Matthew Simmons


Special 20th anniversary cunting: Matthew Simmons is a cunt…

This badly dressed, loudmouthed, racist Palace gobshite got everything he deserved that night at Selhurst Park….. It was a great drop kick and then a cracking punch from Eric… The way this despicable little fucker got his 15 minutes (with the help of those cunts at The Sun): acting the wronged and innocent loveable ordinary joe football fan was sickening…

Turns out Simmons was/is scum of the lowest order… Offences for racism, assault, robbery and apparently girlfriend beating… Cantona got more coverage than OJ Simpson and Fred West combined (sorry, Fred). Yet Simmons was treated like some sort of working class hero…

It wouldn’t surpirise me if this odious cunt put his head above the parapet to get a few quid 20 years after the event… If he does we (as reds) will be more than happy to reacquaint ourselves with him……

Nominated by: Norman

“All I said, yer honour, was ‘Orf you go Cantona. It’s the early bath for you!'”

Funny, ‘cos it came out “Why don’t you fuck off back to France, you froggy bastard!?!”

Nominated by: Dioclese

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  1. I saw and heard what the little cunt did… Simmons ran down ten or so rows of seats. He then gobbed at Cantona and said ‘Fuck off you animal! Fuck off back to France and fuck your mother, you French bastard!” It’s a bit of a blur after that. Schmichel ran from his goal to grab Eric, Paul Ince had a go at Simmons and some other knobheads, there was some afters with reds and Palace at Selhusrt Hilll after the game… I’m just glad Roy Keane wasn’t there at the time. World War III would have broken out…

    I recall the outrage and ridiculous moral crusade that followed… Cunts like Willie Morgan, Garth Crooks, Gary ‘Friend of wibebeater Gazza’ Lineker, Johnny Giles and numerous other has beens… There were those who say Simmons deserved it (Jurgen Klinsmann, George Best,Pele, Pat Crerand) but I’ve never seen such a media lynch mob before or since… What that Ched Evans cunt is getting now is nothing to the stick Cantona got in 95…

  2. Don’t forget Kathy Churchman, whom you mentioned yesterday Norman. The silly old slag who thought it was hilarious when that spunk monkey Simmons was hurling his abuse at Eric. Didn’t seem to find it quite so funny when Cantona dropped him like the sack of shit he is.

    The only way Cantona could have made it better is if, after putting Simmons on the floor, he’d stood over him, took out his todger, and pissed in Simmons’ face whilst shouting something witty like, “Le Francais adore, le pee on floor” (Le Piat Dor, Le pee on floor, get it?) My talents are fucking wasted here. After that, he should have cock slapped Churchman in her ugly face.

  3. In the wake of the shootings in Paris, self-styled cleric Anjem “Andy” Choudary requires an urgent cunting.

    Benefit claimant Choudary (who hilariously insists that his benefits “belong to Allah”), has written this response to the murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists:

    And if anyone still remains in any doubt as to the cuntitude of this scum, here’s the cunt’s Twitter feed:

    It’s also worth noting that Choudary is engaged in action against Google and various websites who have published the following photos of him as a younger man which he is trying to have removed:

    Hilariously, the various legal actions he has brought cite his rights under the European Convention on Human Rights!

    Hopefully Dioclese will see fit to use the following images should this cunting make the front page:

    • No worries, Fred. Released the comment and have scheduled the post for day after tomorrow.

      I’ll be on holiday from Monday for 4 odd weeks but there’s lotsa stuff scheduled and I’ve passed the reins back to the Eye until I get back.

    • That was something I forgot to add in my piece on Islam a couple of weeks back. Muslims are the worst kind of hypocrite. Choudhary is one of the worst. So Abu Izzadeen, formerly known as Trevor Brooks. In some ways, Choudhary is right though. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. There are no moderate Muslims, or extremist Muslims, there are only Muslims. What we’re seeing with ISIS, the Taliban and Al Qaeda, is true Islam.

      What always puzzles me, is all those limp wristed, hand wringing, Britain hating, liberal morons who are always happy to bend over and take it up the arse to appease Muslims. They’re too thick to see that Muslims will never be appeased. The more they are given, the more they want. They do not belong in the West. They are divisive and destructive.

      • Oh dear, yet another brainwashed western media TV pleb….

        First it was Al Queda, then it was the Taliban, then Muslim Terrorists, then Muslim Fundamentalists, then IS, then ISIS, now it is ISIL…..

        Do you see a pattern here? all big scary bogeymen who want to kill you and take your freedom, LMFAO and the only way for our government to save us and keep us safe is to TAKE OUR FREEDOM.

        Oh the fucking irony……

      • Yeah, coz in reality they are totally benign and happy to integrate and the likes of Choudary and the Charlie Hebdo killers are misunderstood, misinterpreted and the ISIL beheadings never really happened…? Now who’s the brainwashed pleb?

      • The only way to halt the erosion of our freedom is to remove all of the muslims from the country.

        We need to start by removing their welfare.

        If they want to live in the 9th century then they can fuck off to Saudi or Yemen.

        They will all be much happier there.

      • You’re the only fucking pleb around here wankstain. You sound like a dipshit, tin foil hatted, conspiracy theorist. Unlike you, I actually have experience of fighting terrorists, having spent 18 years in the British Army, 10 of which were with 29 Rgt, Royal Artillery Commandos. Which is how I know they actually exist. And just so you know, you ignorant prick, ISIS and ISIL are the same terrorist group. They just have two names, depending on whether they’re operating in Iraq or Syria.

        I’m not brainwashed, you are, by the likes of arsewipes like Alex Jones and David Icke. You buy the bullshit they sell without even thinking about it. Those two fuckwits are experts in NOTHING, save for brainwashing retards like you. Icke believes various Governments are run by shape shifting lizards for fucks sake. He should be in a strait jacket. And so should you. They certainly have no knowledge of terrorism. I do.
        Now, go back to sucking daddy off, you worthless fucking troll.

      • True Icke was peddling nonsense that Savile was a paedophiles as were many politicians and members of the establishment. Clearly nonsense.

  4. Oops, I included a few links in my last post which has been sent for moderation. Apologies for that.

  5. Having read through the links you posted, his message seems to be let’s all show mutual respect, as long as you all become muslim now. I might be paraphrasing the hateful cunt, who think’s it is OK to kill anyone who disrespects his religious beliefs,

  6. Jesus fucking titty christ Norman, get over it for fuck sake. It was 20 years ago, He only signed for Man u Because he was shagging another player’s wife (allegedly). You are starting to sound like a scouser now, get over it and move on


    Please feel free to report me to your nearest muslim everyone.

    • Tis already done, Sir. No doubt a Muzzie extemist will rat, tat on your door and shower you with flowers and the fruits of peace. Invite him inman and offer a bacon buttie. Muzzies are so polite they cannot refuse. Lovely folk, after all, just like you and me, but with decapitation tendancies.

  8. Infidel scum, how dare you mock Mohammed (peace be upon him).

    I declare Fatwa on you, your family, your cat and even you milkman

    Allāhu Akbar


    • How dare I mock Mohammed (PISS be upon him)? I dare because I have nothing but contempt for the kiddy fiddling little cunt. Same for Allah. Total cocksucker. Muslims? Biggest biggest bunch of faggots on the planet.

      Now, If you’d care to give me your address, I’ll be happy to come to your house and shove your fatwa up your arse. Now, get back under your bridge, I hear daddy troll wants you to suck his balls. Oh, and in MY country, YOU are the infidel scum.

  9. I don’t know if this is allowed, but I would like to nominate the word “Islamophobia” for an epic cunting.
    This absurd term has become ubiquitous over the past few years but, and this is the reason for the nomination, no-one has actually defined what it means. It appears to mean whatever the speaker wants it to mean, so that anything from the foamings of right-wing nutjobs on conspiracy theory websites to thoughtful musings in the quality press about the place of religion in 21st century Britain can be dismissed by this ridiculous word. As far as I can work out, “Islamophobia” is Arabic for “Shut the fuck up, Kuffar!”
    “Islamophobia” is automatically associated with racism against the mythical “Muslim community.” Now this really is a racist term. Some folks of South Asian descent have been living in the UK for three generations but whenever some bearded freak goes mental, screaming “Allahu fucking Akbar” as usual, these people are told they must condemn his actions because they are “Muslims.” No, they aren’t. They are British citizens with the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else. It is racist to say that they are Muslims because of the colour of their skin – PC twats at the BBC please take note.
    Those cunts who shot up that French magazine are accused of shooting a “Muslim police officer” as they fled the scene. No, they didn’t; they shot a FRENCH police officer who happened to have a somewhat darker skin than the majority of the French population. Again I say, it is racist to label people of a certain ethnic group as “Muslims.”
    By labelling certain folks as “Muslim” on account of their skin colour, the PC racist cunts of the BBC go on to empower so-called “Muslim community leaders.” Who elected these twats as “community leaders”? From what I can work out, being a “leader” of the mythical “Muslim community” simply means you have a beard and have read a book. Well, I have a beard and I’ve read lots of books (including the Koran) but I don’t claim to be a leader of any “community”!
    But for sheer cuntishness, the phrase that really takes the biscuit is “Muslim feminist.” Have these silly tarts read their “holy” book? It specifically says that women are only worth half of men in terms of inheritance and testimony. “It’s my choice to wear a bag on my head when I go out,” they bleat. Fine. But it’s also my wife’s choice to wear a bikini when we go to the beach and no misogynistic cunt whose library consists of one book of thousand year old fairy stories can stop her. Fuck you.
    That silly cunt Anjem Choudary says that freedom of speech does not allowed people to mock Allah’s prophets. That’s exactly what is does allow you utter, utter cunt. Your prophet was a violent, murderous, delusional twat who felt up a six year old! A six year old, for fuck’s sake! What kind of cunt gets his jollys from a Year One kid – outside of Parliament or the BBC that is?
    There have been a lot of twats saying they have the right to practice their religion in peace. Absolutely correct – and right back at you! You can believe in fairy tales, worship a violent desert bandit, bang your head on the ground five times a day and force your wife to wear a bag on her head (actually I’m not so sure about the last one, unless she’s a “Muslim feminist” who chooses her own bag). BUT I DON”T HAVE TO. And nor do I have to “respect” your shitty religion.
    Lots of people have written about Islam in recent years but most of them miss the point. They concentrate on the supposed violence in the Koran, the treatment of minorities in Islamic countries or the attitude of Muslims towards women. This is to miss the central problem in Islam; the central problem in ALL religions. Muslims believe the universe was created by God. THERE IS NO GOD. At last count, physicists reckon there are 100,000,000,000 galaxies containing 300,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in a universe that has existed for 13,700,000,000 years. And yet! The “God” who “created” all this cares most about whether one half of one species on one planet around one star shows its hair to the other half! Please, just fuck off, chill the fuck out, have a pint or three and get laid – with an actual woman not a prepubescent virgin.

    • Don’t see why not. Somebody just cunted Islam so this shows the other side of the argument. I’ve added it to the schedule…

    • As far as I can tell, “Islamophobia” is a word used mainly by limp wristed lefties. They seem to think it’s some kind of illness suffered by people to who dare to exercise their right to free speech, by criticising Islam, and muslims. In actual fact, a phobia is an irrational fear of something. I do not fear Islam, or muslims. Therefore, I am not an “Islamophobe”.

    • Islam is a faith that belongs in the Dark ages. It’s principles, tenets and philosophy were designed for subversion, domination, brutality and intolerance. The unholy Qu’ran is full of references to everything that most other faiths have tried to eradicate.
      I can truly see a time when, through stealth and abetted by the idiots of the left wing, Islam turns the UK into a hell-hole with Sharia law, morality police and public executions for the unbelievers.

  10. I believe in Thor. Jesus was sent to free us from sin, yet there is sin everywhere whereas Thor protects us from Frost Giants which I have never seen so he must be doing a damn good job 🙂

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