Vince Cable [6]


Vince Cable – the old cunt sells off the post office to bankers after asking them to set the sale price.

So, as you might expect, the bankers set the price low after getting first dibs on buying the shares from cunt Cable, and make £1,264,000,000 on the first day the shares are floated (money thieved off taxpayer).

Meanwhile, a person 10 minutes late for an appointment at a Jobcentre, after being made redundant, because of a bus strike or what ever, who has worked 30 years without claiming a penny in benefits, is sanctioned and given not a single unemployment payment for 3 months.

So, one law for cunts like Cable, and another for people who pay the wages of the cunts in parliament.

Nominated by: Ken not kin

4 thoughts on “Vince Cable [6]

  1. Vince Cable, the champion of Driver less cars. Appropriate considering that the whole country has been without a competent driver for the last three decades.
    Doubtless the money came in handy to pay for all the benefit tourists

  2. Before the election I thought the guy had potential, but since then he’s been the invisible man. You never saw Mandelson hiding away when he had Cable’s job so what the fuck is going on?

    Lining himself for Clegg’s job next year perhaps? If so he’s going about it in a very odd way…

    • I thought he might turn out to be at least a half decent minister. I found out surprisingly quickly how wrong I was. Cable is miserable cunt, without a single redeeming feature. And that annoying, nasal whine of a voice makes him sound like a paedophile. Kind of goes with his appearance though.

      He’s spent the past four years whingeing like a bitch over the coalition, whilst conveniently forgetting that HE led the Lib Dem team who negotiated the coalition in the first fucking place.

      And in the early days of government, he was apparently so unhappy, that he bored everyone to death with talk of a ‘nuclear option’ that turned out to be a huge damp squib. Unsurprising for a Lib Dem I guess. Though, it was quite surprising that a member of a supposedly anti nuclear party would threaten a ‘nuclear option’. Even if it did turn out to be bullshit.

  3. Bernie Ecclestone pays a German Court $100m to end a trial at which he faced charges of bribery, but “denies wrongdoing”. You couldn’t fucking make it up, could you?

    As I recall, the late Michael Jackson paid off a family who accused him of sexually molesting their young son. The sum was around $25m, I believe, and of course Jackson also denied any wrongdoing.

    Had funds allowed, I’m sure Myra Hindley is another one who would have liked to write a cheque and deny wrongdoing.

    But Ecclestone is elevated to a special league of cuntsmanship by virtue of the enormous sum involved. The shrivelled, scrotal, cunt-haired little dwarf deserves the full Mussolini treatment, as does his rancid chav cumbucket daughter.

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