Princess Charlotte


Can I be the first to cunt the new Royal parasite?

Fucking Royals, they invaded my birthday two years ago and now they’ve annexed my son’s birthday. Cunts.

Nominated by: Cunts Mate Cunt

And I’d like to cunt it’s parents for not having the balls to just call it ‘Diana’ and that horse’s backside Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, for pretending that it’s her granddaughter when it fucking well isn’t!

Nominated by: Dioclese

9 thoughts on “Princess Charlotte

  1. They just had to put granny’s name before his mother’s didn’t they? One can imagine the scenario: “Oh yes, Wills old boy… You may call her Diana, but only if ehe comes second to Her Majesty… Splendid, old fruit etc..”

    And who the fuck were those half-breeds in union jack get up outide the hospital?!
    Someone should brand it on these royalist cunts foreheads: You work, you get shit money, you pay taxes… They do fuck all, they live in luxury and they are rolling in cash from your money from the taxes you pay… What part don’t you get, you thick servile bootlicking cunts?

    • I know it takes all sorts and all that but FFS who are these lackwits that have two weeks to camp outside a fucking hospital awaiting the bleeding inevitable? They’re Idle, time-wasting, vile coffee out of a flask drinking old scrotes with nothing better to do. That’s who!
      The cunts…
      Oh yes. And the SNP are still cunts…Labour supporting cunts.

    • And what the fuck was that Union Jack suited retard singing when the camera was on him ?

  2. Royalists are the most spineless purveyors of arse clenchingly nauseating sycophancy. Cunts the lot of them. Waiting for a baby to be born that wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire when she’s older.

  3. This poor little kid was probably grown in a test tube so its got all the negative traits of the royal bleeders, ginger hair, big ears and a gob like a horse. It will look fuck all like Diana, maybe a mix of Charlie, Fergie and Redrum.
    Poor posh little cunt.

    • Or Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie… Fuck me, they are horrendous…
      They make Princess Ann look like Jill St John….

  4. Id be keeping her well away from Great Grandad the Greek. Cunts got fiddler written all over him and its been a while since he saw some baby girls.

  5. If another nurse dies I’ll assume their visit was a terrorizing one who knows if a nurse looks at one of the royals wrong they will have to get off’ed .

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