Jeremy Vine [2]


That wanker Jeremy Vine was up to his old tricks again earlier.

That footballer that got tasered and snuffed it was one of the articles on his cunt of a show. So, to set the tone, he interviews that blind guy who got tasered for no reason a few years back. Thus, without any facts of what happened, it came across like plod were just cruising around looking for a darkie to spazz up, and this guy just happened to be the lucky one.

Hey presto, black lives matter, all coppers are bastards, ban tasers. Plod are by and large cunts, but if some mental cunt, of any ethnic background, is trying to eat my face, then I want them to taser the fuck out of the freak, and if he dies, fuck him.

Vine, you are a cunt, whose idea of balance is not falling over foxtrotting, or whatever the fuck you did on that pansy arse dancing show.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

31 thoughts on “Jeremy Vine [2]

  1. What a cunt, he looks like he’s introduced himself and said ‘by the way I’m a cunt’. The smug looking cunt.

    • Rip Dalian Atkinson, check this goal out. One of the best goals ever

      • Thanks for the links, Black and White Cunt… I remember Dalian from the 92-93 season: where Big Ron’s Villa ran Man United so close for so long for the first Premiership title…

        I also recall being at Wembley for the 1994 League Cup Final… Andrei Kanchelskis (cunt) was sent off and Dalian Atkinson scored for Villa as United got beat…

      • Those early Premier League seasons were good, I’ll never forget that weak cunt Keegan fell for Fergies wind ups and lost it on live TV. Then the cunt lost Newcastle that massive lead and Newcastle have been shit since. I think this is gonna be a good season. Definitely a few surprises.

    • Dalian was magical, I remember watching him from the terraces in the early 90’s. Wish we had a team like that now. Taser someone once, OK, but fucking twice. This will probably be a plod coverup, but apparently there were quite a few witnesses to what happened and from what I’ve read the was no justification for blasting him twice.

  2. He is the 4th highest paid BBC presenter on a whopping 800k. No wonder he looks such a self satisfied smug cunt.

    • You have to be joking! He’s an unbelievable cunt who lets any lowest common denominator fuckwit spout off on his show. I can’t listen to it without wanting to throw the radio through the window. I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

  3. Sad that Atkinson’s demise will just be an excuse for the offended by anything brigade and autopilot PC mob to wail, gnash their teeth, and take potshots at the police… Regardless of any facts or evidence… Sickening that one of these people is Vine, one of the highest paid broadcasters in Britain….

    • Was that during the time she sold advertising space for prostitutes in the Daily Sport or after ?

  4. Ferguson burned…he golfed.  Benghazi fiasco…he golfed.  Orlando..he golfed.  Dallas police officers killed…he golfed.  at least he’s consistent and dedicated to something. Obama simply cannot justify anything that he typically would say about black people rioting, all because of the facts of the police shooting case in Milwaukee.

    The cop was black and the black thug that got shot was armed with a gun. So, Obama knows that he just has to keep his lying mouth shut this time. Supposed Black kid who got shot turned out to be white total Media Blackout Cunts

  5. Where the fuck is that cunt Gideon Osbourne? Now he’s been sacked he’s probably coked up with that prostitute and getting his assistant whipped. Im not a Tory but Teresa May gets my respect for sacking that cunt. Probably living off his ‘allowance’ he gets from his Families business. The cunt.

    • No – he’s recently signed up to the same agency that represents Tony Blair for the international lecture circuit. But still intending to remain an MP, of course (trousering both salary and expenses) despite frequently being out of the country on speaking tours. Just when you thought he couldn’t ever be more of a cunt, Gideot always manages to go the extra mile.

      • Whats the name of the agency? There should be some rule that if you’re an MP that’s your single job

      • If my local MP was using his time to fuck around the world giving speeches, I would be calling for his deselection and making damn sure he never got my vote again. Cunt.

      • I agree.I remember Heseltine saying it is a part time job!Bollocks!Each MP has so many constituents to represent that surely as well as attending wetminster you should spend a few evenings at functions and visiting schools nursing homes and hospitals when the commons arent sitting.Also the surgeries and casework you get from that.If you are only putting in part time you cant possibly be doing all that or doing half of that properly!

      • My local cunt was Peter Hain, or Lord cunt as he is now titled. During his last stint, he was Secretary of State for Wales, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, let’s face it, not an easy job, MP for Neath, and the cunt was writing not one, but three books! On paper, that’s a lot of work out of one cunt. In reality, fuck all was getting done in quite a few of his well paid for roles. Oh, and his tax payer funded wood store looks like a fucking chalet. Him, Prescott and King cunt Kinnock are worse than the hoity toity cunts who end up lorded, because they sneer and moan at the whole rotten institution, but first chance they get, bye bye principles, hello three hundred quid a day, and bow to me you filthy commoners. Pricks.

    • Though fuck only knows what subject Gideot will be lecturing on, given that his “Austerity” programme was derided by a substantial majority of international economists, that he was forced to significantly revise every single forecast he ever made, that he borrowed more in three years than Labour did in thirteen, and that by the end he was quietly abandoning commitments left, right and centre – before being ignominiously sacked as Chancellor and kicked out of the Cabinet by Theresa May.

      Maybe the title of his lecture will be “Boosting Your Self-Esteem By Being Repeatedly Photographed in a Hi-Vis Jacket, Safety Goggles and a Hard Hat”…?

  6. I’m sorry. I tried so hard. Even when there have been several opportunities to cunt, I have passed them by. But, today, I seem to have reached saturation point. I FUCKING HATE THE FUCKING OLYMPICS!!!! Because I have absolutely no interest in any sport whatsoever, I tend to avoid it as much as possible. I understand that a lot of people get a lot of joy from sport, so, as long as I can toodle along and do my own thing, I am happy about this. Just because I don’t like it, don’t spoil it for anyone else. I put up with the euro footie stuff, which was all the cunts in work talked about for nearly six weeks. It’s OK I thought, I don’t have to watch it, so shut the fuck up. I hardly watch tv anymore, so it’s not a problem. But, the fucking olympics are just on every conceivable media, and there is no escape. So what if we keep winning medals, it’s fucking boring me to tears. Fuck rowing, double fuck cycling, the prissy immac legged supercunts, fuck them all. Twice. With barbed wire dildos.

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