John Lydon [2]


Lydon is the complete hypocritical cunt incarnate.

Typical fuckin’ tory. Once he’s earned his filthy lucre, the cunt wants to bath in Anchor butter.

Fucking prick.

Sid is turning in his grave the cunt.

Lydon is about as Punk as Michael Gove.

Nominated by: Hurling Dervish

18 thoughts on “John Lydon [2]

  1. A Phony hypocritical little cunt as far as I’m concerned aside from Nevermind the bollocks, Heres the sex pistols decent album but overrated IMO, PIL though? pisspoor

  2. ….Then again he stood up to the Beeb paedophiles so there is that but he is a hypocritical cunt.
    He can sometimes be a likeable character because hes like 4 different personas in one but yep PIL was shite true Dio. He had a few decent songs, and his band might of been ground breaking for its time but it doesn’t hold up well today and thats what matters.

      • “Stood up when ? 30 years later ?”

        No Not Quite, In 1978 he spoke about wanting to direct a film in which he wanted to kill some evil nasty people roughly 200 people one of which was jimmy saville the broadcast in question )wasn’t aired and his music stopped being broadcast on BBC radio for a short while, thats about all to say cheers

  3. I’d rather sit front row at a two week insurance seminar than listen to anything this cunt has to say, sing or shout about.
    Thought Steve Jones found a good sound for “God save” and “Pretty vacant” tho’…..

    • If it was him that is. Its been rumoured for years that the track was played by session men and knowing that the music biz is crawling with fake, lying cunts then thats entirely possible.

      • Insider info suggests that the Never Mind the Bollocks album is all session men because they didn’t know how to play at the time. Seeing their later concerts would suggest that they learnt quick so probably used session men because they couldn’t play very well or up to studio quality.

        Could all be bollocks of course, but that’s the rumour…

      • Also sex pistols released a bootleg record aptly called SPUNK 1week before the nevermind bollocks album which pissed off Richard aka (Cheeky Cunt) Branson. The bootleg is supposedly a better representation of the bands live set and it has glen matlocks bass more in the front of the mix then the official record. The session man myth is a bit confusing and I’m not entirely sure anymore either. I think they all played on the album aside from sid who couldn’t play bass properly. This article explains part of the session men myth

      • Vicious was shite… Even Andrew Ridgely was more useful… Makes me laugh at how snobbish and hypocritical the music press are… They revere a nasty, murdering smackhead like Vicious and would still love the Pistols even if it was confirmed they used session players… But they still don’t shut up about The Monkees and how they didn’t play on anything (not entirely true)… I would rather listen to ‘Headquarters’ and ‘Pisces etc’ than ‘Never Mind The Load Of Bollocks…’

        All the adulation the Pistols now get is based on myth cliches and hype… The Clash (especially Strummer) could also be cunts, but at least they had a couple of decent musicians in Mick Jones and Topper Headon….

      • I mainly blame Malcolm Mclaren(journo’s too tho!) for the hype of Sid. He didn’t care if 15 yr olds mindlessy idolized and copied a bad mannered, violent heroin addict.
        Probally coming junkies or bullies themselves. Mclaren was just more interested in Money didn’t care who got hurt. He saw punk music as monopolizing teenager aggression and depression. He didn’t give a fuck bout music IMO.

  4. The whole point of Lydon is being a cunt, don’t care if you think he’s a cunt, he has been a cunt since he was old enough to indulge in cantatude. Getting up noses is his lifes work.

    Ever get the feeling you’ve been had?

  5. I’m bored of being told why punk HAD to happen. It was fucking shit then, it’s fucking shit now, it will always be fucking shit. And Lydon is a cunt. A big cunt. At least the other cunt killed himself.

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