Peter Kay [2]

Peter Kay is a cunt… All that publicity about there being no more episodes of that Car Share thing, and now there’s going to be a Christmas Special… Apparently it’s ‘unscripted’ which basically means it’s a load of outtakes and cock ups… That said, it’ll still be better than Mrs Brown’s Taxdodging Cunts…

Nominated by Norman.

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  1. Apparently Roy Hattersley said something today. Thought the cunt had been pushing up daisies for years! Better get him in me Dead Pool before some other cheeky fucka nabs the cunt.

    • I genuinely thought he was dead, too.

      Plus, I can never think of anything other than the Spitting Image version of him when I see his name mentioned.

      • Cunts that immediately go off topic coz they want to get their word in get right up my probiscus. Cunts!

  2. I really can’t see the appeal of Mrs Browns Cunts.

    It’s fucking awful, rather watch Birds of a Feather. Actually, no I wouldn’t. Both shitpiles of wasted license fee money.

  3. Peter Kay is a one-trick pony who was eventually found out. Essentially putting everything in modern life through a ‘woking class Northern’ filter and passing it off as comedy. There are far worse comedians than Kay but not as many who were quite so excessively overhyped.

    Aside from wanting to shag the leading woman, Car Pool was utter bollocks and just more mining of the overflogged 80s pop catalogue – as if that tomb hasn’t been raided enough in recent years. Utter shite.

    • You’re spot on Mr Cunts Back. Peter Kay is to comedy as shit is to toilet paper. I’ve never found the fat cunt funny at all and am mystified when cunts start rolling in the aisles when he raises an eyebrow. Send the obese twat to the Rohingya, who are starving and could use a square meal. Oh fuck, I forgot, they’re Muslims and don’t eat pig. By the way, Theresa May is a cunt for traitorous behavior.

      • Welllllll…I actually thought Phoenix Nights was excellent.

        He also did a series of pilots called That Peter Kate Thing which included the pilot for Phoenix Nights but also included a pilot about a bingo hall and one called “The Iced-Cream Man Cometh” both of which were genuinely funny.

        I didn’t care much for the series where he pretended to be a savenaar working on the London docks in the 70’s.

        Of the current spate of comics he’s far from being the worst or least funny. Just take any right-on, virtue-signalling unfunny comic for instance.

  4. I don’t mind Peter Kay. I thought that Phoenix Nights was excellent,and I also quite enjoyed that Car Share thing. However,what I really like about Kay is that he isn’t one of those trendy,ever-so-daring UNFUNNY Cunts. O.K,his act may be pretty hackneyed,but at least I get it….I might not pay to see him,but I wouldn’t put a brick through the telly when he came on,either.

    • Didn’t he take all the credit for writing Phoenix Nights, to the exclusion of Dave Spikey and Neil Fitzmaurice? If so, that alone is more than sufficient to elevate him to the ranks of cuntdom.

      • Did he? I must admit I’ve never really taken that much notice of what he’s done,bar occasionally seeing him on the telly.

  5. Never got the car thingy at all besides Mr Cuntsback shaggability observation. Kay’s brand of humour is so pre-packaged in northern twatdom that is so predictable. What is it with fat unfunny cunts? I genuinely do not get it.

  6. Another cunting that I am struggling to see clearly. Kay may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but a cunt?

    I really can’t place Kay in the echelons of cuntitude alongside McIntyre, Brand, Howard, inter alia.

    I sometimes fear that the fishing net of cuntitude needs recasting to more bountiful waters.

    • I agree, too easy to cunt everything without thought. People will cunt comedians until the cows come home but never tell you what they think is funny, probably for fear of looking like cunts?
      Kay can be very funny as in Phoenix nights and his early stand ups and I enjoyed the interplay in Carshare .
      But then I know a few who think Stewart Lee is funny and I cant see it, up his own arse in my opinion .

  7. Fucking hell. May has made Northern Ireland independent. Surgeon and Khan have spontaneously multi-orgasmed. Ffs.

    • Don’t know where you got that from. The ‘no popery, no surrender lot wont stand for it. Which is a blessing otherwise we would give the cunts anything they asked as part of our ‘negotiations’

  8. Don’t know anything about Kay that would see him cunted. Some of Phoenix Nights was superb (‘I’m getting the word nonce’) and he has consistently supported other northern acts, past and present. As far as I know he isn’t a right-on cunt either, hasn’t sold out to London and doesn’t play golf with Brucie & Tarby, or whatever the equivalent is now.
    And put along side Mrs Brown, Macintyre or any one of dozens of unfunny cunts he is a beacon of humour in a sea of shite..

    • He did do the reopening of the Manchester Arena: where Kay and Noel Gallacunt both did ‘We join together, we light candles, we ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ and we win’ sandwog appeasing bollocks… So, he’s a cunt for that I suppose…

      • Didn’t know that, so coming up the cuntidude scale a bit. But in the greater scheme of cunts he is a midget amongst giants such as Bonio, Blair, Brand and all the rest across the top banner.

  9. Shock, horror news. Aid money channelled to muzzie lunatics. What a surprise, who’d have thought it?

    • Only because they got rumbled. If hey hadn’t, then even more cash would have been donated.

  10. Hats orf to “Noi Surrendah unless the money’s right” Arlene Foster over the brake orn the EU stitch-up. Ridiculous EU proposition that the customs border is extended to include Northern Ireland so that goods and services flow freely between North and South. This would put NI outside the UK for trade purposes and NI and British trade would be subject to extra EU regulation and tariffs. Who thought that one up? More EU empire building.
    Arlene Foster for Woman orf The Year? Bugger me butler.

    • Indeed Sir Limply, we owe this lady an enormous debt of gratitude. Telling May exactly where she stands! Clarity ! If the cow May had slipped this one in, not only would Ireland be lost, but so too Scotland and Wales. I always believed the EU was a 4th Reich, only not quite as efficient as the 3rd.

    • May should now say hold your meeting and agree to trade talks so we can talk further or we’ve nothing more to add!

      Oh! There goes another flying pig!..

      Just seen some dumb cunt on TV news blaming rail fare rises on Brexit FFS…

    • Never saw it this way but maybe I was rather hasty in my earlier comment re: the DUP.

      I was way too consumed in the fact that it gave Sturgeon an excuse to come out her independence bubble and mump her gums. The old tune “If they are getting it, we want it too”.

      I just don’t get why she’s even bothered or her whole independence idea?

      If Scotland has a referendum after we leave EU and they break away from England, they don’t meet the criteria to join the EU again anyway.

      They are currently in the EU only through UK membership, so Scotland has never been an EU member that can be dragged out against their will.

      If she wants an independent Scotland and doesn’t want to be controlled by Westminster, she should want independence from the EU to be free of their current control too.

  11. “Lily Allen moans that she’ll be homeless at Christmas because tenants in her luxury London flat are refusing to move out – claiming ‘diplomatic immunity'”

    My heart bleeds for poor Lily…can’t get the darky squatters out,plus she’s having to sell her Cotswolds mansion to settle a tax bill.

    Happy Christmas, Lily. I’ve sent you a present,it’s a 6 foot length of rope and a stool. Feel free to use them for the recommended purpose…..Cunt.

  12. Just seen that horrible old battleaxe Anna Soubry crowing on about Brexit on the television, cannot stand the woman

  13. I agree with CC Phoenix Nights was hilarious at times and his early stand up was great. I think rather than cunting Tub Tubson we should cunt the sycophants that laugh on his every word. The other week I heard him on the Ginger Evans show telling us skint fuckers to give him more money so he could feel better about himself as he doled it out to some unfortunates (minus Expenses) and was so irked by the level of brown nosing and laughing at utterly unfunny things I pulled over and screwed a rusty screw into my temple.

  14. I don’t mind him on some things but his comedy appeals more to old ladies. I wouldn’t mind sharing the back seat with the ginger muff tho.

    • I would love to give the ginger bird off Car Share a going over with the old tickling stick… Tattyhilarious….

      • I’ve laughed more at Lenny Henry, and that’s saying something. I think it’s just his accent that makes people think he’s funny. Last thing I watched was when he was driving an ice-cream van and it was just bollocks. He makes Paul Merton look like a comedy genius.

  15. Let me get this right ? May has given Northern Ireland to Tusk and the eu ? If thats the case then the eu can deal with the Paddies endless squabbling and we wash our hands of the cunts which would be great. But now predictably the DUP who cannot agree with themselves let alone with anyone else have threatened to withdraw their support for the Tories which would be manor from heaven for the eu because the Tory government would collapse and Comrade Corbyn would walk in and offer the eu unlimited amounts of filthy Luka and bend over to let that bog eyed Polak Tusk fuck Corbyn and us hard in the arse. If i’m a stupid cunt and have got it all wrong please enlighten me.

    • Had May been successful The UK was fucked. The DUP have saved us from disappearing up the shit tube. Twat May is a Traitor and needs to be taken out of the frame immediately.

      All we need is for that stupid bitch to step aside and let Mogg and Co. take over.

      Long live the DUP, !

      • The DUP may have saved us, or they may have sealed our fate. All of a sudden the ‘ divorce ‘ bill has gone all Sunday League and the big game in town is the Irish border. All sides are saying they don’t want a hard border, but if we really are leaving the EU then surely there is no alternative ?
        I suspect we are heading for a half baked brexit where we stay in the customs union at least and possibly the single market as well, this will come about by the fucking lamentable tory party committing hari kari and Steptoe winning a majority. I also think that the way things are playing out it’s all been engineered to bring about the sabotage of the referendum result.
        I would also like to put forward Leo Varadkar for an emergency cunting, this poncy bog pixie talks like someone who strides the world like a colossus, issuing demands left right and centre ,well here’s the thing Leo – you fucking don’t, you’re yesterdays nobody, today’s irrelevance and tomorrows non – news, your country is as important on the world stage as the fucking Pitcairn Islands and its main preoccupation is spewing pikey vomit on to the shores of dear old Blighty in wave after stinking wave. I blame Cromwell, he should have finished off every last one of the blarney babbling leprechaun cunts while he had the chance and turned the place into a nature reserve.

      • “…it’s all been engineered to bring about the sabotage of the referendum result.”

        Spot on.

      • The tea sock is undoubtedly a weapons grade cunt and yet another example of absolute nobody’s flexing their muscles because they are emboldened by the EU!……….

  16. If this all does go tits up as it were I’m not so sure catweazle would be a definite shoe in. It would depend of course who the Tories elected as new leader as to what sort of campaign they ran to show the cunt up for what he is. If they think the Brexit voters would just lie down and give in I think they’ve got their heads up their collective ring holes. I’m yet to speak to any cunt who voted to leave would change their mind. There is also the possibility that there could be a resurgence of UKIP if people don’t trust either of the other cunts. I think the most likely outcome would be a hung parliament and a re run of the referendum which of course would be a monster stitch up and the end of this country as we know it. That reminds me I must go and root out my arson kit.

    • Or you could send your donations to the Kendo Nag society of I need your fooken muneeeeeeeeeee.
      £100 minimum donations please in a brown plain envelope left just behind the green bin by the back gate.

    • I’ve a funny feeling that Farage has “left the building”. Whether coerced or bribed his silence is deafening.

      • Not the LBC building. Have you not been listening to his radio programme? (7pm Mon-Thur / 10am-12pm Sun.) Very vociferous re: today’s attempted treachery. Was also on Marr Show over weekend.

        Don’t doubt he’ll return to front line when time is judged right…

      • Hope you’re right,but I don’t think that he’ll be back on the front line. Even if he did,I think he’s shot his bolt.

    • I’ve already signed a direct debit for Wilbur the gay penguin in a duffel coat, so he can have a new plastic arse after British Gas service him annually.
      The rest goes on fallen women: I contribute to their falls…

    • I tried to text CARE to the appeal number but the predictive text on this phone kept changing it to CUNT.

      Hey, don’t blame me, have a word with that Steve Jobs cunt!

      Colin Fry’s number is: 0800…

  17. News just in @ 9.36 p of the m —–》 The US Supreme Court has ruled that President Trump’s travel ban on six mainly Muslim countries can go fully into effect. Bang and the dirt is gone. What he says, he does. It may be illegal, unconstitutional or absolutely insane but The Donald sticks to his guns. The maddest president ever and we are living thru it.

  18. Teresa May should be flung in the Tower and the key thown away.
    Have you ever witnessed such a spineless, treacherous , lily livered pile of cunt?
    Thank fuck for the DUP. Well done.

    • Theresa May and her government are a bloody disgrace to this country and in footballing talk “are not fit to wear the shirts”. She for one needs to go sooner rather than later.

  19. Surely wee torn face sturgeon deserves more votes for COTY ?
    I mean not one single thing she does or says is relevant !
    Her and snp “s only goal and desire is to break up the union

  20. Peter Kay….who?
    I assume it is someone moderately well known for being, er, in (the) possession of a good agent.
    Cunters, stop watching crap and cunt the real cunts. Please.

    • Well fucking said!

      (Had to put the “fucking” in there to make up the necessary 15 characters required to post).

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