Paula Radcliffe


So Radcliffe ran the London Marathon as her ‘last competitive race’. Only it wasn’t, was it Paula? You weren’t in the competitive race were you? You were in there with the fun runners but being you, Paula, you just had to talk it up, didn’t you?

You fucked up in the 2012 Olympics after the big build up when you didn’t appear at all and you just couldn’t stand it could you? You had to have just one more golden moment. You just love the limelight too much. Bowing out gracefully would have been just too much for you, wouldn’t it?

FFS, Paula, why don’t you just quit and stop getting in our faces with your pathetic attempts to impress us? Because we’re not.

Fuck off and leave us in peace.

Nominated by: Dioclese

4 thoughts on “Paula Radcliffe

    • On listening to the TV commentators I turned to the wife and said is this the fucking Paula Radcliffe admiration society ? Fuck me they blabbed on about Paula and Paula’s fucking kids all day long. She is the Colin Montgomery of British Athletics FFS !!!

  1. Fuck the London Marathon and all its ‘look at me’ cunts…
    I was in the forbidden zone that is Goodison Park today, and Luke Shaw is a cunt….
    Fancy paying 27 million quid for a sack of shit…

    And Falcao is still a useless cunt….

  2. Fucking drug cheat, she smashed the world record by so much she is obviously a drug cheat, no way this cunt is genetically dis-positioned to running that time, fucking smelly cunt of a whore, typical BBC/Royal honours cunt, fuck off

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