Malia Bouattia


NUS president Malia Bouattia is a massive cunt.

She and her comrades talk total bollocks re shut all prisons etc ‘cos they are racist and “cuntish”?

Also I am sick to death of her and her ilk being splattered across all the fucking news papers so that I do not read them so I miss out on all the major stuff like what major stuff? Basically can these fucktards die or something or just fuck off and fade away please.

Nominated by: Shipmans apprentice

Apparently NUS President Malia Bouattia denies she’s an ISIS supporting anti-semite. It seems she only said she was.

Perhaps this was so the cunt could get the ISIS supporting anti-semite students to elect her? I think we should be told…

Nominated by: Dioclese

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  1. The one thing that prisoners have in common, (except for the minority who are genuine victims of miscarriage of justice), is that they are ALL in prison as a result of their own actions. They knew what they were doing was doing was wrong, and they did it anyway. They’re where they deserve to be.

    Then along comes this cunt, and demands we close them and release all prisoners. I’d love to ask the dumb bitch, and all the cretins who voted in favour of this suicidal bullshit, what she thinks will happen when the paedophiles, rapists, murderers, armed robbers and terrorists are all returned to the streets. Because that WOULD happen if this clown got her way. Fortunately, it won’t.

    As the new leader of the NUS, she’s certainly a divisive figure. She’s already prompted THREE universities to distance themselves from the NUS. And here’s another question she can answer; why the fuck is a 28 year old woman still pretending to be student? Get a fucking job you lazy slag.

    • you are right, but wrong (and I agree with you) however having dealt with prisoners on a one to one basis I discovered some truth in the fact that most of them had not “done it”
      When looked at in depth they had actualy comited much more serious offences however were able to reduce sentences by admitting a lesser charge, saving trial time and investigation, say rape to sexual assault, ABH to GBH (or the other way round) I recall one paticular nasty peice of work who was going to fall on the 3 strikes rule plea bargin to a lesser charge to avoid the actual charge that should have put him on the lifers regime! and UK prisons are actualy quite nice, its the shits in them that give it a bad name.

  2. I had a few beers, and a small number of whiskeys last night. So just ignore the shite typing.

    • Shit typing? lol its actually better then usual there’s now spaces between your paragraphs, before it was 11-16 line paragraphs.

      • No offence QDM I just like short posts/cuntings with 4-5 line paragraphs. Also I find that cuntings get accepted faster if shorter and I have ADHD. Its not that I don’t like long texts i’m fine either way .

      • TitSlapper, I didn’t take any offence mate. I know what you mean. I tend to do a lot of my rants while angry. It tends to give me tunnel vision, and I forget about things like good grammar. Now I’m off for a whiskey. Maybe two.

  3. Just as cuntish as this irritant are the dim fuckwits who elected her and gave her a voice.

    If the cunt was highlighting the decline in sales of propelling pencil sets at Christmas I’d say she was doing her job.

    • She was doubtless elected by a tiny proportion of students, the vast majority of whom couldn’t give a fuck about these cunts playing at being grown-ups. As I’ve said elsewhere, real unions view the NUS as a fucking joke.

  4. Unfortunately they need to be plastered all over the media, so we know what us normal decent folks are up against.

    A properly clueless cunt with no redeeming features.

    Well suited to a public service job , can you imagine this half wit trying to make money and actually be a driving force for a successful business?

    Of course the sad thing is there is a well trodden path for SJW scum like this. The public service path. But if the light is kept shining on them, maybe there is still a chance to change the endemic uselessness of the (barely) civil service.

  5. Students are a bunch of clueless, worthless cunts.

    The national union of students (snigger) are a bunch pointless, clueless, worthless cunts.

    So, what does this make their president?

  6. Patrick Rock is a cunt and so is every member of his legal team.

    Rock is former aide to Cameron (cunted 18 times) who has just been found guilty of downloading indecent images of girls around the age of ten. The fucking nonce’s legal team had the temerity to claim that since none of the images showed completely naked girls they were comparable to the photographs Lewis Carroll took of ten year old girls, so “to criminalise Rock would be to criminalise Carroll”.

    Call me naive, but I’d venture to suggest that the main difference here is that Rock was most likely downloading from a site with ‘jailbait’ in the title (and visiting such a site surely gives a good idea of his interests) and it’s highly unlikely that such a website would ever be interested in Carroll’s bland, anodyne imagery.

    Hang the pedo cunt.

    • To be honest I’ve always considered Carroll to be a nonce… great now I’ve done it, I’ll have to debate with his crazy followers now.

      Even though alice in wonderland reads like a very well written childrens book. I find the whole tale to be a creepy paedo book with hidden meanings, innuendos and plenty of phallic symbolism(other symbolism too). Just my opinion though

  7. My considered advice to her would be ‘what the fuck do students need a union for anyway ? Just pass your exams and get a job in the real world you posing workshy cunt.

  8. Amber Heard is a cunt…
    Now, I’m not saying that Johnny Depp isn’t a cunt, but there is something weird and crazy about her… An all too convenient and quick ‘abuse’ story suddenly appears… Something about it (and her) really stinks like a chinky wrestler’s jockstrap cooked in chip fat….

    • Oh she was in that stupid tranny film Danish Girl(Danish Cunt more like) fuck her then. To early to tell if its a cash grab but I’ll bet you any money it is Norm.

      She probably got a light slapped and shes now turning it into a rape or “he almost killed me story”. I’ve seen the abuse photos, fucking abuse my arse! a small dinky bruise I’ve seen bigger bruises on my pinky toe.

      Johnny Depp can go bugger himself too the stupid cunt is making another pirates of the caribbean(5th film I guess) and another Alice in wonderland film. Fuck Depp and his retarded attention whore girlfriend I’m going to go play Forza 2.

    • If exit visas are imminent for these two, she probably needs some ammo to ensure that ‘z’ list obscurity stays at bay.

      Depp is ‘A’ list Hollywood royalty and therefore fireproof.

      • I wouldn’t say fireproof mate, I bet you depp will probably give her some hush money to drop the case he would lose more dosh with the court case.

    • Wasn’t there some crap about her being physically abused with a mobile phone? So, now we know, they have their uses!

      Tonight, everybody in the Republic of AuntieBelinda should aim their mobiles at eu hq in Brussels…that’s a lot of heavy metal, could do some damage!!

  9. Fucking students are all a bunch of cunts who go to Uni to avoid having to have any dealing with the real world, whilst pissing away their student grant that will get paid back by ‘mummy & daddy’.

    Malia is also an annoying cunt, stirring up the workshy fuckwits………….however, she does have a great pair of tits.

  10. Mayor of London and new president of National Union of Students Islamic………………move along, nothing to see here.


    • I prefer to use the word “Muhammadan”

      it pisses them off no end and the PC police dont have it on search

      • Should ISIS ever need a national anthem for their Islamic State, I think “Muhadmadam” would be a good word to use in the chorus……especially if it was followed by a Muppets style “do doo be-do-do……..

        I can see the tea towel headed cunts singing it now.

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