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  1. She is all of these things and more. You have to be LGBT to head a political party in Scotland and Ruth is a member of the Lesbian sisterhood. I wish they’d all go back to Lesbos and get shagged by the multitude of Syrian refugees living there on the beaches. Cunts being fucked by cunts – it would be poetic justice.

    • very droll and topical …. the award goes to you I think 10 out of 10 for that comment .serena

  2. Are there any vaguely attractive women in Scotland? Answers on a grain of rice to……

    • She loves England ya bam. Thats what she stands for in Scottish Politics.

      Shes got a Union Jack dildo ffs.

    • What a stupid ill informed ignorant bigoted little cunt you are. She is a Unionist you fuckwit.

  3. She bears an unnerving resemblance to Nick Griffin. Separated at birth perhaps?
    P.S. I really hope he’s reading this…

    • Yeah, but Griffin has a dodgy eye. As far as I know, both of Davidsons are working. Hang on a minute, Griffin has a dodgy eye, Gordon Broon has a dodgy eye, Davidson…fuck it, we’ll say she has a dodgy eye. Triplets?

  4. Absolutely a fkukin mouthy shouting bawling bean flicking cut.
    Well nominated this cunt is.

  5. Young Remain Moaners

    I know that they have been cunted daily since the result of last week’s referendum, but these cunts show no sign of stopping their whinging. So listen up you cunts and have the decency to give a thought to our forebears.

    100 years ago tomorrow, my Grandfather and thousands of other poor bastards went over the top to keep us free from the Hun. He was badly wounded in the Battle of the Somme, and was crippled for the rest of his life, yet we never heard him complain, as he considered himself luckier than those poor sods who were killed.

    You – the youth of today – are fucking lucky.

    Stop whining

    Big Al

    • My Fathers father was mustard gassed in WWI ended up losing his legs due to circulation issues. My father fought through WW2 after lying about his age to get in the Army in 38.

      These remain cunts have no idea what those people fought for, they give it no value. Some of the trendy progressive liberal socialist cunts look down on our forefathers as stupid puppets at best and it goes down hill from there.

      My mothers grandfather also fought in WWI as did his brothers, My mothers father was a designated key man who was kept at home working under the MOD as an engineer but unable to tell anyone what he did so was regarded as being a coward and had a had time being a young man of fighting age but not at war.

      So quickly do we forget what real sacrifice and suffering is, so quickly have the political elite persuaded the population none of it mattered and it is not relevant today.

      The poor youth of today that the older generation have supposedly robbed of their future would never get off their arses long to go fight and die for unborn future generations and total strangers.

      I really admire the minority of young folk that still do sign up and serve and sacrifice for the nation today, they give me hope that we do still have a core of people who still hold values bigger than their own needs.

      Student cunts that think they contribute by supporting Muslims or trying to get a statue of Rhodes removed in case it offends a Nigerian scammer can suck my festering cock and fuck of gratefully when I have jazzed down their throats.

  6. The Thornberry harridan is on question time, proving that she is incapable of listening to pretty much anybody. One of her long winded rants, and fair play, she must breathe through her arse, was met with complete silence, a real tumbleweed moment. What a trout.

    • She has been in makeup since yesterday afternoon and they are still having to photo shop her in real time so my TV doesn’t vomit.

      I thought I had tuned into a horror movie, oh I did.

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