Annie Lennox


Lying here on the sofa watching BBC4 and on comes Annie Lennox, possibly the biggest female cunt in the planet. I’ve always despised her and her smug oul self satisfied face. Cunt cunt cunt.
Even worse than Selina Scott in my hate the cunt list.

There, good, her song isn’t even over yet and I’ve got that off my fucking chest.

Nominated by: Dan

16 thoughts on “Annie Lennox

  1. She’s a great singer. Unfortunately, she’s so far to the left, even Morrissey calls her a left wing cunt. If there’s a trendy cause, she’ll be there, wearing the t-shirt.

  2. Yep, that’s her downfall. Why on earth she feels the need to get involved with every left-wing cause is beyond me. For sheer left wing cuntitude and lack of discernible talent, that Paddy gobsite “Sir ” Bob Geldof holds the title though.

  3. Bonfire night coming up too! A conflagration of cunts sounds like a good idea. Eric Pickles and Prescott would keep the fires going for a week and bugger global warming!

  4. She hasn’t done anything really decent since she split from Dave (her cover of The Clash’s ‘Train In Vain’ is murderous!). There is also (as you say) the endless crawling around Bob and Bono’s jacksies….. It makes me chuckle that the likes of Lennox will be there wearing the T-Shirt for Mandela or AIDS charities etc. Yet she won’t give a fuck about people getting shafted in Britain. Elderly people being abused in care homes. Kids being abused by nonces (Rotherham) and many other instances. No T Shirts, charidee records or Live 8 bullshit for them… Lennox is a radical chic, champagne socialist cunt….

  5. Fuck the Politics. I’m Ultra-Conservative. She has an Incredible Voice, Vocal Range and a good stage presence. I welled up the first time I heard ” In the West ”
    When you can sing better than her, then and only then you can make remarks. I don’t give a shit if she wears a KKK or I love Obama t-shirt. I like her.

  6. In a similar vein, I went to see “The Pop Group” play in Islington last night. always loved the band and forgave them their right-on 6th form politics when they were young enough not to know better. Now here they are, well into their 50s and still banging on about the arms trade and Irish political prisoners. Therefore, it saddens me after he provided such an entertaining evening, to have to nominate Mark Stewart for a cunting.

  7. Annie lennox, what does one expect from a woman who happily sang about ‘sexcrime’ in 1984, fab voice hooory aul CUNT!

    • I think she was refering to the ‘sexcrime’ offence from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four (where sex and vitrtually everything else is a crime)…
      Lennox is still a cunt though….

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