Prince what-the-fucksit


Is pre-natal cunting permitted? If so, may I be the first to cunt the new Royal baby due in April.

Also all those media cunts who are going to spout endless drivel in the months leading up to the Duchess dropping.

Nominated by: Fred West

So the heir is getting a spare for the heir’s heir. I am overwhelmed with disinterest. I could not give flying, frankly.

Still I suppose it’s better than President Blair. Certainly cheaper – and at least it’s not a Kaflik.

Nominated by: Dioclese

8 thoughts on “Prince what-the-fucksit

  1. I know that loathsome professional Essex Lad Phill Jupitus (born Phillip Swan on the Isle of Wight) has been cunted several times before, but I recently heard him mention that he has a wife. Anyone who would want to marry such a fat, hateful, talentless cunt is surely even more of a cunt than he is, and so I hereby nominate Phill Jupitus’s wife.

  2. Another useless cunt that will suckle on the teat lavishily greased by the tax payer. By the way, Arthur Askey hasn’t been cunted for a while…….

  3. I reckon that the Come Dine With Me application form looks something like this.

    Are you a stupid cunt?

    Yes No

    (Please circle one option)

    Dreadful programme

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