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  1. He is supposed to be intelligent so I don’t believe for a second that he really thinks Britain should remain in the EU. I’m telling you, the remain campaigners hacked his voice synthesizer and made him say that! I wouldn’t put it past the cunts.

  2. Time to recunt the fucking Guardian and its “journalist” Remona Aly for this pile of cock: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jul/20/fatima-manji-kelvin-mackenzie-toxic-propaganda-sun-anti-muslim

    This shitty newspaper continues to display an odd attitude to events and issues concerning the religion of Islam.

    When an Islamist kills and maims in the name of his “god”, this newspaper does not hesitate to say that not all Muslims support these actions because they are not all the same. Yet when the mildest criticism of Islam is written, spoken or drawn, this newspaper accuses the author of offending “1.6 billion Muslims” as if they are all the same. Odd.

    The Comment is Free section is filled with passionate denunciations of what is perceived as sexism, racism or homophobia. Yet the sexist, racist and homophobic ravings of assorted Salafists, Wahabbis, Islamists and self-appointed “community leaders” are either met with silence or defended against “Islamophobic” attacks by people who dare to criticise, often using the same terms as those passionate Guardian denunciations. Odd.

    Contributors who would blanch at defending right-wing Christian fundamentalists and their Old Testament ideas about the place of women in society are happy to defend and even applaud the most regressive dress codes for women as insisted upon – sometimes violently- by male clerics. Odd.

    Unequal pay for millionaire (mostly white) Hollywood actresses is a feminist issue; the brutal mutilation of the genitals of young (mostly non-white) female children of Muslim parents not so much. Odd.

    I genuinely don’t understand this disconnect. As I say, it just seems odd to me. And by odd, I mean utterly cuntish to the power of 1,000,000,000.

    • It is the racism of low expectation; muslims, blacks, puffs and wiminz are incapable of defending themselves or making their own way in the world so liberal white people need to jump in and defend them.

    • Religious hatred shouldn’t even be a crime, these are IDEAS that we must be allowed to criticize. I doubt if Kelvin MacKenzie would have commented if Fatima Manji hadn’t been wearing a headscarf – a religious and political symbol of the oppression of women, but once again we get all these idiots with their virtue signalling making the most of slamming down a person who dares to speak out against anything to do with wonderful cuddly Muslims.
      I’m sure that the majority of people feel very uneasy about Islam but of course daren’t say anything in case they get shot down by the PC brigade. This has to stop.

  3. That unfunny pocine cunt James Corden deserves recunting. He’s had the opportunity, while doing his “hilarious” carpool karaoke to rid the world of dozens of the biggest twats on the globe, but no,instead of hiring a 52-seater coach and driving off the edge of the Grand Canyon, he continues with his fucking shitefest of a life. Do us all a favour you lard-arsed wanker and get that bus hired, it’s the only way you’ll ever make me laugh.

    • James Corden OBE, no less, Mr Fiddler (I think I’ve heard of your brother, Kiddy). Corden is the unfunniest fat cunt of his generation, and that takes some beating. Gavin and Stacey, which he co-authored was utter shite, he was utter shite in Lesbian Vampire Killers (although a good number of nice breasts were on view in that) and the abysmal carpool karaoke is even worse utter shite. I refuse to watch anything with the fat cunt in it. I long for the hire bus incident as proposed by Dick.

  4. Agree with Dick on Corden,fat boy tries to be zany and a bit mad,the celebrity jester,his car shit kareoke is fucking cringeworthy,I just hate the celebrity world more and more each day…infested with luvvies begging for money for starving Africans while living like Eton toffs…..

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