Vanessa Feltz [2]


Vanessa Feltz is a cunt.

Did she say anything when Rolf Harris was arrested and charged? Did she contact any of his victims and offer her support? Did she step forward and say anything during the actual trial? Nope – she said and did piss all.

But now the old slagwagon is all over the press claiming she was another of Rolf’s vicitims. We all know that Harris is a dirty old nonce cunt, but I think Feltz is making this one up. Look at the state of her, for a start. Harris may have a screw or two loose, but he’d have to be bloody loopy to feel that up!

If Rolf had walked free you can bet that Feltz wouldn’t have said a word (she would probably have supped champagne with him!). I know some out there will do anything for publicity and extra money but anyone who tries to cash in on something like this is a sick cunt.

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

9 thoughts on “Vanessa Feltz [2]

    • In the interests of accuracy, it was made clear during the trial that Harris would opportunistically touch up ANY females, regardless of age – it just happened to be the younger female victims who attracted the most serious charges. Also, Feltz DID give statements to the police long before she mentioned it in the media. The police need to keep people who make allegations unknown to each other (to deflect accusations of victims “colluding” in their evidence), so it’s hard to see how she could have offered support of any kind to his victims. If she’d gone public earlier and had been contacted by victims of Harris whose allegations were already under investigation or being considered by the CPS, it might have drawn accusations of collusion and scupper future criminal charges against the old nonce – and nobody would want that. Not suggesting that Feltz isn’t a loudmouthed attention-whore and a colossal cunt, which of course she is, as any fule kno.

  1. Fat,ugly, talent less, Jewish bint. What was Rolf thinking of? Sheesh, must have been one of his off noncing days.

  2. Yeah don’t really care, doubt the perv touched her other than in error trying to squeeze past the fat fucker.

    She is a fucking butt ugly fat, useless cunt.

  3. I notice he is appealing his sentence. Wish the nonce would do us all a favour and slit his own throat

  4. OK, Harris might have felt Feltz up (fuck knows why!): but the fat old blimp doesn’t give a fuck about Rolf’s other victims (underage or otherwise)… The old wagon just wants loads of cash, a TV special and mucho publicity…. There are girls (girls, that is. Not women!) who genuinely suffered because of Rolf’s perving, and have kept their dignity. But there Feltz is: just because Harris goosed her she is cashing in on it and acting likes he was pounced no by Jack The Ripper!

  5. dought very much if rolf would have touched the sides would have to be a tradesman entrance job

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