Censoring film reviews

Here in the states social media sites have banned the posting of any negative reviews on that piece of politically correct piece of shit “Black Panther”! That’s right NO negative reviews allowed.

Why? Supposedly, an alt right group planned to post a bunch of negative reviews on Cuntbook. Accordingly, libtards from coast to coast began foaming at the mouth. TV talking heads were spinning like Linda Blair and puking green bile all over the screen. POC’s were confirming that indeed all of the world’s ills were caused by Trump, the alt right and white people in general.

Then they were all giddy with glee because after the banning of negative reviews all of the critics were unanimous in their praise. (Imagine that.). There was even talk about how this would be the first time ever that Rotten Tomatoe’s had a 100% movie review. (They participated in the ban too.). Yes boys and girls Black Panther was Gone with the Wind, The Ten Commandments and Lawrence of Arabia all rolled into one.

But then…wait for it…the unthinkable happened. A negative review was posted on Rotten Tomatoes. This review apparently slipped by because (a) it came from Europe and somehow was able to evade the alt right filter and (b) it contained no racial language that set off the troll alarms. It criticized the movie for what it claimed was a lack of action in a super hero film.

Cuntkind across the New World has been plunged into a collective state of deep, dark, depression.

In a twist all of you cunters in the UK will appreciate…the aforementioned negative review came from…an Irish critic! ? Some spud munching, Gaelic hipster threw a bomb…all the way across the Atlantic…and hit the the reigning melatonin enhanced super hero right in the ass.

Come on everyone…sing along with me:

Glory O, Glory O, for the bold Finian man!

Nominated by General Cuntster

61 thoughts on “Censoring film reviews

  1. A follow up cunting to my own cunting. Tyler Baines-Cadbury a self identified “Trans -weight” 😫 said the following:

    “White people shouldn’t be allowed to review the Black Panther lest their innate racial bias subconsciously reflect their reviewing. White people simply cannot be impartial. PoC only please.”

    Fucking cunt!

      • Hi General.

        We know you’re new so we forgive you for not knowing the system 😂

        You posted this nom three times after it disappeared the first time. The reason it disappeared was that we thought it good enough to schedule in its own right as you can now see. We only delete for two reasons – inappropriate or scheduled.

        So have patience my friend! We don’t miss much so welcome to the fun.

    • Tyler Baines-Cadbury-Alley more like.

      What a fucking arsehole ferret. Wouldn’t it be great if we could build a fuck-off great spaceship and fill it with assorted cunts and goatfuckers like Cadbury-Alley, Blair, Abbott, Branson, Allen, Brand, Miller etc.,etc.,etc. and fire the fucker up to the stars.

      Be a shame if it went the same way as the space shuttle Challenger did in 1986. Ooops!

  2. Were blacks banned from reviewing American History X? Hope there is a few token honkeys in this, most probably racist cunts lording it over the oppressed gollies and need to check their white privilege.

    • That cunt Tim from ‘the Office’ is in it (Black Panther). I think he’s the token cracker. This is what his wiki has to say about him:-

      “Freeman has been an outspoken supporter of the Labour Party. As a teenager, he supported Britain’s now-defunct Militant political group and volunteered with the Labour Party Young Socialists.[1] In 2015, Freeman appeared in a party election broadcast to endorse the Labour party ahead of the 2015 UK general election.[31] In August 2015, he endorsed Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign in the Labour Party leadership election. In a session at the Edinburgh International Television Festival he said: “I happen to think that he is the most impressive one of the four. I do.” He added that Corbyn was the “most impressive one as an individual”

      Clearly a strong candidate for a future cunting.

  3. Excellent cunting there General. A real eye opener regarding the frenzied and rabid behaviour of the faux intelligencia.!

    We have a take away not far from here that does not tolerate any negative reviews
    either. ( foreign cunt )

    But as we all know, the real measure of a movies success , is the dollars that it earns. Could be a very big loss they are making, and Uncle George Soros will no doubt have to bail the fuckers out. Cunt

    • Oh don’t worry Simple the hype surrounding this film ensures that it will generate a substantial box office buck! To help ensure that, the libtard community is holding fundraisers and collecting donations to buy tickets for poor, black underprivileged children so they can go see this Supergangsta on the big screen. Ostensively, this is to help their self esteem. Undoubtedly it will help their sense of entitlement and militancy.

      As for the cunts on the left they are in quite a quandary as illustrated by Emily Lackdawalla…a cunt I’m sure some of you are familiar with from her appearance’s on the British Bullshit Corporation…who tweeted this:

      “So I carefully did not buy Black Panther tickets for opening weekend because I did not want to be the white person sucking Black joy out of the theatre. What’s the appropriate date for me to buy tickets? Is next weekend OK?

      This is an exact quite except for the # and the black cat emoji. Notice how Black is capitalised and white isn’t.

      Fucking cunt! I’d give her something to suck the joy out of but God only knows what else has been in her mouth.

      • Those poor black kids are gonna be well pissed off having to watch this film over and over again. The libtards will have to stuff their gobs full of ice cream and popcorn to stop them shouting out “ i’ve seen this shit twice already!”

      • There is something in this “black only “. The police have a “federation” for blacks only. A honkey may not join under any circumstances.. The Police Federation, is open to all colours and creeds by Law, and cannot discriminate in any way.

        This effectively is a discriminatory state of affairs that is prejudicial against the white, but is lawful.

        In 2009, a serving white officer applied to the Federation for Black Officers and was rejected. Wishing to make a case of it. he eventually found himself out of a job.

        What is it about a black that makes them so fucking special, and exempted from discriminatory legislation.

        This movie falls within the domain of political and judicial hypocrisy.

        So, it is all crap, and a load of cunt. Fuck all libs.

      • Fuck the errors of syntax and a keypad that is fucked! I hope you can understand what Im talking about…..Im off to bed.!

      • Not only is my keypad possessed but the damn auto correct thinks it knows what I want to say better than I do.

        To your point what happens if I call the police and a black cop shows up? Do I request a white one?

  4. If I can self-identify as a woman on any particular day why can’t I self-identify as black, write a review of this wanky kids’ film and then go back to being white the next day?
    Answer that you snowflake shitheads!

  5. I think the hype is going to fail, and this film is going to tank big time. In all fairness, I’m glad they made a film with a black hero, rather than making captain America black. Though that will still probably happen.

  6. This movie is gonna go down a storm in the mid-west and the South. Hope it loses fucking millions.

    • As previously mooted, the rich white libtards will buy millions of tickets, hand them out free to the homeless and blacks who can’t afford no shoes, then scuttle back to their gated communities, job well done.

      • Is th soundtrack available yet? I hear that “de Campdown race track” is possibly the best arrangement yet.

  7. Most film reviews are a load of bollocks anyhow. All those arty-farty films that the critics love are nothing but a load of pretentious shite. I don’t like those subtitled,black and white type of films that seem to appeal to a certain type of pretentious Cunt.
    I like a good Western or war film. The Great Escape,Enemy at the Gates,A Bridge too Far, The Guns of Navarrone etc. are my kind of films. I also enjoy some of the old Ealing films. I also expect the women in films to be fuckable,not these flat-chested,androgynous snorters that are in so many films nowadays.
    Most film reviews should be censored because they are written by “clever” Cunts trying to out-clever other “clever” Cunts and bear no relation to what most people think.
    if… is my favourite film.

    • Blue Velvet was quite good, though I haven’t seen it for a while. IF was brilliant, came close to happening for real at one school I attended…

  8. I think my favourite movie is the Breakfast Club. Not because of an all white cast but because it’s genius.

    Two of my favourite actors are Denzel and Samuel L. Not coz they’re black but because they are great actors.

    Three of my favourite actresses are Nicole, Reece and Jennifer. Not because they are great actors but because of …. other factors.

    • Back in the day there were 2 great films starring Sidney Poitier. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner with Sid and Spencer Tracy. And the cracker that was ‘In the Heat of the Night’ with Sid and the great Rod Steiger.
      Both films made a point and both films had the black man as a fine actor not some cunt in a children’s dressing up suit.

      • To Sir With Love is another great Poitier film… And Richard Pryor was the best stand up of all time… Am I allowed to say that as a white blue eyed Englishman?… Who the fuck do these uppity John Johns and libfucks think they are?! Fuck them…

      • Eddie Murphy was great in his early career. He poked fun at white people, as well as everybody else.
        Bet Michael Jackson’s and Mr T’s ears were burning…

    • Not be long until anything like this’ll be banned. We’ll just have jungle-bunny music..and fucking Adele.

      • Plenty of that sort of thing at the Reading/Leeds festival. All those sap cunts forking over their 225 notes (before the line-up had even been announced) to see a rock festival only to discover sunsequently that loads of the performers are rap and grime “artist” Um Bongos…

      • They wouldn’t have tried that at Donington in the Eighties. What a fucking time we used to have there.

      • Fucking right. Imagine the reception of Maiden, followed by Sepultura with a finale of N-Dubz featuring Dappy. There’d have been a riot. Followed by a lynching.

      • I’d pay good money to see Dappy’s St. Vitus dance as he dangles just unable to reach the floor with his toes.

    • Have to check in with Trudeau on that one CnR, sure he has a made up pronoun straight from play school.

  9. If you want a proper laugh there’s a brilliant blaxploitation film called ” Black Dynamite” and another all time classic “Shaft” good films not because of a majority black cast or some pc shite not because they educate it’s because they entertain which is the prime reason for a film. If you want educating or realism watch a fucking documentary ya dos cunts.

  10. The way most blacks behave in cinemas is pathetic. They can’t make their minds up at the food counter. Mostly always late, usuallly on thier phones whilst the film us on, loud, rude and obnoxious.

    • I did just that for one film, and of course it didn’t appear. The DVD’s not going to sell if people think it’s shit.

    • It pains me (and scares me 😨) to disagree with such a distinguished mathematician and world renowned cunter.

      eBay and those like them are just trying to make a buck.

      Cuntkind is trying to advance their agenda. Silence free speech. Eliminate free expression. Control what people think. Demonize the opposition. They will use all manner of fuckery to advance their cause and control the masses. This is just one more example the lengths they will go to…albeit one of the more egregious ones.

      “Believe what we tell you to believe!”. 😱 😵

  11. Off point…..
    I was idling on my couch yesterday morning just drinking a coffee when I noticed something that instantly made me shout Cunts !! And loudly ..
    On sky tv they were advertising some shows, first up was some gigantic tub of American lard!, they showed this enormous whale of a girl just doing normal things whilst laughing like a drain for absolutely no apparent reason? The show is called My big fat life! It follows a morbidly obese young American girl appearing to doing absolutely nothing!! WTF!
    This was quickly followed by another show ad, some young American boy wants to get
    “a Cunt”. In my opinion that would be anybody stupid enough to watch it , a whole series dedicated to a young boy who wants a sex change? And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse as I had turned over only to be met by Warwick Davis plugging his new series!! A man who’s height far exceeds his talent!! , his big acting break came in the forest of endor playing a fuckin teddy bear ( Ewok) and he has be blighting our TV screens ever since! Warwick invited us to join him for fun on his new series of tenable? Oh really Warwick??

  12. There’s a simple way round this bollocks… Just say you are black and you think the film is a steaming pile of shit…

  13. I feel like we are going full retard. If you look at the offerings on the tv these days; you’d think the mental ability was that of a child. I see people not alowing criticism because ‘feeeeels’ and I weep. The reality of life is you will encounter hardship and critasim at every turn. What makes a well rounded person is being able to take that and give a good argument back.
    I watched a video today of a black woman saying all whites should have passports taken away. Why? Because black people should be able to go on holiday without whites! Well if the ads on the tv are to be believed all but 2% of us are in multi racial relationships. I have nothing against that, but the way the media show this is a lie. If so many of us where in mixed race couples as shown, the UK would look very different.

  14. I want to see a movie about the 200,000 white britons taken into slavery by the Romans, and the 120,000 white English taken by the Barbary Pirates.

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