Axl Rose


I would like to give Axl Rose a proper cunting. When Brian Johnson was told he had to stop singing with AC/DC due to losing his hearing, they decided that the Guns n’ Roses cunt would step in.

But step he did not. The redneck fuckwit decided to play the gigs sat on a throne. A fucking throne! Broken leg or not, show some fucking respect to a band that makes yours look like Busted, you egotistical cunt.

Axl Rose is a cunt of the highest order of has-been celebrity cunts.

Nominated by: TheBournemouthRed

30 thoughts on “Axl Rose

  1. Axle Rose is indeed a cunt , i used to laugh at these heavy metal cunts with their skin thight jeans/leather trousers, make up and big hair.
    The whole genre is fucking shite, bunch of fags acting tuff whilst singing love songs and wearing mascara, and the guitarist were just a bunch of middle class kids who played the electric guitar like it was a violin.
    If you have the misfortune of hearing a metal song,just listen. All it is is a cunt crying to an orchestra.

    And as for AC/DC. One fucking song released over and over again.
    Every time a new album comes out it gets lauded to fuck,and their tours are massive, so all i can conclude is that headbanging fucks your brain.

    Also ,all the cunts who were into metal when I was at school were geeks. They used to dress the part but they all had sensible haircuts coz mummy wouldn’t let them grow it long.

    Basically fuck Axle Rose, fuck AC/DC and fuck heavy metal…….

    • AC/DC is highly overrated band I think bon scott had a bigger range and a better on stage personality I like that era more. He died a natural aussie death though hahaha… drowned in booze actually he more or less died because of oxygen deprivation if memory serves correct.

      I think sleeping in a hot and stuffy cramped Mini can’t be too good right, especially when you’re 3 sheets to the wind?. I can’t stand brian johnson, I can handle a song or two then I’ve just had enough of the sound the same Back in Black cunt!. My stepfather loves them and he’s a fucking bellend

  2. Nothing to do with Axl Rose,but I do hope that Stephen Frys’ friends get to attend his memorial service soon.

  3. Never liked his music but il cut him some slack as he covered Damned’s New Rose on The Spaghetti Incident album….other than that hes a cunt

    • He also covered a Charles Manson ‘song’ and wore a T-Shirt with Manson’s ugly face on it… He’s a shitkicker pig fucking cunt…

      The Damned were ace though… Met Rat Scabies once, top bloke….

  4. May I take this opportunity to nominate a timely re-cunting of the ‘fragrant ‘ and flagrantly narcissistic Emma Thompson . I am affronted that there exists a strata in society of pompous , pampered and arrogant dick-heads as exemplified by said thespian.
    She seems to believe that she is doing us all a favour by enduring the privations of living in this drab , grey , cake obsessed country so that she can bestow her largesse in emerging from her gilded cage in order to sprinkle stardust on us bottom feeding plebs who she so clearly despises.
    In order to achieve the aim of brightening our humdrum lives she has foisted upon us , in the past , a deeply unfunny and lamentably formulaic shite laden self -publicising TV series and even more blameworthy , if that were possible appeared in that execrable load of twat , the bore-a-thon Bridget Jones cuntfest ,
    a (cunt word) franchise that celebrates the cuteness of menstrual , self-obsessed , cock lusting harridans.It’s enough to make one a dyed in the wool misogynist.
    I love the female form in its various manifestations , but to combine moderate good looks with overwhelming cuntitude is a cruel joke. Run Kenneth run…

    • I would bet Emma’s preferred method of sexual intercourse is up the rear entry. I would like to see her in a movie of the E. M. Forster porn classic, A Back Passage to India (up near Pakistsn to give the goat fuckers a change).

      • I bet old Ken Brannagh still wakes up from nightmares about marrying that evil silver spoon up her arse bitch, Emma Thompson…
        One can imagine ‘Emm, dahling’ and horse faced unfunny cunt, Miranda, becoming an ‘item’… Even Kanye and Kim couldn’t come near those two as a cunt couple…

    • Even though Emma Thomson is a boring luvvie cunt, i think she was spot on about Britain today.
      She was complaining about people being obsessed with baking shows and other tat ,and that basically everybody is acting like a dumb cunt……..
      Sounds right to me………

      • Actually , I have to say you make a fair point ; If she was speaking from that standpoint I concede there is a deal of truth as to the current mania of catering to the lowest common denominator. I mustn’t let someone’s cuntitude blind me to the fact that their witterings may contain some worth. ( that is a cuntish trait ). After all ,our Adolf had some sound economic principles …

  5. This cunt must be made to attend a barrymore pool party and barrymore being the only one in attendance ,hes a cunt.

  6. I saw the original AC/DC in Brum,late 70″s,I think;Bon Scott would knock Axel Rose and the Geordie clown Johnson into a cocked hat.Original band line-ups are usually the best….Baaaaaaaaaaah

    • Bon was brilliant… I agree about the original line ups thing and all… For me Pink Floyd will always be with Syd and The Stones with Brian Jones… Both bands did good stuff with Gilmour and Taylor, but was that magic still there after Brian and Syd were gone?…. Nah….

      • Little known fact is that way back when Floyd were the support to Chas C’s band when they played Eel Pie. Needless to say they went on to be somewhat more successful. Silly bugger also turned down a chanced to play with John Mayall.

        He’s a good bloke but he makes shit decisions!…

      • Apparently Angus Young wanted Noddy Holder to replace the late Bon Scott… But Slade were in resurgence after their now famous Reading Festival gig… Still, I think Nod was daft not to take up Angus’s offer…

      • IMHO , Noddy Holder is the best vocalist ever,not just Britain but the best of all time.
        Slade are underrated to fuck with everybody thinking they are a novelty band . that’s probably Dave Hill’s fault.
        Every cunt loves lenn , eh sorry Paul, McCartney/Lennon and Jagger/Richards , but Holder/ Lea piss all over them.
        This is not a cunting, i just wanted to celebrate Slade coz they got a mention….
        Hey,hey,hey, look wot u fun……….

      • Look wot u DUN . Ffs spell check,made me look a cunt there….
        Also whats the gripe with Charles Manson, Norman?
        As far as i know the little hunchback has never hurt never mind murdered any cunt. And yet the cunt gets life and gets branded a mass murderer.
        He might have hinted them to do something “witchy” but that could have meant ride a broom or try and be the first female president……

      • I used to drink in “the spice of life” on Cambridge Circus and Noddy was in there regularly wearing a bright yellow, green and red tartan suit. I’m sorry to say he was a bit of a show offy look at me I used to be famous cunt. This was ’84 or 5 so before any of this nostalgic “Slade were brilliant” bollocks. I remember Psychic TV launching their single Godstar by playing there one night and Noddy tried to get up on stage, something he tried on with most bands which played there but Genesis P. Orridge was having non of it and threw the drunken ginger cunt off the stage.

      • Sorry hope I wasn’t being too cross, sounded like a funny story Skidmark

        Godstar actually isn’t a half bad song its apparently about brian jones who POrridge met by chance in 1966 at a Stones show

  7. I know a bloke who went to see the London gig and he said Axl did a good job.

    However, he is a bit of a cunt and I still think Axl is a cunt and all.

    I went to see G&R at Maine Road way back in 1992. We were half way to the gig when it was announced on the radio that it had been canceled, no excuses given. To be re-scheduled. A few days later the gig actually happened. If memory serves it was Faith No More supporting who were excellent. Then we waited for the main act to appear. And we waited and waited and then we waited some more. I think it was over 2 hours before G&R eventually appeared. They played a few songs like they really couldn’t be bothered and then fucked off after about 45 minutes. Fucking cunts, the lot of them.

  8. It doesn’t matter who ‘screams’ for ac/dc they’ll always be shit. Especially that 3 chord talentless shit cunt in the cuntish uniform.

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