Tim Wonnacot


Nominated the fake as fuck auction rat with the horsey bray and the dodgy tache because the cunt’s name is a gift. Camera mugging TV presenter johnnie who obviously reckons himself by sporting a brown trilby and designer cunt glasses. Attempts to carry orf the style of cutting edge old fogey. Nearest the cunt can get is old wanker. Catch the whiff of camembert between his toes.

So what about the county set vocal affectations? Orf we jolly well go ect ect. No genuine personage of quality talks laike thet. Fuck orf donchaknow.

Old mates with the sharks and hucksters out on the auction circuit. Former director of that den of thieves, Sotheby’s. Demonstrates exaggerated and obsequious gratitude towards the criminal fraternity otherwise known as auctioneers. All mates together. Such a small world they can all fit in one cell.

This Wonnacot is one of the jaspers that has let the side down rather by publicising some of the dark arts of the auction world. Now the world and his wife are bidding lots up sky high on the internet. The days of finding a nice little Lely or a spot of Ming for no money in some dark and dusty corner of a provincial sale room are long gone. Tim Wonnacot? Fucking Wottacunt.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

12 thoughts on “Tim Wonnacot

  1. Indeed – these ‘antique’ queens probably know the provenience of kids arse-holes down at the local children’s home.

    The most hateful thing cunts like Wonnacock do is descend of bereaved families, when they are in distress and most vulnerable, to do ‘house clearances’. They lie and rob and usually end up charging money for the clearance.

    The rancid old queens are even proud of their dishonesty – how they managed to get £1,000s worth of silver saying it was worthless electroplated plated tat, and how they managed to make off with £1000s worth of furniture saying it would be donated to charity.

    You have never really met fucking filth until you have met one of these mincing cock-breath antique dealer bastards.

    • Indeed. Have knocked around some of the antiques world crime hotspots such as Brighton in me time. Corrupt cunts to a man and mincer. When on me uppers have Blaked up the odd Lely or two and flogged then on. Public service donchaknow. Not enough genuine antiques to go round dear heart – estimates vary but it’s reckoned up to 60% of the market is fake. Can be more in certain lines.

      Certain satisfaction in robbing an old granny blind. Overcome by grief and funeral costs? That’s the time to screw her. Time to polish orf the cut glass accent and act like a gentleman.

      • their in their element in nonceville faggot on sea brighton!

  2. I tell yous, all of yous, to look closely at the photo. Wot do you think of the facial expression on this Tim Wottakunt? He’s got that expression orn ‘is face coz he just took a stump of African cock up the Khyber Pass.

  3. David Dickinson. The Tango coloured queen of Antiques. Everyting about him screams “fake”, from his spray on tan, to his retro “spiv” suits, surely this specimen qualifies as the prime cunt of TV antique celebrities

  4. Thought I might just slip this one in here (as Paul Flowers said to the bishop)

    James Stunt

    From our society correspondent: Who is he? Reputed billionaire husband of billion pound trustfund beneficiary Petra Ecclestone and son in law of billionaire motor racing Formula 1 johnnie and alleged thieving little git Bernie Ecclestone. This Stunt Cunt is reportedly called a “flash bastard” by that arbiter of good taste Bernie E.

    Perhaps Bernie has a point. Mr Cunt is reknowned for being chauffered around London in a fleet of motors and bodyguards with himself tucked up in a 600 grand Rolls Royce Mansory Conquistador model with personalised number plates (Personalised? CUNT 1? Pa-lease).

    So how did elcunto get himself rolling? We are informed his rich pater supplied him with readies with which he dabbled in the art market and progressed to flogging English School paintings to the yanks (including a Lely or two which might well have come from me). Then it was the usual stocks and shares thing. Contacts, easy money. Plus involvement in a number of companies which seem to have shared the unfortunate characteristic of going bust.

    So what does Petra get for her money? A fake tanned orange skinned cunt with a ’90’s Wall Street city boy slickback barnet.

    So what does Petra see in Mr Cunt? Want’s to start a family? Well anyone who is part of the Ecclestone menage is accustomed to seeing little pricks.

    • Very educational this site. Until now, I had never heard of Mr Stunt and assumed you were alluding to Hunt the Shunt rather than Stunt the Cunt…

      Consider him cunted.

  5. I’d like to nominate gambling/betting ads….

    Every fucking sports programme on the box these days is interrupted and peppered with bloody adverts encouraging people to gamble… Whether it’s that cartoon cockernee buffoon, Ray Winstone (“Bet Free Six Foive! Naaar!”), that shouty Italian commentator twat, or those cunts in sombreros with that crappy Beyoncé music. Then there’s the commercials for casinos, roulette, online poker, William Hill, and ever other bookie in Britain… It’s just total overkill…

    So telly here in the UK is not allowed to advertise fags, cigars (those Hamlet ads were ace!) or baccy any more. Booze is hardly advertised these days (unless it’s some pretentious Guinness ad, a twatty Strongbow ad, or that funny looking Grouse thing at Xmas!). But it is perfectly acceptable to encourage people to bet, gamble and get into possible debt or even an addiction?!

    Anthony Burgess said “They took away our opium, and they gave us beer and football”

    A 2014 version could go like this:

    “It’s now frowned upon to drink and smoke. But, hey, it’s OK to gamble… Give us all your money that way, and dig yourself a potential hole into the bargain!”

    Pure working class screwing, hypocritical capitalist cuntery…

  6. I have no idea who this cunt is, but I have been whipped up into a froth mouthed frenzy by Sir Limply’s stirring rhetoric. And as I write I am contemplating burning his effigy with a red hot poker. Methinks he would like it up da arse.

  7. Tim faggot Whottacuntofacock! same with raw arsefag-thomas arse bandit plant
    that caroline southen is a buck toothed fly blown gash – horse arsed scrounging minger cunt too

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