Bryan Ferry [2]


Bryan Ferry is a cunt… Apart from the pretentious bollocks he commits to vinyl and CD, he’s always come across as a bit of a knob… His ‘beautiful Nazis’ remark showed his cuntery. When he had that silly moustache he looked like a debonair version of Blakey off On The Buses…

And his ‘singing?’ Ferry sounds like the singing Char Waller from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum… I know Roxy Music are seen by cunts like Paul Morely as the ultimate in ‘cool’ but Ferry has always appeared to be an arthouse wanker…

Nominated by: Norman

10 thoughts on “Bryan Ferry [2]

  1. It seems pretty clear that most of the contributors to this delightful website have very little time for the bizarre totalitarian creed of Islamism. Numerous micro-cocked closet homosexuals like Horner, Choudhury, Rahman (you must be a cunt to be slagged off in The Independent by Yasmin “Muslim Feminist” Alibhai-Brown) and even arch-twat Mohammad have been nominated on these pages.

    But I want to go to the source and so I hereby nominate the Koran for a cunting.

    I set myself the task of reading this book late last year. I was fucking sick of hearing the black/white discussion of Islam every time some Dalek/fucktard/Islamist/paedophile blew himself up. Guardinazis would scream “Islam is a religion of peace” whilst right-wing nutjobs would foam about how all immigrants should be kicked out. I thought I’d go back to Allah’s own words, as reported by Mo when he wasn’t looking for dates at the local kindergarten.

    Muslim types and their fuckwitted friends in the “liberal” media claim the Koran is an inspired work of genius, a beautiful work of art, full of forward-thinking ideas for the good of humanity. The aforementioned foamers claim it’s a terrorist manual. Surely, the truth must lie somewhere in between?

    I was kind of expecting something like the Bible – a pseudo-history book with supernatural elements and some half-baked philosophy thrown in. But, fuck me ragged, that is not what I found. The Koran is, to use the immortal words of Comic Book Guy, the. Worst. Book. Ever. Worse than Tolkien, worse even than that twat Shakespeare who has ruined English lessons for so many generations of children in the English-speaking world.

    The Koran is complete and utter garbage – incoherent, dull, repetitive. The order makes no sense and the focus of chapters, paragraphs, even fucking sentences changes seemingly at random. I may be dim but I could not find a single unifying theme beyond the constant assurance that Allah is going to punish you if you don’t do exactly what he says, at all fucking times. Allah is the Nelson Muntz of deities – if you don’t follow his rules then he’s going to fuck you up, eternally. Christ, I lost count of the number of descriptions of the fate of unbelievers in the Fire (capital fucking F, ya cunt).

    If you don’t believe me, try Sura 66 Al-Tahrim (Prohibition). It’s like that all the fucking way through. But I got through to the end and now I can quote whole sections to the twats over at the Guardian’s website.

    Anyone who claims to live their life according to this fucked-up elephant turd of a book is either – 1/ a liar, 2/ someone who hasn’t read it or 3/ a mad fucker who needs professional help (either from a psychiatrist or Flaxen Saxon, I don’t care which).

    Oh, and for some cultural diversity a la Guardian, try Judges 19. God is a mad cunt.

  2. Debonair version of Blakey. Nice one. And you’re absolutely right, he is an a massive cunt. So is his son, Otis.

  3. Bryan Ferry the coke crazed crooning cunt, Married his son’s girlfriend.Shagging his son’s bird and prancing around like Terry Thomas on crack, karaoke singing at a nazi rally.

    This geriatric, goose stepping ponce is 11 on the cuntometer.
    And to prove what a ironic cunt he was , sang “jealous guy”.

    On the subject of his sons.Otis the public school, tatler twat, Pro-hunt Cunt, is worthy of a good beating with a copy of Tatler after an arse wiping.

  4. My old Mum used to fancy Bryan Ferry and if I ever hear a Roxy Music song it brings back disturbing repressed memories.
    But my old Mum also fancied Burt Reynolds & Phil Collins, we sent her off to Veritas a few years ago, the poor delusional woman RIP

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