Howard Jacobson

Howard Jacobson cunt. He has just written a book, supposedly a satire on the Trump administration called “Pussy” and has just been on Sky news pushing his very own brand of hate speech “Trump voters were uneducated” “Brexit voters were thick”. Well, you big nosed cunt, if you want to know why people voted for Brexit or Trump just look in the fucking mirror for you are the very exemplar of all things the people voted against in those two historic democratic events. A smarmy fully paid up member of the liberal metropolitan elite whose idea of a of a hard days work is venting your spleen at a word processor because your side lost in a democratic vote and you are too childish to accept it. Cunt!

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart.

52 thoughts on “Howard Jacobson

  1. Be England what she will,

    with all her faults

    she is my country still.

    ….Best country in the world!

    Happy st George’s day cunters!

    • And a happy a George’s Day to you Deploy. I get very annoyed at the lack of recognition for the English national day here. We get St. Patrick’s day (shit), Waitangi Day (not bad), Chinese New Year (loud), and just about every other cunts celebration rammed down our throats. But St. George gets nary a fleeting mention. Odd, considering what a large ex-pat English community we have.

      • “I get very annoyed at the lack of recognition for the English national day here”

        I do too even tho is a catholic saint and I’m a protestant haha lol Multiculturualism has replaced or greatly favored other nations holidays more thanks to liberals and EU traitors

        St George is historically relevant but his veneration has gone back and forth many times but it is also historically important as a english holiday. I for one already have a red rose on my lapel and probably get a few drinks in me gonna wait at least to lunch tho lol

  2. Another arrogant conceited cunt mired in his own self importance with a sense of entitlement. The cunt actually believes that his opinion counts more than people who HE perceives of lesser intelligence. The absolute epitome of the cosseted academic LAZY cunts who think it’s clever not knowing which end of a fucking screwdriver to hold. Go fuck yourself Snozzle Durante.

    • He is an intellectual. His novels are unreadable. He is typical of the arrogant Londoncentric twats who look down on the rest of us. Never done a days work in his pointless fucking life. The life and soul of Hampstead dinner parties, which only ever invite like minded cunts.

      • An accurate observation CC you are so right. My grandchildren are starting to equate “intellectual” with retarded useless twat. So sad that the age of reason had to die and so will I if eldest daughter catches me teaching the little ones any more guerilla warfare tactics. But their shoulders will have to bear the weight of the fuckfest thats sure to come so I really want them to have a chance. My Dad God rest him taught me all sorts of useful things.

  3. …..Fuck me,that”s a fuckin” snout and a half……….Cunt………….Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  4. Yeah I remember when they tryed that Trump voters are uneducated racists that MSM was pumping out every minute. I know americans who voted for trump only voted for him to show people that the two party electoral system is a joke, or they didn’t like the other virtue signalling candidates and because he has a likeable charisma no matter how much a cunt wanker he can be.

    Its a shame Trump is backing out on so many campaign promises somebodys gotta hold his balls to the fire on this. Either way you look at it its bad news and politicians are all fucking liars Also Howard Jacobson is a shitty author just try reading one of his cunty books just try it

  5. Hook nosed ugly cunt.

    He should be tarred and feathered and dragged through the streets of Droitwich.

  6. Aint Droitwich only got one street?…………………..Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  7. Pope Francis is fucking crazy This Pope just used a service for a dead Christian woman, killed by Moslems…., to call for the release of more refugees more Moslem killers onto the streets of Europe. Why? because he thinks its sad they are in refugee centers and camps And the sister of a priest murdered by a Moslem was brought in to claim the same….

    We are reaching levels of irony that shouldn’t even be fucking possible! God I hate Popes they all can eat shit and fucking die for alll I care! He wants more terror attacks to happen? what in the bloody fuck?!

    • The man is a fucking maniac, T.S. It’s akin to asking the McCanns to babysit someone’s children. The ridiculous old cunt wont be so keen when the Peaceful People are nailing him to a cross. Wonder if his god’ll save him then? He doesn’t seem to have been much help to the christians who’ve already been butchered by the prophet worshipers. Think I’d prefer to put my hope for salvation from the muslims into something a bit more tangible than the pope’s imaginary friend in the sky. Daft old wanker.

      • What do you expect from the deluded cunt? After all he takes his orders from a man who lives in the sky. If you or said that they would lock us up but this cunt makes a fucking living off it.

    • What about Pope Benedict?

      What evil shite did that cunt get up to that they are hiding him away until the dark eyed cunt dies.
      I’m not an expert in Catholicism, but i’m sure its a first.
      How can a fenian worship a human being coz he got voted in by other high ranking fenians and then forget about him and move on to their next “father” when ordered to, with no questions?
      My main problem with Catholics is their obedience and worship to earthly men when it should be their”God” that is their man with a plan.
      I debate it regularly with my devout aunt (who lives with nuns) but i get nowhere with her.

      Remember when Kate and Gerry McGuilty took a wee break from the terror of having a tantrum throwing brat gone missing, and fucked off to meet the pope ? (next stop Oprah).
      Tell the world that yer daughter has been abducted by a “swarthy beast” and then go and meet the kingpin of beasts, while she’s still missing.
      If i was them and i was innocent, I’d never leave Portugal until i had her back in my arms.
      I’d sell my Leicestershire million pound home and buy a small flat and look for her everyday.

      Fuck, that post was a ramble.

      Happy St George’s day……………Scotland.

  8. Never heard of the cunt,but he has the look of a shower-block dodger. Probably with good reason.

    • I’m planning to open a Jewish strip club….think I’ll call it “The Gash Chamber.”

  9. “Brexit voters are thick”?

    Privately educated, multi lingual company director and skilled engineer over here.

    Spent fifteen years campaigning to get the fuck out of the Marxist shit show that is the EU.

    I knew exactly what I was voting for and the fact that it upsets hackademic cunts like concorde face makes the victory even sweeter.

    I would put money on that this cunt wouldn’t last thirty seconds in a conversation with me before being utterly trounced and taking the leftard cunt’s favourite cop-out, screaming ‘racist’!

    Bet he can’t change a flat without calling the AA too, the worthless, gobshite wankstain.

  10. It’s like ISAC version of groundhog day, every time there’s a so-called ‘intellectual ‘cunt who iv never heard of, failing to grasp the concept of democracy. Cry me a river and bore off you shylock fucker.

  11. Back to the OP. Every time I see or hear that the Brexit voters and Trump voters are racist etc etc. I think to myself “how many of the ‘peaceful religion’ refugees are you offering your house to ?” How many do you want living next door to you ? If the answer is zero and I’ll tell you now it will be, then please keep your libtard mouth shut.

  12. I think Cuthbert of Lindisfarne should be St georges replacement mostly because he’s more in direct lineage to england then st george if we were to change it. Also it would be funny to have the names Cuthbert of Lindisfarne associated…..

    I mean cuthbert kind of looks like Cuntbert (tho pronounced couth) and lindisfarne was a decent english folkrock band that most musically educated individuals have heard of I’m sure Their 1st 2 albums were pretty good. “Fog on the tyne is all mine all mine” innit that right gazza?!

        For fuck sake I hate these fucking diversity officers Qari Asim what kind of gobshite name is that? This is why Cuthberth of Lindisfarne must be our new St.George!. Believe me st george is a alright I guess but this cuntbert bloke is a million times better
        Happy St.Cuthbert day punters… see sounds better already

        You are right great oysters, I never had Mead before but I’ve heard good things.

      • My neck o the woods. Mead tastes sweet and sickly, an acquired taste, slightly reminiscent of the vaginal secretions of an excited female gagging for it.
        Intoxicating, viscous and warming.

  13. Ukip wants to ban the burka and Sharia law as part of its election manifesto, i can hear a leftie shit storm brewing.

    • Ukip are finished and it was Nigel who gave them some sort of credibility. That price in charge now is a joke. A scouse accent doesn’t work in politics. Looking like a cunt doesn’t help either.

      • At last UKIP has found a purpose. Ban the burka and ban sharia law. I can see lots of votes in that. Of course the libtard mongs will be out in force calling it racist and anti-islamic but if that were true how come the burka is banned in Turkey and Egypt? Are they saying both those countries are racist and anti islamic?

        Now, I doubt very much that it will win UKIP a single MP, but it doesn’t matter. They only had 1 MP and yet forced a EU referendum by bringing up the debate until the major parties could no longer ignore it and so shall it be in this case.

  14. Who the fuck is this cunt?
    I am sure he’s a cunt. Anyways I guess he’s having a whinge about Brexit? Yawn, move on you old cunt. Brexit has highlighted the sheer amount of cunts there are in this country, not only being cunts for voting remain but for not accepting the result and going on about it like some woman when it’s that time of the month. Shut the fuck up you Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunts.

  15. I bet he didn’t have his fucking picture on the cover. He looks like he’s had his head in a vice.

    Put him back in the fucking basement he crawled out of!

  16. My mum had an LP with all his hits on it…’ Reviewing The Situation’ ‘Be Back Soon’ ‘Pick A Pocket Or Two’… Wonder what his ex-bandmate, Dodger, is doing these days?…

  17. What a grade A cunt.

    Unfortunately I am swamped with essays for the next few days so will probably be offline for a while.Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

  18. This cunt isn’t a writer, he’s not even human. I’ve just seen him on “Monkey Life” tucking into a big slice of watermelon. He’s a fucking Gibbon! Oh, and even the other Gibbons don’t like him. Yes, even monkeys can spot a stinking remoaner cunt when they see one.

  19. Happy St George’s day everyone.
    A beautiful and well deserved cunting SE.
    If this twat’s nose isn’t big enough already, I’ll be happy to expand it still further across his face with a cricket bat.

  20. In case it hasn’t already been stated, anyone with a name like Howard Jacobson is in fact a pretentious, self righteous, sanctimonious, bitter CUNT!

    So, because many people didn’t vote the way he wanted, they are uneducated idiots. Fucking idiot.

    If anything, the ones who would vote the way this muppet wanted, are normally the ones drinking the Globalisation cool-aid.

  21. The last time I met the cunt Jacobson I offered to wipe a dewdrop off the end of his snout………………only because I was nearer to said dewdrop than him………………….Cunt…………….Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  22. Happy St Georges’ Day you cunters. I see Tony Bliar is off again, talking to the BBC he is still upset (diddums you champagne socialist piece of shite) about Brexit and he is taking the same stance as the lovely big mouthed ugly w@g banana boat up in banana tree ( thanks for that Norman, everytime Vagina Millers name is mentioned I hear that tune in my head) Gina Miller. Blair is so passionate he is even talking of getting back into politics. You fucking cunt of high proportions, passionate, where was your fucking passion when you sent our forces to their death in a fight we shouldn’t have even been in. Remorse, never seen any from this toe rag. Blair is so despicable I actually look forward to the day he takes his last fucking breath. Tony Blair, you are one hell of a cunt.

    • It turns out i was watching series two of Gotham, Gingers Ballsac.
      I thought it was series three coz it went on for weeks, even though i was watching two episodes every Sunday night.
      Series three started not long ago on Fox so it’ll probably be months and fuckin months until we get to see series three.
      How brilliant was that episode when Penguin killed Galavan/Azrael ?
      Best programme ever, after Dexter.
      I’m not even a fan of superheroes.

      • It was a lovely ending for Galavan birdman, Jim Gordon ending his life filling him with lead, the cunt deserved it. I like Penguin, think he is a great character and the actor that plays him does a super job. I don’t normally get too excited about tv programmes but Gotham, to me, is a definite not to miss. It seems like an eternity since I saw the last episode.

    • £2.75, just £2.75 per round to see off that Cunt Blair…….Just £2.75! Think about it….

  23. How the fuck does Chris Sutton stay in a job.
    What a horrible cunt that guy is.
    Everything he says is snidey as fuck and more often than not his colleagues have to change the subject to shut the cunt up.

    A horrible cunt who seems to be obsessed with trying to annoy anyone connected to Rangers FC (sevco).
    He’s amateurish as fuck and his thoughts belong in a primary school play ground.

    Chris Sutton is a cunt.

  24. Apart from the fact that his face is shite with winnits. this guy is an acclaimed clever cloggs with a massive intellect. In the literary world he is highly rated and has written several books and articles in a language that I do not clearly or fully understand. (Klingon )
    Regardless of his acclaim, he is ( in my humble opinion ) an arsehole and a cunt.

  25. I feel obliged to speak up for him as an author, having enjoyed most of his books. I didn’t think much of The Finkler Question and shan’t be bothering with this new one. Not only is it guaranteed to annoy me by being artfully clever at the expense of those outside of the elite, but it’s been roundly panned by the critics.

    If I couldn’t separate an artist’s work from his idiotic opinions, I’d be condemning myself to reading Geoffrey Archer and listening to Status Quo..

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