KT Tunstall


KT Tunstall is a cunt…

Apart from her music being crap and appearing with that Jools Holland cunt on every Cuntenanny show on New Year’s Eve, she’s a proper pretentious tart… Apparently her real name (Kate) wasn’t ‘rock star’ enough so she adopted the stupid KT tag… Don’t see what the daft mare is on about… It was good enough for Kate Bush..

‘KT’ said the following on the matter: “Kate just makes me think of a buxom lass baking bread for her man working in the fields…. I have no problem with that, but it’s just not really how I pictured being a rock star….” Talk about pretentious and up your own arse..

And as for ‘rock star’? That’s a fucking laugh… Daft deluded cunt..

Nominated by: Norman

11 thoughts on “KT Tunstall

  1. As soon as I saw kt tunstall in the title I knew it was a norman cunting, your right kt as a performing name?! thats just mental surely she meant kunt (s)tunstall? Kate is a pure and fine name so is Bush 🙂 I like me some bush lol wuthering heights and hounds of love were really great records

  2. …and that’s it? She prefers the professional name KT over Kate and she gets a cunting? Quiet weekend, is it…?

  3. Cuntstall is delusional and pretentious because she actually sees herself as a ‘rock star’ and goes around referring to herself as one… ‘KT’ produces pedestrian ‘driving to Ikea’ guff like Dido and Ellie Goulding (ie: total shite), and there’s nothing rock ‘n’ roll about it either… It’s all very well having a rock star pseudonym and loads have done it (Bowie, Bolan, Mercury, Cooper etc), but at least they played the part and put out some decent stuff now and then… But we now live in world where the most mediocre of ‘talents’ is lavished with acclaim and given accolades and tags they’re not worthy of…. The same clueless cunts who compare Rooney to Law, Best, Charlton, who put Adele in the same league as Aretha Franklin or who call Taylor Swift a ‘pop genius’… And the fact that ‘KT’ is a Jools Holland favourite says a lot….. And saying she sees a ‘Kate’ as a yokel sort of person who bakes bread for her man in the fields? How snobby, class conscious and pretentious is that?…. I know a bird called Hilda, but I don’t see her as a gossiping charlady who wears curlers and is married to a bloke called Stan….

    And we cunt who we want… That’s the whole point of this thing….

  4. The reason for changing her name definitely makes her a cunt.
    If she wants to play “what a name makes you think of” I’d say KT tunstall makes her sound like a shite author, not a rocknroller.
    In fact cunting her for her being, is good enough.
    As for her being a rock act, I’m sure she is to buxom primrose hill lasses , baking bread in their bread makers, waiting for their metrosexual man coming home from the bank……..

    • Anyone who calls their album ‘Drastic Fantastic’ has to be a cunt….
      Listen to ‘Suddenly I See’ and I defy you not to think ‘cunt’….

      • Fuckin, cheers Norman.
        All evening I’ve been seeing her (shite) name, whilst trying to get on here, and not one of her tatty shite has entered my head.
        But now one has……….

  5. I thought that she was a todger-dodger,but I just googled her and apparently she isn’t…..doesn’t make her any less of cunt.

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