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Shaun Wright, Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, is an incompetent cunt who presided over children’s services for Rotherham Council from 2005 until 2010 during which time we now believe some 1,400 kids were sexually abused.

If he had any shame at all, he’d fuck off and let someone infinitely more suitable do the PCC job – or has he got something more to hide? I think we should be told…

Nominated by: Dioclese

I hereby cunt anyone culpable for the Rotherham child abuse scandal. Black, white, civilian, copper, Christian, Muslim, MP, whoever you fucking are.

Where the fuck to start? 1,400 kids abused over years. Hundreds of people knew and either turned a blind eye or simply denied it. Words fail me as to my feelings towards those responsible, and just as bad, those who let down these kids. The perpetrators need exterminating. The people who let them down need naming on huge posters.

Live with that shame you cunts. Fuck you!

Nominated by: fleaboy

12 thoughts on “Shaun Wright

  1. Just one rotten “enriched” city? I doubt it – there’s much more hidden abuse yet to be revealed. Perhaps it’s time to campaign for compensation to be linked to negligence & malfeasance, so these vile public office incompetents suffer loss of property, income & pension rights.

  2. These cunts are the ones who should be beheaded on TV. Id drink to that.

    Low down deranged cunts. I hope they get a right fucking seeing to.

  3. On the off-chance that anyone who reads this might bump into Sean Wright in the street, could you do me a favour and punch the cunt in the throat? Ta.

  4. Yes this cunt reminds me of the crooked accountant who refuses to take a holiday and is always first in and last out of the office each day lest anyone discovers his wrongdoing. What have you got to hide mr Cunt ? This cunt and a few others have been criminally negligent and should be prosecuted.

  5. Child abuse is the same irrespective of who commits it and the excuse given that they were being sensitive to ethnic feelings by not challenging it is frankly bullshit. I don’t doubt for a minute that this is the tip of the iceberg and that there will be as yet undisclosed cases in many other towns and cities, where the young and vulnerable have been preyed on by perverts.
    I’d like to see the police overcome their shyness in revealing the bigger fish in this whole sordid trade and name the bigger fish, who manage to evade being exposed because they hold positions of power and are protected by the establishment.

  6. Claiming not to have been aware of any kiddie fumbling in Rotherham while he was running Children’s Services for five years, plugged into the ruling Labour Party Commissariat and now in bed with the police as Crime Commissioner, the way this Wright cunt is stone walling, anyone might think he’s a paedo……

  7. Ed Miliband is a cunt.
    No doubt he knew all about Rotherham’s sordid secrets, yet, he campaigned for Wright because he was confident there would be no scandal.

  8. I’d like to cunt the complete silence and inaction which has since followed the Governments announcement of a full and overarching enquiry into former and present MPs who have raped kids.

  9. On the subject, this is the same Rotherham council who removed children from foster parents, because they were members of UKIP. I seriously doubt there could be a more inept, incompetent clueless bunch of cunts in public office. how any of them are not in prison for criminal negligence is unfathomable

  10. shaun wright i love the smell of you daughter in the morning

  11. News just in that the Shaun Wright cunt has resigned! Another victory for “…is a cunt”!

    In a statement released by his office today, Mr Wright claimed the media attention in the wake of the report was ‘detracting from the important issue’ of bringing criminals to justice and supporting victims.
    He said: ‘I feel that it is now right to step down from the position of police and crime commissioner for South Yorkshire, for the sake of those victims, for the sake of the public of South Yorkshire and to ensure that the important issues outlined in the report about tackling child sexual exploitation can be discussed and considered in full and without distraction.’

    So nothing at all to do with him thinking that if he walks away now, no more nasty shit about his conduct will hit the fan then?

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