William Hague [2]


William Hague is a cunt. 95.5% of people in Crimea have voted to return to Russia. This is on an 82% turnout, and with 97% of people in Crimea being ethnic Russians.

The shitty cunt, William Hague, says the referendum was a “mockery of proper democratic practice”. Shut your face you evil cunt. You wouldn’t recognize democracy if it fell out of your arse into the mouth of your mincing father at bed time.

We have the worst collection of shit in parliament ever at present, but that evil beast shit-cunt William Hague, is the worst of the worst.

Nominated by: Kiddie

13 thoughts on “William Hague [2]

  1. Great nomination. Gets my vote. One of the most obsequious cunts you’re ever likely to hear of.

  2. Malaysia Airways

    Arsed orff right royally. A week later and yet more daily all-dayer press conferences from the Transport Minister with the dodgy tache and the cunts at Malaysia Airways. “What do you know about missing flight MH370?”…..Fuck all. “What are you doing about locating missing flight MH370?”….Fuck all. Same old story ad infinitum. Endlessly padding out BBC News.

    Good news is, though tourism to Malaya/China is holding up, bookings on Malaysia Airways, like flight MH370, have plummeted.

  3. And on the Hague Post

    Don’t get yer dick out unless you are prepared to wank it Hague old sport. Point is this situation with the Russkies is a genuine no-brainer. Our Commie Comrades do not even break wind unless the IBMs are within half an hour of Moscow. Then they might compromise a little. Otherwise it’s Fuck Orfski yankee stooge poodle capitalist running dog. Never forget that Putin is old school commie cunt ( KGB division). Hague is pussie food to him.

    Threaten Putin with a slap on the wrist? Hear a deep roar underground? Either they’ve started fracking early or old Uncle Joe Stalin is having a laugh. If he plays his cards right the best Hague can hope for is a regular supply of KGB rent boys.

  4. I’m confused.

    Crimea referendum without rest of Ukraine? ‘BAD’ says Hague
    Scottish referendum without rest of UK? ‘GOOD’ apparently

    So how come we don’t get to vote on the Scottish question? I don’t get it.

    • Eton boys know best old heart. They govern the country so fuck orf democracy. Also to the brain dead right “Independence” a way of eliminating all those Scottish Labour MPs from Westminster. The Cleggcunts would love that as well.

      Interesting conjecture if there was to be a nationwide referendum. More certain result in me humble. Fuck Orf Jimmie.

      • Yes, I want a vote on Scottish independence too. They can fuck right off, and take alex ferguson, half the trade union leaders, Lorraine Kelly, and any hopes of being anything more than a distillery and 4th rate tourist attraction with them. “we are stoneybridge, we have a stoneybridge”. Oh, and btw, 1 more world cup than you and hust about every war we fought with you haha

  5. Putin has outfoxed the poxed political cunts in the West yet again. The sanctions mean nothing to him cos the cunt holds all the cards.

    It’s OK for Cunt Uncle Sam to say to the Euro Cunts,”Thou shalt apply sanctions” but it won’t cost those cunts in DC a dime. Europe stand to lose a lot more so it simply won’t happen (unless, that is, they are even bigger cunts than anyone could imagine)

    So it’s off the the N Wales care home for many of the Westminster cunts to do what they do best….

  6. Putin is calling the shots now, he controls most of the gas supply to us, and doesn’t give a shit, since he has most of the richest people in the world in his pocket. USA are too scared to attack anyone bigger than than easter islands. Russia didn’t fuck up the world economy , so USA have no bragging rights either. Frankly, I would rather be part of riussia right now

  7. Hague (like that ginormous sadistic evil cunt, Iain Duncan Smith) is another failed Tory leader given a cushy job by Cameron (Tory Eaton Slaphead Cunt!). What he fuck has the Crimea (or anything that goes on there) got to do with those Tory vermin?! These cuntwipes can’t even take care of those in our own country (single parents, the disabled, the sick, the elderly). So why do they pretend to give a toss about those who live somewhere at the arse end of Russia?!

    Another thing: A large chunk of Ireland is still British, yet Hague ain’t too bothered about that, is he?!

    Hague is just trying to look like he is actually doing something… When in reality we all know he is fucking useless…

  8. Hague and IDS are political parasites: Who will drop their keks for any position of power they can get their greasy hands on…

    Although I truly despised Maggie, she would never have took a job in Major’s cabinet after she was humiliated and booted out. Hague will show his arse to anyone (and I have heard that he has!).

    • Hague bitterly regrets that he comes from a working class background and has never enjoyed the delights of a a public school upbringing with the delights of having a sore arse after being royally ragged by the house prefects.

  9. Hague is sorry that (unlike Pitt the Younger) he wasn’t a toastrack for the Eaton jolly boys… He’s never got over not being debagged and radished…

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