The Haka [2]


The Haka demands a good cunting.

I’m bored to the fucking back teeth of seeing that little dance, but what gets me more are those stupid NZ fans in the stands who now think they need to stick the tongue out like their heroes on the pitch.

Piss right off, cùnts.

Nominated by: Dan

( Can’t be cunted too many times, eh Flaxen?… )

2 thoughts on “The Haka [2]

  1. It’s about time someone called out the cunty Haka shit dance. These kiwi motherfuckers think that this stupid cunt-stomping ass-shake is some kind of divine ritual handed down through the ages by some drunk Maori or another.

    Who the fuck are these cunts to demand that opposing teams stand idly by as some fat brownie from the land of sheep shaggers simulates cutting the throat of their opponent? FUCK YOU CUNTS, the Aussies can spit on your cunty Haka and then run right over the top of you talentless cunts.

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