Charlotte Church [3]

Charlotte Church demonstrates what a tit she is...

Charlotte Church demonstrates what a tit she is…

Charlotte Church – the has been welsh warbler who sings much too loud, much too often, and flat – has tweeted that she thinks Nigel Farage is a ‘piece of shit’ and says she ‘wants her fucking EU back!’

Let’s put the silly little cunt into perspective shall we? Her most recent public appearance was at Glastonbury where she sang a karaoke-style set in the middle of the night while swigging booze straight from the bottle. She was heard telling the gathered audience: ‘I’ll let you in to a little secret, I’ve partied way too fucking hard this weekend.’ Presumably celebrating the Brexit vote giving her an opportunity to actually get noticed again?

Well, Charlotte darling, it’s like this. Even Wales voted to leave the EU so you can’t blame the English for a change. Furthermore, nobody really gives a flying fuck what you think, and Brussels is welcome to you.

So why don’t you give us all a break and fuck off and live there, dearie?

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46 thoughts on “Charlotte Church [3]

  1. That’s what happens when you take your cock out of their mouths, all sorts of random shit comes out.

    • Put yer knickers back on and make me a cup of tea.
      Theres a good girl.

  2. Apparently the unintelligent Ms Church thinks that the old adage regarding June weather is “one swallow does not a blowjob make” She’s been a turdlinguist and archetypal left wing cunt for years. Long may her minge itch.

  3. Exactly, and very well cunted. If ever there was a prime example of gold-flecked cuntishness, it’s that thing. “Hic Hic Bleuuurgghhh fuck me I’ve just chundered all over my tits…pass me another bottle”. If she doesn’t like it, she’s welcome to fuck out at anytime she sees fit.

    The Welsh along with us English voted out because clearly and democratically we were pissed off at being arse-raped by an EU chainmailled fist. These young idle cunts really don’t have the faintest clue what’s been happening. It’s all about THEM, THEIR, THEY. Me Myself and Cunting I. Bunch of leeching feckless idle weeding shambolic unshowered jizz-covered grumbling hipster fagwagons the lot of them.

    • Who gives a fuck what she thinks? See how long you keep your belongings if your crusty anarchist mates ever took over…..

  4. Good cunting Dio, charlotte is definitely a cunt the fact that she played glastonbury proves this.

    I saw the recent lineups for the bands headlining what a utter shit fest aside from jeff lynes ELO , new order, and tame implala (is not that bad) but apart from that not much to be said.

    The main acts(CUNTS) were Muse · Adele · Coldplay they all suck especially coldplay and adele! To be fair I haven’t listened to muse before but I’m sure they have their shortcomings.

    • Muse are like a Queen tribute band, and not a very good one either…

      ‘Glasto’ – as the rich student cunts call it – is run by cunts, features cunts and is attended by cunts… Maybe at one time (when it was the CND Glastonbury Festival) it was worth going… But if the majority of the audience are middle and upper class knobheads and they have headline acts like that strutting Uncle Tom , Kanye West, Adele (straight from Viz’s Fat Slags!) and stupid novelty acts (from Lionel Richie to nonces like Glitter and Rolf), it’s going to be hated…. Eavis is a hippy cunt…

      All these celeb cunts like that cumdumpster pisspot, Charlotte Church (and many others) going on about ‘theiir’ EU and what ‘they’ want is sickening… These celebrity cunts have got far too arrogant (they were already) and everything is all about them.. As well as Brexit there should be a celebrity purge… Sort of like a 2016 version of the fall of the Roman Empire… Get shut of all these self important tin god cunts… Mind you, if we did that, who would we nominate as cunts?…

  5. Can I extend the cunting to include all those posting comments slagging of Farage for “jumping ship” before brexit has been negotiated and therefore leaving us in the shit.

    I’ve been reading some of these comments on and off during the day and the majority of these imbecilic cunts seem to think he held high office and would be involved in triggerring article 50 and any subsequent new trade and migration agreements.

    He’s not and never was part of the government.

    He’s resigned as leader of UKIP. He hasn’t resigned as a UKIP MEP and will still be attending Brussels and I hope he keeps on winding up Juncker and the other eurocrats.

    Oh, and Ed Milliband is a cunt – he said Farage was a divisive force in politics; well he’s certainly divided the Labour vote north of Watford.

    • Old Milliband could teach him a thing or two about being unpopular. Slither back down the drain Wallace…..

  6. The media are all cunts.
    Whether it be radio, TV, print or online, the media have been fuelling the hate for the whole referendum, but specifically the leave campaign and its successful result. Armageddon didn’t occur on the day after, and the cunts are trying their best to make all those doom laden predictions come true. As for a country divided, this also seems an aim of theirs, giving airtime or print space to whiny losers and small protests instead of showing that by and large, most grown ups on both sides of the debate are facing up to the challenges, and getting on with their lives. But no, dire predictions are given the headlines whilst more optimistic stories are either buried, or just plain ignored. With the Chillcot report out this week, I thought the media were giving Tony ‘the cunt’ Blair more rope to hang himself, but it seems they are trying to rehabilitate the murderer, as the answer to everything. Shameless retarded bastards, every last one of them.

    • The media is biased as hell mate , your not going to get a alot of differing opinions just echoes of the same fucking one. Usually by some sellout celebrity puppets running their mouth.
      The Cunts eat diamonds for breakfast why the fuck should I care what johnny marr and lily allen think?

  7. Just listened to a staggeringly ungracious interview of the retiring Farage by BBC Radio 4’s Eddie “The Cunt of Caledonia” Mair on “P.M”.
    Basically along the lines of “So…how much do regret, if at all, inciting the British people to violence with your bigoted racist policies, you Nazi swine? ”
    Absolutely no acknowledgement of his political achievements, which have been remarkable, whatever you may think of them.
    How Farage kept his temper was a miracle.
    The sneering tone went right through the whole interview.

    Eddie Mair is a smug, chippy, lefty, “right on” ticks-all-the-gender-politics-boxes massively overpaid BBC thundercunt. With whipped cream and a cherry-cunt on top.

    OK. Back to the tennis, talking of chippy Scotch cunts…

    Fucking, fucking cunts…..there is no end to them.

  8. There is some serious skullduggery going on at the moment, someone or something important is pulling a lot of strings, they “want” us in the EU

    That result was not supposed to happen

    • The reappearance of The Evil One (Blair) makes me nervous. I reckon we are going to get shafted big time. Fucking knew this would happen…

      • Everytime I see that “thing” Blair on TV, I hear “Ave Satani” in my head (theme tune from the Omen)

      • The Star Wars Imperial March works quite well too when the fucker is getting off a plane or helicopter…

  9. Charlotte Church,,,as someone far funnier than me said “Voice like an Angel…..Fanny like a mineshaft.”

  10. Seems they are stepping up the Jihad yet again by staging an attack in Medina where one bunch of Muslims has decided the neighbour hood is full of the wrong type of Muslims. Now to my mind any type is the wrong type but I do think these fuckers need our help, blowing themselves up one fucktard at a time is going to take way long.

    I suggest we put a nuke in each Muslim state and all the wanna be suicide bombers can stand round their local nuke as we set it off.

    Vaporised cunts should get to heaven a lot quicker where they can get up close and personal with the virgin camel of their choice.

    • To be honest I dont get terribly excited about Mohammedan on Mohammedan attacks

      To misquote Commander Robert Dixon of WW2 fame “Scratch one rag top”

  11. Charlotte Church, most recently seen attending marches against welfare cuts, presumably as her giro is her only income these days.

  12. I’d still giveher one!
    She can come up to my little abode in NE Scotland, and do the dishes for me and wank me off too.

    • Fill your boots, mate. I heard she would suck cock for a cheeky vimto. Chuck in a pickled egg and she’ll do anal.

  13. charlotte church is the cunt in Cardiff that everyone loves to hate,she is a fucking retard,hangs around with retarded hangers on,bred by retards for retards,step forward cunt sniper and do us all a favour as you missed your chance in Glastonbury………treble out spoken cunt

  14. Im not against fat birds. But what is it about the ones that think they can sing, (or act) always coming wrapped in a complete and utter cunt skin?

  15. Tom Hiddleston is a cunt…
    Publicity stunt or not, what man worth his salt goes around in a T-Shirt with ‘I Love TS’ on it? TS, of course, being that talentless, shaghappy, atttention sucking bag of bones, Taylor Swift… Not only that, Hiddleston gets a heart shaped tattoo and lets Swift parade him -Cruise and Holmes style – in front of her posse of luvvie cunts, like Blake Lively and that Delevigne slag… Any normal bloke would have said ‘Fuck you’ about the T-Shirt, ‘Get Stuffed’ about being Swift’s poodle in front of her entourage, and to Swift herself, ‘If I want a quickie with a media whore that looks like a skeleton, I’ll give Posh Spice a ring….’ Hiddleston is such a fucking cunt, a pussywhipped creampuff, and a total fairy…

    • An ideal replacement for Daniel Craig then. All he has to do is remember to say “Yes Barbara” on demand and he’s in…

      • Hiddlesunt could be wearing that puke inducing T-Shirt as a genuine homage to Swift: ‘I Love The Stick Insect…’ Then again, it could be ‘T Love This Slhagbag…’

        Whether he is shagging Swift’s bony arse or not, there is something so blatantly staged and publicity seeking about the pair of them…. Any credibility Hiddleston had has disintegrated with these ridiculous and self serving shenanigans… A pair of self important cunts….

  16. That long haired twat from One Direction, That Ginger cunt, Ed Sheeran, that tosspot, Calvin Harris, and now that Tom Hiddleston cunt.. Fucking hell. has Swift got an STD yet? It’s a bet on what will collapse first: her overused cunt or her charlie filled hooter….

  17. I must say boaby you are nearly right but its every bloke she dates becomes a fudge packer,she really seems that bad to me and I’m sure any time spent around this retarded cunt is enough to turn anyone into a sausage jocky ….or a fucking murderer….step forward anti-cunt sniper your latest target awaits…

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