Elleke Boehmer


Professor Elleke Boehmer, director of the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities needs to be cunted for saying that instead of Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature the prize should have went to Ngugi was Thiong’o.

The reason he should have won according to the prof is that ”it would have been special Ngugi to win at this time of black lives matter”. What a cunt. I’m no fan of Dylan but is there not one awards thingy where uppity niggers don’t get so uppity..

Nominated by: Birdman

21 thoughts on “Elleke Boehmer

  1. Because no-one’s ever heard of Bob Dylan, and everyone’s CD collection is full of that noogi was ting tong bloke.

    • Never heard of this gormless cunt. Should be interred in the tomb of the unknown cunt. Along with whoever Ngugi alibongo is.

  2. what a gormless looking twat,never heard of her or ngngooo an to be truthfull don’t rate bob Dylan,strikes me as an older version of fucking bono the whinging cunt.
    I would like cunt the whole brexit thing,it looks like its all going to be turned on its head due to some money grabbing foreign [prob a paki] ex model sueing the weakassed government[should have deported her…fuck off] and it looks like she will win meaning no brexit……what the fuck happened to us voteing leave,whats the fucking point in voting at all if its going top be reversed if certain wankers don’t like the outcome……we may as well live in fucking Russia……all cunts

    • The elite were always going to do this. It will make uncertainty the norm when we should be riding out the speculators and showing the unelected Brussels cunts the finger. These fuckers have only self interest at heart and don’t give a fuck for democracy.
      They will not get away with it.

      • Its the jews, fuckers rigged the thing from the get go parliament is basically a bloody synagogue anyway, innit?! Cameron actually once called the tory party the Torah Party as a young politician if I recall correctly

        I swear the cossacks got it right the 1st time why can’t we?

      • Jews are only 0.5% of the British population, yet two thirds of the forces misappropriating the Judicial branch of the government to stave off a fair and democratic referendum.

        Both Lord Justice Sales and Sir Terence Etherton are behind refusing to let article 50 be passed Also Alan Miller pushed the lawsuit to begin with his haji wife they are all jews by the way

        I can believe what I want but thanks for disregarding my opinion based on my anti-jewish stance

      • Yes you can believe what you want as long as you afford me the same right. I think you need to get your facts straight before just slagging off Jew’s without any substantiating argument behind it.

        On the other hand you could join the Labour Party as they seem to think the same way.

        I’m sure if Hitler was still alive he’d agree too? This is a cunting site not a race hatred site. You’re overstepping the line here.

        And not just you. I’m getting a bit pissed off with the use of the ‘wog’ word as well. And I’d remind you all of the “our blog, our rules” thing while we’re at it…

        Read the ‘How we do stuff’ section. This is not a new policy.

      • Join the Labour Party? lol why would I join the most shite party in history of british politics?

        I’m a nationalist, labour is literally the most anti-british pro migrant party in history and yet somehow they are Nazi’s please explain?what because of Ken livingstone said I dont get it?!

        Sorry for the wog word really… but those democracy destroying judges are in fact jewish I’m not lying about that, I am certain of that and gina and alan miller are also bloody cunts!

  3. Poppy Politically Correct Fascists

    I hereby cunt Poppy Politically Correct Fascists.

    Led by the BBC Cunts, they were all at it from last Saturday like little Hitler robots, all wearing their poppies identically, and persuading their “guests” to do the same. They are not much better at Sky and ITV. Sitting there with their smug faces – “aren’t we doing the right thing!!”

    These cunts have lost the plot, and like many other cunters here, I do not wear my poppy until the days that really matter, albeit I pay when I pass a tin. I refuse to comply for the sake of it, when we should wear it to remember our War Dead. When I were a lad, we wore it on the day to specifically remember, not to show how good we were. These PC fascist cunts are not sincere.

    I will wear my Poppy with pride on Armistice Day, and Remembrance Sunday when I march past the Cenotaph.

    I shall wear it in honour of my Grandfather, who was wounded on the Somme 100 years ago, my Father (N Africa, France and Germany 75 years ago) and their fallen comrades, as well as mine from wars various.

    What the fuck did we all fight for?

    Big Al

  4. Imran Yusuf is a cunt, he twatted on twatter
    ” most of you mates tell you to leave your extended family, you start walking for the door and realise that you cant live without them”
    I dont know who he is ,but what an ignorant foreign name sounding cunt.

    Also prickola sturgeon has reportedly been gloating over the high courts brexit ruling.
    That’s what you can expect from a piece of shite scotch politician.
    I’ve spent 29 years away from s(hite)cotland but there is no escaping this wee nyaff.

    Nyaff is Scotch for a little cunt of a woman….

      • Wee Burney could use a smack upside her fat thick head she’s fine with scottish independence, but not british?!

        Elleke sounds Norwegian or Sweden btw which is disgustingly liberal, pro migracunt. Seriously they do nothing for justice in sweden haha the migrant rapist gets community service and the victim gets certain rights taken from them for their own “good”. I dunno Cuntries run by women is bad news me thinks

        How tolerant lol No wonder Elleke the mong wants Hubzu the Zulu warrior to win because shes a dark cock sucking slag cunt

  5. What the fuck is a Nugugi was Thiong’o?? Sometimes I wonder if it’s all down to the meds.

  6. Elleke Boehner….another fuckin’ foreigner telling us where we’re going wrong pfft…..

  7. Someone should start a Let Fucker’ s Flourish movement so that it coincides with the Nobel Literature prize .
    Re uppity colourful people , I noticed only one white player in the USA dream team . When the token white was on court , his negro brethren studiously ignored the poor fucker. Nary a tweet from the concerned equal right cunts .Why ???

  8. Elleke Boehmer, is a South African on a guilt trip I reckon. You should be feeling guilty, you abandoned SA to people who settle arguments with a machete or a burning tyre.

    You cunt

  9. Bollocks to Bob Dylan and that Ngugi Thingyo cunt… Scott Walker should have got the fucking thing….

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