a dram as you call it…of some fine sippin’ whiskey…whilst we solve the evils of the world.

        God bless the USA! 🇺🇸. 🗽

        (And God save the Queen! 🇬🇧. 👸)


    • Wow! That was impressive, General. Maximum respect. I wished people like you lived on my street rather than the lily livered entitled obnoxious cunts that drive me insane.

  13. Firstly , Donald Trump is tge greatest POTUS ever. And I am mot joking.

    Secondly tge 2nd amendment is very clear. Guns are the issue here: he could have driven a truck or started a fire.
    Nutters are the issue.

    • I thought that the fact that the second amendment isn’t very clear was part of the problem? Isn’t there some argument about the wording concerning the right to bear arms whilst part (or not) of a militia?

      • @Lord Fiddler

        You are expressing a commonly held…and in my mind…a mistaken belief.

        “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        That is the exact wording. Being that it is subject to interpretation is the issue and depending on which side of the argument you are on often determines said interpretation.

        As I said in an earlier post the Founders intended that all able bodied men own state of the art weapons and participate in the local militia. Somewhere in US civil code the age range of said “men” is defined.

        There is much there to parce. Among the most important for me is “the people”. They understood in the best Hobbesian tradition that the people made up the state with a sovereign head of government. Their intention was clear even if their wording wasn’t.

      • As an aside…someday I might need asylum at Fiddler Towers. My residency there would come with a certain set of…how shall we say…advantages. 🔫

      • Lord Fiddler? Wasn’t aware Dick had been appointed to the House Of Cunts… Since when?…£300 a day… makes a preverted sort of sense though… Fiddler by name, fiddler by nature…

      • @ScB

        I assumed because he had “Towers” he was a Lord. Towers, Manor, Castle…how the fuck am I supposed to know whether he’s aristocracy, gentry, squire, or yeoman.

        Christ, for a 21st century, liberal, western democracy, you Brits are less than egalitarian.

      • @Cuntflap

        I stand corrected…and thanks. I should have known better. Egalitarian was the word that came to mind but it was the wrong word.

        It is the word used by Fascists, Communists and other New World cunts to whip up the masses by convincing them they are all equal under the new Cuntopian Ideal of the day.

        You’re right and I’m wrong…my bad.

      • Glad you know your place Cuntflap – nothing wrong with a little due deference – pity there aren’t more like you in these impertinent times we live in. Personally I bow to no man /woman /tranny /gender neutral/fluid piece of shit. Except Lord F of course, naturally…

      • That’s my point,General. Both sides of the argument can claim that their particular interpretation is correct. It is certainly not clear,or there would be no argument or discussion regarding the “correct” interpretation.

      • Understood…and that’s where intent comes in…at least in my opinion.

        Are there battlements at Fiddler Towers?

      • Battlements? I sneer at mere battlements… I actually have a moat and drawbridge. I used to keep the drawbridge raised until we got a new postman who was ignorant of my first line of defence and drove his van straight into the murky waters…scared the swans senseless. I believe he was a gentleman of colour judging by the way that he sank and the hounds wouldn’t go in to rescue him.

      • @Sir Dick SAS, BBC, LOL, PDQ, LSD, CUNT

        Perhaps the aforementioned deeply tanned civil servant…let’s call him Nandi…Nandi Mbutu…assumed that the moat around your Keep was as shallow as the bison piss filled mudhole where he drew his water back in Bogo Bogo land.

        Be thankful the swans were only scared. I understand the Nairobi Fried Waterfowl is quite delicious.

      • Some people argue that the 2nd amendment only allows for gun ownership with the express purpose of forming a militia but not for personal self defence.

        As being armed for the purpose of self defence was a universal right pre dating the constitution, going back to English common law and into time immemorial, wouldn’t that be covered by the ninth amendment as a “retained” right?

      • @2

        That is an excellent and relevant point to libertarian’s like myself but I don’t know that it’s been specifically tested with regard to individual gun ownership.

        I’m not a scum sucking, shit eating, bottom feeding scavenger (that’s lawyer in layman’s terms…solicitor to you Brits) but I need to do some research into legal precedences before I could give a decent answer.

        But I like the way you think!

        😀. 👏

  14. Letting someone have access to military grade weapons isn’t smart for any reason. Yanks love their gums more than women. I’m a former soldier and am.trained to use these weapons yet I still wouldn’t want or need one here.

  15. @BS. 🤔

    I beg to differ both philosophically and in point of fact. I’ve already outlined my position on gun ownership.

    As for women…💓 💕💋💞💖💗❤

  16. Spot on Mike, I can’t go with this cunting of America / Trump either.

    These shootings have went on under other POTUS so why should “Big Bad Trump” be the one to takeaway their constitutional right?

    If the American people bowed to this, it will be the end and will suffer a fate as we have in GB.

    That’s why our government got rid of guns as their popularity was rising and preparation had to be made to ensure the working man was left defenceless against the crime influx they knew was coming our way. If guns were available legally in GB today as in America, I bet near every non snowflake “British citizen” would possess at least one of them.

    Left virtually defenceless and reliant on a joke organization to uphold the laws and protect us instead.

    Not only thrown to the wolves, but watched as a form of great entertainment by the scum who govern us. Safest part is we pay them to do it.

  17. Speaking of rappers just seen on the tv news that 16 music students/promising footballers/churchgoers have been stabbed to death in London so far this year.
    An excellent start.

  18. Is it true that the second amendment was plagiarized from the motto of The Tank Top Wearers Association..?

    • @JRC

      DO NOT mock us!

      Tank tops…bikinis…no matter. I support a woman’s right to bare arms…bare legs…bare boobs…bare bottoms…whatever she wants to bare…I proudly support her!

      😘. 👙. 👅

  19. To right Mike, it’s gone far beyond just handing your guns in. Law abiding citizens without guns but criminals still hanging on to them. Unless they lay down draconian laws that anyone caught with a gun will get severe punishment. No, maybe not, it’s out of control.

  20. I am rather taken aback by the support here for guns.
    I will make one comment – Trump has suggested today that teachers carry guns.

    I rest my case.

  21. Guns are here to stay in America. So yes they might as well arm teachers. Every other institution there has armed protection so why not Schools ?

    • So instead of one maniac spraying bullets around, there are two in the classroom? I mean, just cast your mind back to some of your favourite teachers…

      • @Komodo

        No…there would only be one maniac…the one trying to take innocent lives for God only knows what fucked up reason.

        The other person would be a brave citizen trying to eliminate said maniac…i.e. cunt…and protect the innocent lives in his/her* charge.

        *I know some women who can shoot too! 🔫. 👩

      • Which leads us to the question of what enthusiasts for shooting call ‘collateral damage’. All I’m saying is let’s think this through. Your teacher is likely not going to hit first time with a sidearm, in a panic situation, while your maniac has a semi with a (easily homemade) bump stock, or something even nastier, and no qualms. He knows exactly who to slot first – the guy with the gun. The maniac may be crazy, but he ain’t stupid. I’d say the protection for the kids is minimal.

      • Exactly – the maniac is focused, highly motivated, single minded, probably amphetamine fuelled, with a plan and the element of surprise – a machine primed to instantly eliminate anyone he thinks has another gun – no scruples, no hesitation, on a suicide mission…

        Mind you, you’d have to be a bit nuts, or a raving libtard, to want to be a teacher anyway these days, let alone one with a gun.

    • Anybody could be a maniac. What if the teacher goes batshit and starts shooting kids because they are being a bit rowdy. It’s bound to happen.

      Perhaps let the kids carry so that they can eliminate the maniac teacher. But only if absolutely necessary of course. I mean you wouldn’t the kids retaliating unless the teacher shoots more than 3 kids, which classes him as a mass shooter. Less than 3 doesn’t count as a serious incident.

      • Absolutely classic Leftist/New World Order/Fourth Reich argument:

        The possibility of one doing evil means we must repress all of you…for your own good of course. Trust us…we know what’s in your best interest and we will protect you from yourselves.
        And remember…Vote Remain!


      • Give a teacher a gun and he’ll hide in the stationary cupboard till it’s all over. Ditto armed school resource officers.

      • Maybe the teacher wouldn’t get driven close to the batshit scale if their class full of little cherubs knew the teacher had a gun in the drawer.

        Might install some of the order lost in the average classroom.

      • That is a distinctly good point and I wholly concur. But it rather defeats the object of the exercise, which is that kids don’t get shot. Coming soon: “Gunfight at Okie High”

  22. Fuck it! I give up. I can’t argue with you cunts. You can give up your guns and I’ll keep mine. But don’t worry…if we’re ever attacked by some psychotic gun wielding cunt I’ll cover you while you run for your safe spaces.

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