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Actor Tom Conti

Speaking of luvvies, Tom Conti is due a nomination. He’s been complaining that being called a luvvie is every as offensive as being called a yid or a nigger. This is in response to a Labour councillor, Theo Blackwell, who wrote to a local newspaper regarding local luvvies protesting about the opening of a Tesco (far too down market for them apparently). Councillor Blackwell ended the letter with; “Let’s have less of the livid luvvie protests – not everyone locally thinks the same on all these issues.”

Obviously, this hurt Cunti. Here was someone who clearly DID NOT think that everything he said was of vital importance to the continued existence of the planet. Cunti is the dictionary definition of a luvvie; arrogant, conceited, self-important….an arsehole basically. I expect there’ll be an outpouring of support from fellow LUVVIES now, like Emma Thompson and Benedryl Cuntyslap. There will probably be some kind of charity set up, Thespaid or something, with old Benedryl trying to griefjack us into giving just £5, with harrowing footage of Nigel Farage shouting “LUVVIE” at an anguished Maxine Peak.

In what parallel universe is calling someone a luvvie, in anyway as bad as calling someone a nigger or a yid? It isn’t. EXCEPT in the mind of a luvvie like Tom Cunti. I’d have had more sympathy for Cunti if he’d said that Councillor Blackwell had called him a whingeing Scottish twat, which he is. First leaf blowers, now this.

Get a life Cunti. Get a fucking sense of perspective.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

11 thoughts on “Tom Conti [2]

  1. Has Tom Conti done any work recently? Can’t find anything he is credited for, he should be down at his local Tesco trying to get a job. Washed up Luvvie cunt.

  2. What an excellent idea to have Farage leading a new anti-luvvie party. We could have special units organised to attend events and places where the dreaded luvvies congregate. Points could be awarded for bitch-slapping the cunts until they cry or faint,with the most amusing being awarded a Nigel. It could be like that Pokemon thing where “you’ve got to get them all”, and regular updates could be issued on their wherabouts and the points available for physically assaulting them.

  3. I’m all for actors being called Luvvies (which they are – as the term derived from the late Sir Dicke Attenborough’s habit of calling all his colleagues “lovey” or “darling”).

    But I’d like to cunt everyone who uses “luvvie” outside this context (usually the Daily Mail or Mail-readers). “Luvvies” are actors – they are not Labour MPs, they are not Labour-supporters, they are not Leveson supporters, they are not leftwing cheerleaders or journalists, they are not BBC managers, they are not BBC-supporters, they are not Islington and Hampstead-dwellers, they are not charity-workers, they are not opponents of Dacre and Murdoch. They are simply ACTORS.

      • Cunts who are partial to a bit of devil’s dandruff in the toilets at the BAFTAs. S. Fry and his cohorts anyone?

    • Agreed Fred. I have been somewhat guilty of this myself as misconstrued the context of the usage and assumed it was more about the mbeing socialist cunts (AKA socialists) more so than them being actors who happened to be socialist cunts (AKA socialists, AKA cunts).

      Well said Fred………….. Hey check me out! I’m poet and I……….. had no idea…… :/

      • “Skull Fondlers” or “Luvvie Darlings” (another Viz reference). Tears and an Oscar/BAFTA…

    • You really have to be a ridiculous cunt for the Guardian to mock you, but then again the Guardian is keen to make sure that no one can know real suffering unless they are black or Muslim.

      Much as the Guardian is right to mock Cunti they had to reinforce the line that no white man can ever suffer any form of prejudice.

      • Indeed! Apparently the unemployed, double-leg, amputee homeless, white man from a working class background is oppressing Oprah Winfrey………. a billionaire, black woman and one of the richest women in the world! What a misogynistic cunt he is.

      • How can people listen to oprah? she is literally the most full of shit talk show host I’ve ever seen and a complete fucking lunatic to boot.

        Oh right free stuff, forgot how gullible people are especially americunt female’s. They see oprah as some kind of magical negro who grants useless free stuff and has mystical voodoo powers.

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