Mazher Mahmood [2]

The Fake Sheikh's secret mugshot...

The Fake Sheikh’s secret mugshot…

Mazher Mahmood (aka The Fake Sheik) needs a celebratory re-cunting to mark the occasion of being found guilty at the Old Bailey of perverting the course of justice.

I first cunted this cock-juggling scum back in 2014 when he was originally arrested and charged. The cunt managed to delay court proceedings for an eternity by employing the old ‘Janner Defence’ ie claiming to be too ill to stand trial, but now he’s been found guilty and is facing a prison sentence.

He’s also facing approx 20-25 civil cases (so far!) for all manner of claims relating to his numerous entrapment stings, all financed and published by the coffin-dodging cunt Murdoch.

He always guarded his identity for fear of revenge by those he’s stitched up. Let’s make sure this photo goes all over the net so there’s no doubt about his appearance and identity. I sincerely hope that someone on B Wing will introduce the cunt to Mr Shiv.

Nominated by: Fred West

13 thoughts on “Mazher Mahmood [2]

  1. Plod well involved as well. By all accounts they took his “evidence” as kosher. Lazy bastards. Look out for numerous appeals from those banged up after his investigations.
    Hope the cunt spends his time inside having his arse fucked by Big Ed in C wing and when he comes out the rest of his miserable life in court being sued.

  2. I think Murdoch should be cunted in the same breath for all the cuntish things he has been involved in (allegedly) the cunt

  3. Carey Mulligan. Until yesterday I was blissfully unaware of the cunt but today she has forced herself into my bubble, teddy bear in hand, demanding that I give a fuck about Syrian children getting killed (as if children have more right to life than adults).

    Aparently she formed her opinions on the subject while visiting a refugee camp while pregnant last year. What is it with these luvie cunts? Why don’t they go to Spain or Greece on there holidays like normal people? It’s no wonder she got the arse if she went on an all inclusive deal with Thomsons to a refugee camp.

    Anyway, what she saw there compelled her to call for “something to be done”. Right you are, love. What would you suggest? A no fly zone? War with Russia? Nice one. Since when was UK policy dictated by a hormonal pregnant woman on a far from satisfactory holiday? Cunt.

    • She was perfectly ok with the holiday until they told her she was flying with Monarch.

      When she landed and saw the conditions there she tweeted: “Fuck me I thought Monarch was bad, and I hope that twat kid who constantly kicked the back of my seat gets the shits, but the poor cunts already here must’ve flown with RyanAir!”

    • And now she’s in my bubble.
      All my life I’ve wondered why the media and the sheeple hang on to the words of so called VIPs.
      Someone who kicks a ball, sings a song, or learns some lines and they think that they have a duty to spread the word of the latest top trending topics.
      I don’t know who’s worse , them or the sheeple.

      And she’s also married to a Mumford………

  4. Fucking cunt, the police were probably shitting themselves for bringing him to justice in fear of pc brigade? Is he from this cuntry? If not the cunt should be deported? While I here I’d like to cunt parking Eye, or sligh greedy cunt eye. What happened to been caught by a traffic warden? I could except that but not a greedy fat CUNT company that catches you by cctv – easy fuckin money, few friends of mine are finding ways to altering number plates so the fat cat of this cunt company can have no more on the proceeds of immoral parking charges, fat CUNT!

  5. That Lineker twat is still pissing me off.
    As a foxes fan , I’ve been thinking that the cunt tried to hog the headlines when we won the league.
    I know they’re his hometown club and he was a part of a consortium to bale us out the shit, but other than that he’s been pretty quiet about the foxes, telling everyone else who’d listen about his glory days at barca and spurs.
    Even for most of last season he put us down and was harping on about the yids winning it,but then when we’re a few games from glory , he starts tweeting about his love of Leicester, when the cunt hadn’t played for them in over thirty years.
    Even some of the media were more interested in Gary’s reaction to the win than the triumph itself.
    In know i may be going on, and i always knew he was a bit if a twat , but now know he’s a full blown cunt.

    • He’s a bit crap really isn’t he? Not a really great footballer more a journeyman goal hanger. Average-ish intelligence, working class, worked Leicester market (and there were some rough cunts on there 40 years ago) and learned his “craft” at the BBC on the cusp of it’s diversity binge and promotion of below average average “talent’ to advance cultural Marxism. All in all just a no mark big eared pleb. Being from Leicester I’ve always been a bit bewildered by how the locals seem to love him but since the Pakis moved in there ain’t a wealth of brain cells left in the general population. Bland is the word. He’s a bland cunt ready to appropriate the flavour of the day to advance himself way beyond his actual talent. The only analogy I can think of is that in the 70s we were swamped with flavourless French Golden Delicious apples which were as tasteless as fuck but produced more “first class” fruit. The English Cox produced more “second class” fruit and were difficult to shift but tasted miles better. He’s like the French apple or an unsalted crisp, nowt there. Had he stayed at Leicester like Steve Bull did at Wolves he might have had some gravitas and been worth a listen. As it is he threw away a lovely family and is just another celeb type gobby cunt with nothing to say and too much meejah to say it on. Cunt.

  6. I would like to nominate Kate Smurthwaite for a cunting.

    Yet another snowflake, SJW cunt banging on about letting in every cunt under the sun in whether they look like a child or not.

    But don’t take my word for it here’s her bullshit from yesterday’s This Morning programme:

    She was the only cunt there who thought the fogie in the picture was a child. Eamon Holmes and Nick Ferrari are both sat their shaking their heads (in a “what the fuck is this one taking in her camomile tea?” manner) knowing that Stevie Wonder, David Blunkett and Lenny Peters could all see that this cunt is in his 40’s at least.

    Here a few points you may wish to mull over Kate:

    1. He’s late 30’s at the very least. You claim this is because of his “hard paper round” (to get here) which apparently ages people. (please see 3 below).

    2. None of the cunts – “children” or otherwise – coming from the Calais Jungle are refugees, they are economic migrants. As soon as a refugee leaves the first safe country they destinated as a refugee – in order to better their lot – they become an economic migrant, FACT! Greece is safe, Turkey is safe, Italy is safe and France is safe. So why the need to come all the way to the UK then?

    3. At one point you state that you are 40. Well if a “hard paper round” ages people then the reverse must be true. I had you down as late 20’s/early 30’s. Ordinarily that would be a huge compliment but – based on your own ageing principle – it merely means that you’ve never struck a bat or done an honest day’s work in your life.

    4. Your bio states that you are a stand up comedian, political activist and radical feminist which is basically snowflake speak for professional bullshitter. Luckily – until today – I’d never heard of you.

    5. You did have a real job working for the greedy banking establishment, which is probably how you’re minted now and are able to piss your time away on causes which do not concern you, or your privileged life. (please note that this does not contradict 3 above as I stated “honest day’s work”).

    6. If they all come over here you know full well they won’t be coming to an ivory tower near you any time soon, and if they did you’d probably sign the eviction petition run by your neighbours (just so long as they don’t mention you by name).

    7. You are a cunt!

  7. Just been watching footage of the rumble in the jungle before it’s closure.
    If that doesn’t show these luvvies( i know Fred) what sort of cunts they are then nothing will.
    I’ve always been amazed at the arrogance of these rapeugees, and that is all they have shown since they charged through European borders and demanded their “rights”.
    These cunts are supposedly running from violence, but when the french cops turn up to shut their illegal rave down, they react with violence. You couldn’t make it up.
    If they’re that up for a scrap, why don’t they all group together and fuck off back home and stand up to the cops there………..

  8. Because they’re brave as fuck when they know that all that’s coming back is a bit of water or tear gas. Back in Shithole Central they’d be shot and/or strung up for being cunts.

    I don’t see why we’re obliged to take any of these economic migrant cunts in. Just because they set up shop in France waiting to get over here (by fair means or foul) doesn’t make it our problem nor responsibility.

    I don’t know of any sane person who wants any of them over here for the legitimate fears that they could be members of terrorist cells, convicts avoiding prosecution by pretending to be a migrant, etc., especially these surly fucking “children”.

    Just because they made their way here doesn’t automatically grant them the right to come in! I mean there’s many a Jehovah’s Witness darkened my door in the past and I’ve yet to let one of those cunts in either!

    Why? Because it’s my fucking choice that’s why! And woe-betide any interfering neighbour of mine who comes over, campaigning for me to let them in, because I’ll send those cunts off with a size 11 in the spuds as well!

    I don’t see any difference here, just on a bigger scale: the UK is my house, the jungle cunts are the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the likes of Lily Allen, Gary Lineker, et. al., are the interfering neighbours, who don’t want them in their house, but who are more than happy to have them in mine!

    If France doesn’t want them then they can fuck them off in 8 directions namely: Andorra, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain and Switzerland.

    We have no border with France and the cunts in the jungle can simply fuck off!

    • It really is that simple, no need for debate or protests, coz it’s that simple.
      Now fuck off and start a rally about poor girls being brainwashed by any female with a voice.
      Ain’t it ironic that feminism has empowered women, but made them thick as shit…..

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