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  1. I’ve never seen the point of this cunt. He’s spectacularly shite as a fucking TV presenter. And I would imagine Tess Daly thinks he’s spectacularly shite as a husband.

    • Tess Daly needs a kick in the cunt, his names Vernon and he is in the living room texting some bint.

  2. I’m nominating TV news. Apparently, nothing newsworthy has happened today, apart from a team that has been at the very top of the league winning the title. Who couldn’t see that coming? I turned on Sky News this morning, and I thought the Messiah had returned to Earth. There were people cheering and getting hysterical. I turned BBC News on, same fucking thing. Apparently, it’s historic. Turns out that Leicester had won the title. Like I said, who couldn’t see that coming?

    I’ve nothing against Leicester winning the title. It’s been a long time since I supported football, so it’s completely irrelevant to me. But we’re now going to have a year of that already insufferable cunt, Lineker, being even more insufferable. We’ve already had a week of Hillsborough being the only thing happened. Now we’re going to have another week of football related bullshit.

    • Absolutely. It’s been the main story on the radio news for the past couple of days. Normal people don’t fucking care about football.

      • It’s sort of good that Leicester have won the thing, because it means those cunts, The Gorton Globetrotters (aka Manchester City) didn’t win it… Guess the Abu Dhabi cartel will have to go back to the drawing board and splash loads of cash and yet more hired guns and dirty mercenaries…

    • A nice pleasant news story to hide the media’s rather lame coverage of the Labour party rascism implosion?
      With elections this week?
      Surely not?

      • By three o clock this afternoon I was ready to end it all. I fucking hate it when sport becomes news.

  3. Thinking more about that Emma Watson bint, it seems the mainstream media would push the paedo sexual attraction of Watson.

    With the cunt in question she looks like she has the frame and look of a 12 yr old boy the amount of young Emma pictures on the web is really disturbing and is basically nonce heaven.

    Apparently the posh totty look are in high demand with sick fucks, Emma Cuntson should fuck off she isn’t a humanitarian she’s a champagne drinking cuntarian.

    Also bollocks to her recent plastic bottle dress she’s still a special snowflake millionaire, hardly the world saving do-gooder the media portrays her to be.

    • Agreed, TitSlapper… Always found it more than a bit creepy that the very minute Watson turned 18 there were sweaty weirdos all over the web doing all that fake pics and adult fanfic bullshit… What’s up with these sick cunts? There are enough real women in the world, aren’t there?

  4. Talking of the TV shop dummy, Vernon Kay, Rhian Sugden is a prize winning 42 karat weapons grade slag…

  5. When Vernon Kay and Patrick Kielty are together people think a new branch of Burtons has opened.

  6. An excellent choice, succinct and to the point.
    An authentic celebucunt.

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